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Our Revolution Kansas City vehemently believes in the equality of all people, unconditionally.

The rights of an individual cease at the end of someone else’s nose. The Kansas Republican Party's recently passed resolution "Regarding Human Sexual [sic] Identity" is, at its core, opposed to a person’s physical and psychological well-being and is an affront to personal liberty. Separate but equal is essentially what has been proposed in their resolution and that has been proven legally and fundamentally wrong in this country.

We, as an organization, abhor this appalling resolution and affirm our commitment to protect the rights of any individual’s bodily integrity and self-determination.

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Brought to you by Black Berner films... #BlackBernerKC #FeeltheBern #NotMeUs
Brought to you by Black Berner films... #BlackBernerKC #FeeltheBern #NotMeUs

Our Revolution Kansas City is proud to endorse George Hanna for Kansas House District 47!

George is a genuine Kansas success story, having started adult life on his own as a “throwaway” teen, and going on to graduate high school, serve in the military and attend college. George is a disabled veteran, Kansas State alumni, political activist, former union president and was a Kansas delegate for Bernie Sanders to the Democratic National Convention.

George Hanna embodies the p...rogressive values of Our Revolution and supports the progressive policies that are the foundation of our platform. The focus of his campaign is on ridding our system of corruption and supporting Kansas families. George supports a living wage, healthcare for all, a quality, properly-funded educational system and sustainable stewardship of our environment. He believes in transparency in government and will not take corporate PAC funding for his campaign. He will carefully listen to the needs of his constituents, and be a strong voice for their concerns.

Our Revolution Kansas City is proud to support his campaign and we encourage Kansas residents and organizations to do everything in their power to help elect this strong progressive to the Kansas statehouse this fall.

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Join members of Our Revolution Kansas City for drinks, food and stimulating conversation. This is a social hour--so bring friends! Jimmy's Jigger is attached to Jazz Louisiana Kitchen and the full menu is available to order from the bar. Relax, unwind, be social!

Thu 6:00 PM CSTThe Jigger KCKansas City, MO

The Kansas City Star: “Some candidates refuse corporate PAC money. Among them is Brent Welder, one of Yoder’s Democratic opponents.

Welder has accepted PAC mone...y from political or labor groups that have endorsed him. Of the $125,000 Welder raised last quarter, $6,700 came from the committees, including the National Nurses United PAC and the Academy of Rail Labor Attorneys and Justice Democrats, a progressive PAC.

Welder reported a total of more than 2,000 contributions in 2017, with a median contribution of $25.

“The difference between Kevin Yoder’s campaign and mine could not be clearer,” Welder said in a statement. “Yoder takes corporate PAC money, I don’t. He can keep fighting for payday loan sharks and Wall Street, and I’ll keep fighting for working people like the thousands of union laborers, nurses, railroaders and painters that have already joined my campaign.”

Yoder’s campaign is being fueled by corporate PACs, but our campaign is being fueled by YOU! Pitch in now at

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More than half of Kevin Yoder’s latest, record fundraising haul came from political action committees funded by special interests, corporations and other politicians.

Sam Brownback has been an absolute nightmare of a Governor for Kansas.

He dragged the Washington swamp home with him when he returned from DC in 2010, intent on instituting failed trickle-down policies in a “great experiment” intended to prove that cutting taxes would be “a shot of adrenaline” for the economy. He proved the opposite.

By completely exempting businesses from paying taxes; turning away federal funding for expanding Medicaid; refusing to expand Medicaid; and... privatizing both Medicaid and the state foster care system, Brownback is directly responsible for the emptying of the state emergency reserve fund; driving the budget deep into the red; allowing highways and infrastructure to crumble; delaying obligatory payments to the state employee’s pension fund; increasing sales and property taxes; rural hospital closings and the loss of Medicaid certification at the state mental hospital; as well as cuts in services to disabled people by the privatized Medicaid system and lack of oversight of the privatized foster care system resulting in the deaths of children and disabled citizens in the state. With a near-religious fervor, he continues to this day to refuse to believe that this experiment was a failure.

It is with absolute disgust that we now see him rewarded with another taxpayer-funded job for which he is ill-suited, Ambassador for International Religious Freedom. This new position allows him to flee the consequences of his disastrous experiment in Kansas to live in luxury abroad on the taxpayer dime.

The International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 was passed to promote religious freedom as a foreign policy of the United States, and to advocate on behalf of individuals viewed as persecuted due to their religious beliefs. The main functions of the Ambassador-at-Large are to monitor religious persecution and discrimination worldwide, and recommend and implement policies in respective regions or countries. Brownback’s track record of discrimination against LGBT and Muslim communities should have disqualified him from this position. In any other administration, perhaps it would have.

As happy as most Kansans are to be rid of Sam Brownback, it is a disgrace that he moves on to yet another position of power with the potential to create more human suffering. While it appears as though the Kansas legislature learned from the tax-cutting experiment, there is still the dismantling of the inefficient, cronyistic privatizations of essential state programs that must be dealt with. We hope to see the legislature working in that direction during this session.

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Join us for our monthly meeting! We are meeting at Minsky's, 5105 Main Street near UMKC campus, for pizza beginning at 6:00. Meeting will start promptly at 7:00. Lots to talk about so please plan to attend and bring your friends!

PLEASE RSVP at the link:…/volunteeractivityorme…/4jvq3…

Mon 6:00 PM CSTMinsky's Pizza 5105 Main KCMO

Last September Trump made the heartless, cruel, and completely-unnecessary decision to end the DACA program. Why did he do it? So he could hold DREAMers hostage and make this racist, xenophobic ransom demand. It's disgusting. It's immoral. It's everything we've come to expect from this "President".

DREAMers deserve a clean DREAM Act NOW! It's time for Democrats and Republicans to stand up and fight for what is right. People's lives are at stake.

On the table: a path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million people who are in the country illegally if lawmakers will spend $25 billion on a border wall and make changes to the legal immigration system.

We'll be at Bier Station tomorrow night (January 23rd) to watch a live stream of Bernie's Medicare For All Town Hall. Hope to see you there!

Tue 6:00 PM CSTBier StationKansas City, MO
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Come out to socialize with the Our Revolution community. Enjoy great conversation and $1 Tacos! We are trying a new spot and hope to see you there!

Thu 6:00 PM CSTRhythm & Booze Shawnee/SouthShawnee, KS

Today we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We celebrate the great progress and change he helped bring about. We also recognize that there are dreams of his that have yet to be realized. We must, and we will, continue to fight for the just society envisioned by Dr. King - a society free from racism, extreme materialism, and militarism.

When he was assassinated in 1968, King was in the midst of waging a radical campaign against economic inequality and protesting the Vietnam War.|By Zaid Jilani

This is a prime example of why unions are vital to the prosperity of the middle class. Given the opportunity, corporations like AT&T will slash jobs and wages to funnel more money to the top. We stand with our union brothers and sisters in their fight against giant corporations that place greed and profit over the well-being of their employees.

A statement by CWA District 6 Vice President Claude Cummings on AT&T’s plans to lay off CWA-represented workers in the Southwest.

Our Revolution Kansas City would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2018 will be a critical year in the fight for progressive values and we're excited to continue that fight with all of you.

"When we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish." - Bernie Sanders

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RSVP to this month's general membership meeting!

Mon 6:30 PM CSTCedar Roe Library 5120 Cedar St. Roeland Park, KS 66205
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Please consider donating whatever you can - $5, $10, $27 - to Brent Welder's campaign before the end of the year. Every little bit helps show the power of the grassroots progressive movement.

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Happy Holidays from Our Revolution Kansas City!

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