Sapura Kencana Drilling 4x4 and Jungle Survival Course

Sapura Kencana Drilling 4x4 and Jungle Survival Course


[ hong kong - shenzhen ]

mari melancong dan melencong, kita pi hongkong ngan shenzhen.. layan gambar laa.. meh admin bawak pi tempat menarik.. pm admin lelaju..

[ throwback 4wd excursion ]

sesape yang berminat pm admin lelaju.. cuti skola bawak anak2 menceburi bidang lasak nih... bole try drive dalam utan, rentas anak sungai, naik bukit dan bermacam aktiviti lain... wat dalam group 18 org dan cantek sangat dah tu... lai lai

Fine Dining with our Wilderness Chef team in Malaysia Tropical Rainforest setting.. Call us +60133405023 for more info

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Invited as Busana Melayu consultant for the event @Hotel Istana

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On February 2, 2010, Malaysia started to issue a new version of the ICAO compliant Malaysian ...Electronic Passport (e-Passport) with polycarbonate bio data page. The 50 pages e-Passport is valid for five (5) years.

ICAO is a specialised agency established in 1947 under the United Nations (UN), based in Montreal, Canada. ICAO is given the mandate by the UN to establish and prescribe standards and specifications of the International Passport that must be followed by member countries

All biometric passports issued since 2002 will be valid for 5 years only from the date of issue and will not be extended.

Passport validity:
i. First time applicants: 5 years
ii. Passport renewals: 5 years + remaining validity

*If the remaining validity of your current exceeds 6 months, the validity upon renewal will be pegged at 5 years 6 months upon submission.

Example A
Your passport expires on 23 December 2009. You renew your passport on 23 October 2009 (2 months from expiry). The new passport validity period will be 5 years 2 months or valid until 23 December 2014.

Example B
Your passport expires on 23 December 2009. You renew your passport on 23 March 2009 (9 months from expiry). The passport validity period will be 5 years 6 months (as the remaining validity exceeds 6 months), or valid until 23 September 2014.

Example C
Your passport has already expired. The new validity will be 5 years from the passport issuance date. Your passport expires on 23 December 2008. You renew your passport on 23 January 2009. The new passport will be valid for 5 years and expiring on the 23 January 2014.

Passport number will be different each time a new passport issued.

Passport number will be cancelled and returned to bearer when the new passport is collected. The cancelled passport particulars will be printed on page 31 of the new passport for reference.

Please refer to the respective Foreign Embassies on their procedures for transfer of visa in the old passport.

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Standard/deluxe rooms are the lowest category in hotels. The next lines are the superior and executive rooms. The difference between supe...rior executive rooms varies greatly depending on the hotel, but generally speaking the higher category rooms are better equipped and/or larger.

Standard room: It is one of the cheapest types of room; it usually refers to a quite small double or single room with minimum equipment. Sometimes it means as high quality as the rooms of a lover level, but then the room is located in a less decorative part of the hotel.

Superior room: Superior room is usually larger than a standard room and is a bit better equipped, for instance the price often includes coffee and tea machine, iron or office-equipment. Its size varies between about 25 m2 and 40 m2 depending on the quality of the place. In most hotels they are located in the best places with excellent sight.

Executive room: This category of rooms is often mixed up with junior suite, as this type refers to extra large and fully equipped, luxurious rooms, sometimes including actually two smaller rooms or other extras, such as fully equipped kitchen, workplace or an own hall.

Deluxe room: Deluxe room is a flexible category. Originally it is the synonym of standard room, but in some cases it refers to a higher category, sometimes it is at the same level with an executive room. Before booking, it is worth checking the catalogue of the current hotel in order to avoid a misfortunate surprise.

Junior suit: This is the smallest type of suits. It means rather a large, very well equipped hotel room with a separate kitchen, but usually it is a bit less elegant than an executive room. It is designed for extended stay, and is an ideal choice when we need to do office work during the journey.

Presidential suit: In this type of room, security and perfect elegance play the largest role. In the elegantly designed environment panic room, bullet-proof windows and separate elevators provide safety accommodation even for delegations.

Single rooms: This means one single bed for one person, or, in the more upscale hotels, a double-bed room, but for single-person use. It is ideal on a shorter trip, and it provides discreet and comfortable accommodation for conferences as well.

Double rooms: It has two types: a double bed, or two single beds. The first one is a simple solution when we travel with a partner; the second one is perfect for young friends on an adventurous holiday.

Twin room: This expression usually means a double room with two single beds. Rarely, it is used for four-bed-rooms with two double beds.

Triple room: There are either 3 beds in the room, or a single and a double bed. In certain hotels they might take a regular double room and add an extra bed. It is typically used by pairs with one child, but it is ideal for friends a fraternity as well.

Apartments: Apartments can vary a great deal based on how many rooms there are and how large they might be. This is quite different for each hotel. But most commonly we see junior suite (consist of a bedroom and a living-room area) and family apartment (usually 2 separate bedrooms and living-room area). This type of accommodation is the best for extended stay. In some hotels kitchen and office-equipment is included, so it accretes the advantages of a flat and a hotel-room.

Family rooms: One can find in every four-star and five-star hotel apartments with space for bigger families. In two-star and three-star hotels it may happen that family members can stay in separate rooms, that's why more and more hotels strive to have apart rooms larger than usual with divided spaces, where 2 adults and 2-3 children can stay comfortably.

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[Return of the Elvee]

My Land Rover Discovery 1 (Elvee) has been parked in my hometown due to rocker shaft problem.

After 6 month i managed to find time to go b...ack and do the repair work with the help from Ostat, my mechanic.

Now Elvee is ready for another offroad expedition

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[A Smarter Way to Travel]

Saves money, convenient & eco-friendly

Go KL City Bus service is an S.P.A.D. initiative to improve public mobility into the Central Bu...siness District (CBD) of Kuala Lumpur. Rakyat & tourists alike may enjoy Go KL as Go KL stops at various main attractions & business centres for city dwellers’ convenience.

If you happen to be in KL and spot a light purple bus near you, just hop on the bus and enjoy the ride!

For more information:

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[Tour Guide vs Tourist Guide]

A TOUR GUIDE (U.S.) or TOURIST GUIDE (European) provides assistance, information and cultural, historical and contemporary heritag...e interpretation to people on organized tours and individual clients at educational establishments, religious and historical sites, museums, and at venues of other significant interest.

The CEN (European Committee for Standardization) definition for "tourist guide" is:

Tourist guide = person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area, which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognized by the appropriate authority

CEN also produced a definition for "tour manager":

Tour manager = person who manages and supervises the itinerary on behalf of the tour operator, ensuring the programme is carried out as described in the tour operator's literature and sold to the traveller/consumer and who gives local practical information.

In Malaysia, tourist guides are represented by their own respective TGA, the Tourist Guides Association. The Blue Batch (City Guide) tourist guiding qualification is national but the Green Batch (Nature Guide) is broken up into regions. National Occupational Skill Standard (NOSS) HT-023-3 Tourist Guide and HT-021-2 Localised Nature Guide is the Standard for the Training and Qualification of Tourist Guides in Malaysia

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Outrecs Academy in collaboration with Pacific World have successfully make them smile.

Thousand thanks to Panasonic United Kingdom. Hopefully you come home with wonderful memories.

[ penah ke anda merasai hidup org asli ni hebat dari kita? ]

Share our passion for culture in this interactive experience that will immerse you in a journey of unique opportunity to interact with indigenous people (Orang Asli) of Malaysia who are keeping the traditions alive.

We invite you to witness daily life and celebrate the colorful culture of the Orang Asli as it unfolds right before your eyes. Listen to the sounds of their language, learn about their traditional jungl...e remedies, savor their traditional meal, make new friends and see the world through the eyes of an Orang Asli.

Get hands on experience of weaving the Bertam palm tree to create thatch roof, split bamboo for the wall and also learn about their fashion accessories, which is closely knitted with the environment.

The highlight of this experience comes when they show their skills in jungle survival cooking and demonstrate their forte as culinary bush chef. The menu consists of only Orang Asli traditional dishes and those who are adventurous enough can sample their cooking.

Packed lunch will be served at site. While having the meal, you will be entertained by the dying art of nose flute (Pensol) playing. Music is very much a part of the community and it is often played at weddings and even when they go out to collect their crops.

Horn your skill as traditional hunter by trying out their legendary blowpipe. This traditional blowpipe is use for hunting and also self-defense since the time before Columbus. Prepare yourself to marvel at the effectiveness of this ancient weapon!

mari sesapa ingin merasai dan pulang bersama pengalaman yang menarik hubungi 0172482797

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[National Traditional Archery Competition 2013]

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[What is KLIA2?]

The KLIA2 is built to be Malaysia's Next Generation Hub - International Airport Hub - that allows seamless connectivity for both local and inte...rnational low-cost plus full-service carriers.

The KLIA2 is built to cater for the explosive growth in low cost travel. It is designed to cater 45 million passengers a year, replacing the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) once it's ready. It is built with bigger capacity and superior facilities.

The new KLIA2 terminal is measured to be at least 257,000 sqm, with 60 gates, 8 remote stands, 80 aerobridges, plus a retail space of 32,000 sqm to accommodate 225 retail outlets.

Costing around 4 billion Malaysia Ringgit, the KLIA2 was scheduled to be opened in 28 June,2013. But due to construction delay, the new KLIA2 terminal was opened on 2 May 2014

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