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We believe all lives are equal and no-one should live in poverty. Together we are on the ground, empowering communities to tackle poverty. To find out more visit
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  • I wish to know the names of the sweat shop firms. They should be giv...en to retailers worldwide so women can avoid to wear cloths and underwear produced by slave labour. It worries me each time I dress myself ! Oxfam and the International B ureau of Labour in Switzerland should play a key role in this problem. See More
  • Hi, is Oxfam now knocking on people's UNIT door on Saturday afternoo...n to ask for donation? Just have a guy in his 20s knocking on our apartment unit in Chatswood (not sure how he passed the security door) and insist on talking even though I have told him TWICE that we are in the middle of something. In the end when we said we are not interested, he looks unhappy. I really not happy that you guys knocking on our door in a secure apartment unit on Weekend! See More
  • Hello. I have a terrible story to share with you. I was at Nundah t...his morning, at the Woolworths shops, at around 11am. There were 2 men in their 20's, one with short hair and one with long hair, representing your organisation and asking people for donations etc. An older man walked past and the short haired representative approached him with his pitch. The older man shook his head 'no' and did the sign language gesture for 'no thankyou'. As soon as the older man's back was turned, the short haired guy signalled his colleague and began mocking the deaf man's hand gesture, which was apparently hilarious as they both started laughing and mocking this man repeatedly. Now, wether they knew it was sign language or not, this is NOT acceptable behaviour. If the man had been doing the chicken dance, this would not have been acceptable behaviour!!!! What right do they have to mock anyone??? The deaf man saw them mocking him and turned away with a VERY upset look on his face. When the long hair rep saw me watching them continue their mockery, he tried to pitch me. Neither man had any remorse or embarrassment for being seen acting this way. I was utterly appalled. As I said, even if they didn't know it was sign language, they have NO RIGHT to mock ANYONE!!!! I felt you should know about this incident as it is not a good representation of your organisation. I hope you take this seriously and do something about these 2 'men'. It was disgraceful to see an older gentleman mocked for his disability, especially by people wearing Oxfam uniforms. See More
Banok Rind - Close the Gap
Say Enough
Thanks to your support, we distributed blankets, nappies, sanitary towels, underwear and mosquito nets to 400 families in West Oswija, a small town in Iraq that was occupied by ISIS up until September. Photos: Sam Tarling / Oxfam
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This Mother's Day, give a special person in your life a gift which will not only make them smile, but also help to train families in Papua New Guinea in beekeeping.

How sweet is that? By giving the Oxfam Unwrapped Bees card, your Queen Bee is happy, you're happy, and people in PNG have a way to send their kids to school. Shop online:

— Products shown: Mother's Day Bees.

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Parents in Zimbabwe don't have enough food or water, and are struggling to send their kids to school. They are forced to make heartbreaking choices every day, to help their families survive.

What would you do in their shoes?


This week marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza Building collapse which took the lives of over 1000 workers. Four years on, we stand with the family and friends of those workers, and garment workers across Bangladesh and around the world still fighting for safe and fair conditions at work.

Too many pieces of clothing hide heartrending real life stories. There is still much more work to do protect the vulnerable, write Oxfam CEO Helen Szoke.

Today marks two years since the Nepal Earthquake, which claimed the lives of more than 8,900 people and destroyed almost 800,000 homes.

Your response to the disaster was incredible. Thanks to you we reached, and continue to provide vulnerable families across Nepal with emergency food and shelter, clean water and cash-for-work initiatives to help restore and sustain resilient livelihoods and communities.

It is truly inspiring what we can achieve when we come together.

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The United Nations have described it as the worst humanitarian situation in the world.

Today, the Australian Government announced $10 million in funds to deliver life-saving assistance to people facing starvation in Yemen, a welcome sign of our recognition of the immense needs experienced by millions of families in the war-torn country.

More than two years of brutal conflict in Yemen have forced millions of families to leave their homes, and pushed many more to the brink of famine.

Four years ago today the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing and injuring thousands of young workers on their morning shift. Since then the fashion industry has come a long way. But unbelievably, some of the biggest and most popular brands are STILL refusing to reveal the locations of their factories.

4 years on from the devastating Rana Plaza factory collapse, which brands are still refusing to protect their workers?

Burning more coal will push more people into poverty.

It’s time to leave coal in the ground. Our politicians must stop climate pollution and fund clean energy solutions.

Labor is poised to shake up its position on fossil fuels.|By Amy Remeikis

A welcome move by the Federal Government.

Community legal centres play a vital role in providing services and advocating on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and are fundamental to realising their human rights.

George Brandis says there will be $56m over three years to maintain funding for centres offering free legal advice

A huge thank you to rock royalty Pearl Jam and their Vitalogy Foundation for their generous grant to Oxfam to address the current hunger crisis.

The world stands on the brink of an unprecedented four famines in 2017. Over 20 million people are currently at risk of starvation across South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, and Yemen.

This is a crisis we cannot ignore, and we thank Pearl Jam for their incredible support.

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The United Nations recently warned that 20 million people are on the brink of famine – 1.4 million of them children, who could die of starvation in the coming months.

This is the largest hunger emergency in the world, a crisis we cannot ignore.

South Sudan slipped into famine, and Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen are each on the verge of their own.

Repairing their cuts to Australian Aid?
Making multinationals contribute their fair share of tax?
Funding real climate solutions, instead of dirty polluters?
Empowering Indigenous communities with resources to close the gap on disadvantage?


PM Malcolm Turnbull has promised to deliver a fair budget next month. What would a fair budget look like to you?

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The deliberations for the upcoming federal budget are once again being nobbled by internecine conflicts and warring ideologies.
Oxfam updated their cover photo.

An Oxfam public health volunteer leads an activity with schoolgirls in the village of Owsijah, around 80 kilometres south of Mosul, Iraq.

Many of the village’s 700 pupils have not been to school since ISIS took control of the town two years ago. Owsijah was recaptured by Iraqi security forces in July 2016.

We have been running public health activities and delivering clean water to the residents of the village.


You can help these families by urgently donating to our International Crisis Fund so we can respond in Iraq and other countries facing humanitarian crises:

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“Apparently starvation in Africa no longer shocks us.” Do you agree?

With the world on the brink of an unprecedented four famines across South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen and the Horn of Africa, the UN has warned that as many as 1.4 million children could die of starvation in the coming months — unless urgent help is delivered to those at risk.

This is a crisis we cannot ignore. #EmergencyFoodCrisis

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Once upon a time we were moved to action when people were starving. But maybe those days are gone.

"...Many people needed to go to the islands to find safety, but they did not have money.

"I knew what it felt like to be forced from home to avoid violence, so I helped in the only way I knew — by driving the canoe."…/how-a-canoe-program-is-saving-l…/

We're changing the way communities seek refuge in an emergency, and helping the canoe operators to earn the money they need to support their families.