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Kellee Shepherd
· January 30, 2018
I am a parent and an employee and I am so grateful for Ozark Center. Biofeedback and medication management has really helped my daughter with her anxiety, depression and ADHD. She is doing amazing in and uses the skills learned with biofeedback in her daily living. I am so blessed to work for such a great organization and for them to daughter. See More
Ronnie Webre
· January 23, 2018
This place is a piece of crap! How can you tell a person with manic pibolar, major depression, and major anxiety that their problem is not important enough even though they need to get their medicatio...ns fixed and refilled!!! Y'all are the lowest scum of people on this earth. Get yall crap together and treat all mental patient's the same before you find yourself in a major lawsuit. I would rate a negative number if I could. See More
Josette Yeik
· February 16, 2018
It has been a life changer for the good and I am so thankful and grateful for their help. Wish I would have known about this place years ago it has been a great experience the people and staff are wonderful.
Lisa Francis
· February 6, 2018
In our Community Care Program, TEAM Employment Services offers individuals with mental health disorders opportunities to obtain competitive employment. We want to help with persons' financial welln...ess goals while managing other important aspects of daily living to improve quality of life. See More
Glenn N Eva McConnell
· September 8, 2017
Simply put, Ozark Center saved my life in the most literal sense. I am eternally grateful for their compassion and care.
Richard Taylor
· August 29, 2017
I hate Ozark center at the moment, right now as I am sitting next to my bed at the Pre Adult Transitional Housing unit. Also known as PATH Apartments. So a week ago, I started advancing my life, I sta...rted college at mssu, great school by the way, PATH gave me my thirty day notice of eviction for missing one appointment with a caseworker. Seems strange to some, but these are self proclaimed caseworkers, they are here everyday from about 8am to 5pm, if they're not late. Well here is the kicker, I am at the Mssu Campus from 7am to 6pm on any normal day. My schedule overlaps theirs. I carpool with my girlfriend to campus, so I have no way back, as though driving across Joplin four times a day is any better of a situation. I had no time to adjust to this new schedule. IMPORTANT SENTENCE COMING UP. They took, my RENTAL AGREEMENT out of my apartment, which has: standard procedure for a thirty day notice, rules of path, how meetings should work, and my original signature. The caseworkers here at PATH which is ran by oc, are fraudulent, nonsympathetic, immature, passive aggressive scum. And now I have to worry about where I will lay my head, and not what my bachelor of science degree will be, and how my future will be better with it. Thank you so much OC, also this is not the first time they have done this to me. I Have Been Injusticed. See More