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Craig's Asian Rail Tours
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Even in Australia, Asian Rail Tours are proving popular!

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Took a walk down Wentworth Street today in the Blue Mountains village of Blackheath to photograph the annual throng of visitors who come every year for our's unofficial 'Maple Festival'. The well dressed visitors who are mostly of Asian descent, some wearing traditional dress, all share a special love of Cheery Blossom and Japanese Maple. Many visitors have travelled from Sydney or further afield to photograph and be photographed among this Autumn's dazzling display.

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Steam Loco C11 190 in 4K Resolution with High Quality Sound!
DL 45 bound for Chiayi!
Fresh Seafood, Japanese style...

Trains Magazine features Taiwan Railways

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🎉🎉🎉美國知名Trains雜誌本期以專題報導方式介紹台灣環島鐵道,採「台灣是鐵路環島天堂」 (Railway Island Paradise)為主題,來到台灣可一次體驗豐富鐵道之旅,包括搭乘台鐵傾斜式列車、蒸汽火車、森林鐵路、支線列車及高鐵。


A rare sight in Taiwan today

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王嘉政 to 台鐵家族


When the Japanese come to Sydney for their Second Visit...

Here's a link to the Japanese made "Second Visit" video that I worked on over summer. Our Blackheath segment starts at around 15 minutes in... "I think I'm turning Japanese. I really think so..."

and another classic scene...

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Posted by 王逸民
王逸民 to 台鐵家族


more Asian live steam from Taiwan!

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陳孟浤 to 台鐵家族


Great Asian steam from Taiwan!

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各位旅客您好 第二月台即將通過的是
8800次 開往花蓮的仲夏寶島特急列車
請各位拍攝者趕緊上車 本列車憑當日八堵發售車票即可上車


In the 1970s, both Kyoto and Melbourne made fateful decisions about their transport networks. Melbourne today enjoys the benefits of trams, while Kyoto lives with the consequences of losing them.

Taiwanese group visit to the Katoomba Coal mine at the base of the Scenic Railway.

Wonderful pictures of Ryo's miniature Japanese narrow gauge diorama

Abandoned Incline near Taiwan's Shifen Village at the New Pingxi Coal mine, now becoming a mine museum.

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Taiwan has re-opened a short section of the original NG rail line using a facsimile up of the original passenger train. The logging line originally ran from the bottom of the Taipingshan Ropeway at Ren-Tze to follow the river down to Yilan. This tourist attraction in the vicinity of Sanxing Township and it is hoped the line can soon be extended to include Tunnel #1

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2018.4.2 天送埤車站 小火車 試營運
三星鄉公所 新聞稿
將近百年前,日本政府為開採太平山林木而興建太平山森鐵,1924年通車行駛55年,於1979年停駛拆除軌道,太平山五分小火車在大家的記憶中漸漸消逝。5年前三星鄉公所為發展觀光,開始規劃太平山懷舊鐵道重建計畫,並重新打造復刻版森鐵小火車,在暌違近40年後,...於 2018年復駛,寫下歷史新頁。今(2)日森鐵小火車在天送埤火車站,以穿越時光隧道方式隆重登場,並展開為期一個月的試乘活動,吸引大批鐵道迷慕名前來,共同迎接五分小火車回來。

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Ruined Model Railroad!

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Seems Taiwan does not have a monopoly on rotten wooden forest railways, trestles and rope-ways! Here's some shots from a former On30 scale double inclined motor...ised mine skip rope-way I built some time ago. It has been sitting in the back yard under a tree for several years now, gradually succumbing to the forces of nature, just like the real thing...

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More remarkable footage from Taipingshan, one of Taiwan's four abandoned East Coast Cypress railways

Craig Marshall shared 黃聰霖's post to the group: Taiwan's Abandoned 2'6" East Coast Cypress Railways.

Thanks to Group Member James Chuang for alerting us to more remarkable historic 1950s footage from Taiwan's East Coast timber railways.

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Posted by 黃聰霖
黃聰霖 to 花蓮縣體育會健行委員會


A group of Taiwanese friends explore one of the three abandoned East Coast logging railways adjacent to Hualien (most likely WuLinShan - Halun No 3 ropeway top station) and discover another diminutive Kato 4.5 ton 2'6" gauge gasoline locomotive which was abandoned on a mountainside, some 2000m above the Coast.

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