Because the US congress just voted that corporations can sell your Internet data, it is critical that you protect your security and privacy. With the help of my Information Systems clients and friends we created this meme to help you do that. We do not have a relationship with either organization beyond being a user of their apps. #internetsecurity #freedom #privacy #internetprivacy

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Using conventional #marketing #strategies and #tactics for a #SocialEnterprise is like forgetting to SHINE. Conventional marketing is designed to sell a product or service. As a #Socent you are building #awareness, #education and #action opportunities for your customer around a #social and/or #environmental #mission through the sale. Your #valueproposition is much more than your good or service. SHINE unapologetically! The world needs you.

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Birds of a feather flock together! Are you a #social #impact #business leader #socent? I want to podcast your story. DM me, tweet me. Pls Share!

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Traveling CA through Feb meeting/podcast interviewing #SocEnt & #Impact leaders. Interested? Recommendations? (Ireland = March)

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Great job opportunity in the #StL #Entrepreneur #Startup scene for an innovative connector:…

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Kellee K Sikes

When you open your email to this and get to say:
Emily Muhoberac - aka #SocialMediaGenius team member -

S T R A T E G Y :

Maybe you think you don't care about #Pinterest - "it's just for crafty people." You think, it won't help you gain thought leadership status or #sell products or services. Think again! And, you don't even need to be on Pinterest to benefit from Pinterest.


Here's why, AND the one common mistake even organizations as large a The Huffington Post and #IM gurus like Frank Kern are making on a daily basis, that you can easily correct to boost your marketing potential and thought leadership.

What's Pinterest Got to Do With it?
* Pinterest has 72.8 million users (4/1/15)
* Pinterest's U.S. reach is 47.1 million users (2/25/15)
* Pinterest drives 4x more money per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook (1/17/14)
* Pinterest has crafty Pinners and Pinners of all types pinning from everything from electronics, DIY, hobbies, wishlists of things to buy, work interests, self-help, travel destinations, you name it and yes of course all those cute kitties and puppies. (7/1/15)
* Successful Pins to #Sales converters on Pinterest include: Garden Supply Company, REI, Urban Outfitters and small businesses alike (1/4/2014)
* Business don't even have to be on Pinterest to benefit from Pinterest

BUT, there is one B I G problem - Pinners can't Pin you to their boards, and thus provide you FREE #MARKETING for your idea, product, service or #thoughtleadership if you don't have a picture in your article, post, .pdf, webpage... to Pin. It's that simple! if you are putting it online, get a picture in it.

~ Kellee K. Sikes
Principal Strategist, P3 Strategies Inc

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How do you capture your audience? Try these pro tips.

Look who is climbing the charts (#4 of 15) on the best all #natural #deodorant! Blissoma Natural Body Care and Candles Show your body some love by not putting toxins on it every day, support a #women #entrepreneur and a #StL business. I have tried them all and in my book Blissoma is the #1 best!…/

Top 15 All Natural Deodorants That Work a roundup featuring 15 of the best toxic and aluminum free deodorants on the market. Natural and clean!

P 3 S T R A T E G Y :

WOULD YOU RATHER: Female or Male Voice Over Voice?

People have strong opinions about voices. As instructional whiteboard videos are gaining popularity with marketers and their audiences, which do you choose for your video?


The facts are, it’s about knowing your audience and the purpose of your video:

A 2010 study from AdWeek Media/Harris Poll surveyed 2,194 American adults and the conclusions were:
•female voices are more soothing and trusted; used more frequently for education videos or videos needing persuasion
•male voices are more forceful and authoritative
•men, especially with cars, computers and gadgets, like to buy from men
•and yet, most of the stats are 50%-ish or less, so its really about the audience

How the facts broke out:
•48% of the respondents said that males sounded more forceful
•46% of respondents said that females sounded more soothing
•19% felt a female voice was more persuasive
•18% believed a male voice was more persuasive
•64% said gender made no difference
•28% of respondents felt that a male voice was “more likely to sell me a car” compared to just 7% who chose a woman’s voice
•23% also said that a guy’s voice was “more likely to sell me a computer” compared to just 7% who picked a female

When it comes to accents: A British study found that foreign accents were less trusted, while a few American studies have found the Yanks think a British accent is more trustworthy and posh.

Ultimately, knowing the target market audience’s:
•Accent preference (usually their own)
•Female to Male purchaser ratio
•Whether your message is educational or requiring trust or persuasion (female) or
•Your message needs some authority or is selling technology or gadgets to men (men)
is key to making the best choice.

Additional Resources:
•10 Ways to Build Your Voice Over Skills…/15804-10-ways-to-build-your-voi…
•How to Choose the Perfect Voice with Voice Over Talent Types…/How-to-Choose-the-P…

Principal Strategist, P3 Strategies, Inc

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Bad audio can ruin good video, and bad narration can grind your viewers’ patience. Do you have to hire a pro? No, these 10 tips show you how to make smooth, clear and enjoyable voice over narration.

P 3 S T R A T E G Y :

Associations - To Join or Not To Join? 10 Steps to a Decision

That is a frequent client question. In general we think they are great for building skills, confidence and networks if it is a good association or networking group. Here is a checklist to help you evaluate if joining a particular association is strategically a good choice for you:


1) Can I attend any of their meetings or events at little to no cost to see what I think?

2) Do I have the time to participate enough to make the cost worth it?

3) Have I listed out my goals and objective and done the research to see this association can meet them? (IE if I am joining to gain more business then do I know if they have members that meet my target market or are referrals into my target market, OR, if my goal is professional education, have I attended any of the events to experience the quality and caliber of the programming.)

4) What is the total expenditure in costs (dues, fees, lunches, event fees) and time to be an active member?

5) How many clients do I need to gain each year via the association to cover the time/cost? Is that doable or would my time be better spent else where? Or will I gain enough training or support that this could fall into my personal development budget and the value to cost is worth it?

6) Check the associations BBB status – does it look good?

7) See if anyone in your Network is a member and what their experience has been. Be sure to ask what their objectives are for going - it might be different than yours and thus not a good reflection.

8) Search the organization on and see what the reviews say – does it look good?

9) Google name of the organization followed buy the word “scam” and see if anything you should be concerned with turns up.

10) Google the name of the organization and "event" or "speaker" and see if what turns up is of interest to you.

Principal Strategist, P3 Strategies, Inc

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P 3 S T R A T E G Y :
Social Media Handles

So you're gonna get your brand on social are a few strategies to give you the best advantages:


1) Brand Your Handle
If at all possible use the exact same handle name across all social media mediums. That way when someone searches your brand name or brand handle they find you, all of you, from mentions in print pieces and blogs to websites to social media locations. This gives you the additional benefit of "owning the search engine real estate" for your brand and handle Google "P3 Strategies Inc" to see a sample.

2) Short & Sweet
You may not be on Twitter, but you might be some day! With only 140 characters you don't want your handle to be cut out of someone else's Tweet because it's too long. (P3 Strategies Inc. was christened long before Tweeting was a thing or we would have made it shorter!)

3) Easy Peasy
Your handle should be easy to spell and easy to remember. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools, but only if the person talking about you can remember your handle correctly.

4) Personalize
Most social media mediums provide the option for a personalized URL: facebook .com /P3StartegiesInc or twitter .com /P3StrategiesInc. How you get it on each one is different, but make sure you get it. Often people assume you have an account on their favorite social media so they just type in your handle facebook .com /YourHandle.

5) Cap That Thing
When ever you are branding a multi-word handle in your marketing materials, on your website, in a post, USE CAPs!
Don't: p3strategiesinc DO: P3StrategiesInc
It makes no difference if it is capped or not when someone types it on their computer to find it, but it makes all the difference to their eyes when they read it. The caps separate the words for our eyes, making the squished together string more readable and memorable.

Like this? Tell us! And let us know what other strategy tips on business startup, growth, marketing and PR you'd like to see.

Principal Strategist, P3 Strategies, Inc

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P 3 S T R A T E G Y :
"Should I be a #for-profit or #non-profit social enterprise?"

A question I am asked weekly. Usually I say, "It depends." This article highlights the *initial* considerations...and...if it is sustainable, be a for-profit. Why? "We want to be exactly like that charity!" Said no corporation, e v e r.


If your goal is to change the world through your mission and repeatable example, major corporate change will only come from for-profit thought leadership. #thoughtleadership #socent

Principal Strategist, P3 Strategies, Inc…/the-social-entrepreneurs-di…

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In order to make a potentially game-changing idea a long-standing reality, it's highly recommended that social entrepreneurs look at their business model and ask a very simple question: Could my company be a profitable one?