Is your office looking less and less ... officey? You're not alone! As the residential sector continues to influence commercial design, we thought we'd ask 'is the modern workplace a home away from home?'. Y - E - S!

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It can often be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for in a property. But search for a “high-end heritage warehouse with an urban flair and home-away-from-home atmosphere” and you’ll find it at the Domain Group’s workplace. Designed by Siren Design, it brings residential design ...

Ever since its successful launch in 2017 BOB by Blå Station has been waiting to go outdoors. After launching their award-winning, free flowing sofa for indoor use, Blå Station has turned to BOB once again to ensure that it can brave any wheather, anywhere. In a landmark collaboration between Blå Station and Starka, another family business in Skåne, which has 80 years of experience in the manufacture of concrete for special applications Blå Station releases BOB BETONG.
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Purple is the future. We knew it and are so happy that Pantone agree! #p4purple #wetoldyouso #pantonecolouroftheyear2018 #gottalovepurple

We're kicking off the week with some inspiration from USA. Success.Com's study in inspiring workplaces with ambience and carefully considered furniture for the end-user sees them chat so some very influential American executives, charting the influence that their office redesign has left on their teams. Check it out below!

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When it comes to creating a workplace environment, good design is more than a pretty space that impresses prospective clients. As the famed furniture designer Charles Eames once put it, “Eventually everything connects—people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality p...

At P4, we're looking back at 2017 to see why the hospitality world revolutionised commercial design. Under new talent and client retention challenges, corporate decision makers are beginning to reimagine the office environment to better cater to new pressing demand. Check out our write-up of this fascinating development, below!

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A laptop, some head-phones and ... a large flat white? As we all become 'out of office' what has the commercial sector learned from the hospitality world?

It's definitely not hard to see why ARCA by Paolo Orlandini for Truedesign remains a firm favourite with all of us here at #P4. Whether with a high or low back, in a lounge or an armchair, ARCA's flexibility is almost unparalleled. Couple this with a swivel arm for your tablet or maybe even a rocking base and you've truly got a chair for all occasions! Find out more:

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Purple is the future. We knew it and are so happy that Pantone agree! #p4purple #wetoldyouso #pantonecolouroftheyear2018 #gottalovepurple

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As 2017 draws to a close, Forbes looks forward to workplace trends awaiting us in 2018!…/10-workplace-trends-youll-see-in…/…

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We all know vitamin D is good for us. So much so that it is now being advised that every office ensures natural light (or an adequate substitute) is visible from every employee’s work station.…/workplace-wisdom-from-the-frontie…/

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Shared office spaces , to open plan or not to open plan that is the question?…/some-rebel-against-shared-space…

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It's Friday! Have you got your work-life balance sorted for the weekend? Work Design Magazine discusses work-life balance vs. workplace well-being, what's the difference, and why you should be more concerned with the latter.…/work-life-balance-vs-workplace-we…/

What’s the difference, and why you should be more concerned with the latter.

We are all for ways to be more productive, more efficient, more effective. Look no further - here are 4 ways to get more done by MR PORTER .…/t…/how-to-be-more-productive/2632

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Australia spends over $60 billion annually on workplace injury and illness - so why are ergonomics in the workplace so crucial? Read why from Actevate Pty Ltd…/ergonomics-injury-prevention-w…

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One of our projects: The Mantra Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, flaunts the perfect balance of sophistication and relaxation with the collaboration of Boss Design and Arkhefield Architects + Interior Design.

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