The Ketogenic Revolution in Cancer by Mary Budinger** Townsend Letter, the Examiner of Alternative Medicine alternative medicine magazine articles are written by researchers, health practitioners and patients.
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A program for beating autoimmune diseases of all types and sizes - with Dr. Steven Gundry
War veterans, victims of abuse and others deserve a chance to use this drug to heal.
An explanation for lost sleep: Late circadian rhythms in those with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder may make them natural night owls.
Low-carbohydrate diets have recently grown in popularity among endurance athletes, yet little is known about the long-term (>4 wk) performance implications of consuming a low-carbohydrate high fat ketogenic diet (LCKD) in well-trained athletes.
Ben Williams' aggressive brain tumour was treated with conventional therapies - and with a mix of common drugs, including those for acne, insomnia and high blood pressure, as revealed in a new documentary. Could this approach work for others?
From ADHD to autism, a guided tour on setting up a framework for treating children with neurological setbacks

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Though designed for Cancer and Alzheimer's, the applications of this knowledge are for those interested in everything from basic health and prevention to optimum human performance. The brilliant yet adaptable minds at this conference are incomparable! We will have blog posts and may even do some short interviews for P5 Protocols from there. Certainly, we will add to our lineup of interviewees so stay tuned on the P5 Protocols channel on iTunes, your Podcast app or on Soundcloud! I'm excited!

Cancer metabolism research hasn't yielded a treatment drug but it can provide us with something just as crucial: knowledge about how to prevent the disease in the first place
Can cancer be a metabolic disease after all?
Seniors "band together" to test an exercise program designed by Penn State to improve strength and balance. Oh, and it might also help them make friends.
We can detect tumors earlier than ever before. Can we predict whether they’re going to be dangerous?
Cancer and Alzheimer’s metabolism, prevention, calorie restriction, metabolic therapies with Dr. George Yu.
Tips to prevent dementia abound, but there's little hard science. So carriers of APOE4, a variant that raises Alzheimer's risk, experiment — on themselves.