Go check out the village again at Paintball Charleston!

Paintball Charleston

This Saturday the village should be ready to play. It will not have as many houses as the old place yet but it is going to be longer and wider. Many of the old houses did not survive including the towers but in time this village will be bigger, better, and "taller"

Grand Opening time with Paintball Charleston!!!!

Paintball Charleston

July 15th, weekend after this one coming, 10 days from today, 239 Hours and 10 minutes from the time of this post the NEW location will be OPEN. Grand Opening d...ay is upon us. 9am till: either A: The refs can't handle it, B: The players can't handle it, or C: The weather can't handle it. Speedball will be up and there will be fireworks at dark! So... Clean your gear, clear your schedule, and be at 239 Cypress Gardens Road, Moncks Corner S.C to celebrate.

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If you're looking for something to do before the fireworks

Paintball Charleston


PBC making progress at their new location

Had a great time today playing at Compass Paintball solid little fields

Paintball Charleston

Saturday, June 24th will be house moving day. This work can not be done without help. This is the time to show PBC love. Dedicated people are needed.

Paintball Charleston

We need some help with the new location. We are looking for an electrician, a painter and a flooring person. Please private message us if you or someone you know can help. Thank you

New location has officially been identified! If you can help support the move I know it will be appreciated!

Paintball Charleston

Still need to dot some i's and cross some t's but the new location is determined. The location is 239 Cyprus Gardens Road. I know a few of you already know, a f...ew know where this is and the rest.. Well prepare to be amazed. Many, many more details to come. We will do some light moving this Saturday and a lot of cleaning up at the new location. There is a lot to be done. The following weekend we need any and everyone willing to haul stuff. The goal is to be open July 1st. Yes I said July 1st.

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Paintball Charleston

Before reading this open another tab and play this in the back ground:

It was a little over a month ago we were told... that the property we are on was to be cleared and developed. After 15 years this was heart breaking and we were not left with much of an option. We could close it all down and be left with memories or we could go all in and hope something could be found that would work and relocate. After a couple failed attempts a property was located that may have fit the bill. It is very different to try and establish a business like this than it was 15 years ago, the hurdles were great and many from zoning, to impact fees, to location and it is not as "simple" as some may believe. Time is not on our side, the clearing of the current property is inevitable and looming large. Every weekend we are still here is a blessing and not to be taken for granted. At this time we have a new location. There are still numerous details to be worked out, much money to be spent, and a lot of sweat to be dripped. We WILL need help, we can not do this alone. PBC is a family and like a family we must help one another. There is always the chance that an insurmountable road block may appear and I have hesitated to announce this because of that. After one of what will be many meetings with the local government officials we will be moving to the Ladson area. I will not give an exact address at this time simply because this property does not have one(another of many things to accomplish). It is my hope that before this weekend we have signed the lease and have put a few steps behind us. A moving day is going to be officially scheduled at this time it tentatively is June 17th. More details released as they become official, thank you all.

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And we have a phoenix rising from the ashes! At least hopefully! Glad to see Adventure Beach Paintball starting to get their feet under them!

Adventure Beach Paintball

We are only taking private parties at this time. 10 people or more.

Paintball Charleston to Charity paintball tournament

Alert!! prize for top gun at the end of the tournament. The winner will receive their choice of color, 1 pair of Dye I5 goggle system as pictured. These goggles... are for sale in the store at $165 each!! Again, this is the prize for first place of the top gun portion after the tournament. You have to participate in the tournament to be a part of the top gun. Any questions, post in the comment section.

March 11th 2017
A minimum of 5 teams will compete in a 5-man team tournament that will cost a total of $150 for the entire team and will include event admission, recball entry, air, and 500 rounds of paint for each person. Maximum of 16 teams.

All proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be determined on day of the event

For registration, please contact the shop (843)552-1115 during business hours or stop by and see us!

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CPX Sports - Living Legends is at CPX Sports.

We're giving away an M2 MOSair, courtesy of our friends at DYE - a $1,595 value!! Like and share this post by 1/17 to qualify to win!!

#LLX Bonus paint offer e...nds this Saturday 12/31: Pre-purchase entry, air, and 2 cases - get a bag of 500 free. 3 cases gets a 1/2 case free, 4 cases gets 3 bags, 5 cases gets 1 case free!! 🔑

Be a part of the best paintball party of the year, your future self will thank you for it. Your #PaintballVacation begins at

Living Legends 10 ⚜️ May 19-21, 2017 ⚜️ CPX Sports ⚜️ #LLX

Bulk paint pricing available, message Honu for details:

Make the pilgrimage to CPX Sports and scratch this bucket-list game off while you still can:

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Paintball Charleston's 2017 Scenario Calendar! We have two scenarios coming up to include the fabled Gold Rush scenario that we keep hearing about from Skeeter! Registration for Sunset Overdrive is scheduled to open up in January!

Paintball Charleston

Announcing the 2017 scenario calendar (so far).
- Sunset Overdrive will be April 8th and 9th.
- Paintball Charleston B-Day Bash, Friday, Nov 17th
- Gold Rush 24... hour scenario, Nov 18th and 19th.

For the Gold Rush scenario, we will need a few role players to keep the city of Durango functioning as an old west mining town. Here are a list of slots that are currently open (free event entry, for your role playing contribution).

Sheriff (crooked): Filled
5 Deputies: 3 spots still available
Store keeper: 1 spot available
Saloon/barkeeper: Filled
Banker: Filled (tentative)
Preacher Man: 1 spot available
Governor (crooked): Filled
Poker/Faro dealer: 1 spot available
Madam & 3-4 "working ladies". 5 spots available
Surveyor: 1 spot available
Jailer (if not handled by a deputy, above). 1 spot (tentative).

The role players will spend most of their time in the city of Durango, but all (except the barkeeper & Faro dealer) will have tasks & missions that will offer adequate play time.

We also need an assistant foreman for each gold mining camp, if you are interested in a team leadership role. We will update the listing above, as spots are filled.

Please send PMs if interested in the role playing opportunities. Must be mature, reliable, & understand the importance of fulfilling a role as a character is a complex story line.

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Check out this upcoming Scenario at Paintball Charleston! Last spring was the comeback of scenario play, lets keep scenario play going! Registration starts in January!

Apr 8, 2017 - Apr 9, 2017Paintball CharlestonMoncks Corner, SC
120 people interested

Just a few days left to get March prices! Get on it!

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Paintball Charleston

A few days left to get march pricing on the scenario! Get your registration in sooner than later.

Paintball Charleston will be hosting their return to scenario play this Spring! We will be out there, maybe even running some photography! I know we are excited to have scenario paintball return to Charleston! Check out the event and spread the word, lets make this one of the best scenarios Paintball Charleston has ever seen!

Apr 22, 2016 - Apr 24, 2016Paintball CharlestonMoncks Corner, SC
150 people interested

Milkshake's passing is a big loss to the paintball community, he will be missed.

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Bubba Neeley to Smackz Nation Pumpers

Rip milkshake you will be missed