A Recent survey, from Ponemon Institute, of 612 CISO’s identified their top 5 security concerns for 2018. If you have the same concerns, PCM offers Security Staff Residency and vCISO services to help you meet your security staffing needs. Learn more.

The security industry has over 1 million open positions that are not being filled due to critical skill shortages. The demand for the upper tier of security talent is even higher. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) represents the top ranking security office in any organization. And with t...

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344 Reviews
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Joshua Gray
· January 4, 2018
Does the trick! And does it well especially with the current needs and technology. Perperation and diligence are the keys to cutting down the clutter and PCMG has it done for me. I really appreciate O...psTRACK for online ordering at competative pricing and I still have a dedicated rep to help with the project big or small! See More
Wendy Harrison
· June 21, 2017
I guess I'm the lone voice in the woods here. I have been so pleased with PCM. My sales rep, Pan Nathan, is fantastic. Yes, he does call every couple of weeks to check in or to inform me of special pr...icing on equipment. If I'm busy, I let him know and we touch base another time.

Each purchase I have made with PCM has been at a very competitive price, shipping is never a problem and if support is required, it's always been handled immediately.

We are a small business but have always received Big business attention to detail and our requirements.
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Davis Moore
· June 19, 2017
Dan is calling me constantly (1-2x per day most days), I have asked to be removed from the call list the first two times. I have ignored every other call since. Dan is now calling a co-worker telling... them that he has spoken with me and that I told him to get with them. I will never purchase from this company. Continually calling and bugging myself and co-workers is not a way to get our business to do business with you. STOP CALLING!!!
Sad to say after looking at the reviews this is a common practice from this company. I would venture to say that the majority of the positive reviews are paid for reviews.
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Jeff Simmons
· May 25, 2017
They really dont care about small local businesses, been with the company since Infotel days (1998) and had such drama over less than $100 I wont be using them any longer..will be strictly @Ingram and Tech Data. Complained to sales rep and then up the chain..still havent received a call back from sales reps boss. This is a company complaint nothing against the sales rep. (The Dayton, Ohio location) See More
Jeff Parker
· January 4, 2017
Would do no stars if available, my first transaction with PCM (which HP brought to the table) was to purchase a license for iLO Advanced for $445. They charged my credit card on 12/3 and I still have ...not received the product. I have made multiple calls and all they will do is say they are looking into it. They tell me it shipped but can provide no tracking info. They refused to cancel the order and provide a refund and have never even followed up after any of the 4 calls that I have made. Extremely unprofessional. See More
Adrian M. Johnson
· October 4, 2017
I'm writing your business. Because i'm highly upset. You need to check into your Account rep. Ms. Morrow in Naperville Il
Edward Blanchard
· October 4, 2016
'Jackie from PCM' calls weekly even though I have asked them several times to stop. I sent a PM on FB hoping to reach a different rep again asking for the calls to stop, but it seems they have chosen... to ignore that too. Based on what I now consider harassment I will never buy from them. See More
Mike Van De North
· March 31, 2016
Not impressed in the least! I have been a customer of Tiger Direct for almost 20 years, both personally and through my company. Have had an open credit account and literally spent 100's of thousands o...f dollars over the years trough my company.

Log in to my new PCM business account and first the website "SUCKS" it is hard to find stuff. Pricing is much higher than Tigers was and the selection of "IN STOCK" or "READY TO SHIP" items is pretty dismal. Then when I finally settle for something, I cannot place an order unless I give them a credit card! What happened to my "OPEN ACCOUNT" ???????

You would think that they would want to retain as many of the old Tiger customers as possible since they took it over, but if I have to jump through hoops to get an open account again they can forget me, I will go back to CDW and New Egg!!!
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Nick O'Neill
· October 27, 2016
They call you constantly, you ask to be removed from the call list and the sales reps get even more condescending. I wouldn't purchase from this company if they had the only glass of water left in th...e world and I was dehydrated. Getting an attitude and harassing my staff is not a way to win me over. STOP CALLING ME! See More
Gregory Jordan
· June 1, 2015
I have never done business with this company and never will as they have been harassing me with cold calls for 2 years and refuse to stop calling! Today a guy threatened to call again after I asked hi...m to stop calling. Thank god I got it on video! See More

There are new performance features, new security features, and new scalability features in SQL Server 2016 that make it worth the time and effort to upgrade. Learn more reasons on why to upgrade.

When discussions about upgrading to SQL Server 2016 are brought up the usual first question is this: “Why should we upgrade?” Someone, somewhere, wants to know why they should take a perfectly good system that runs just fine and make a bunch of changes. Many valid reasons exist to upgrade to the...

Vulnerability Advisor: Meltdown and Spectre. These vulnerabilities impact every computer, smart phone, smart TV, camera and any other endpoint or Internet of Things (IoT) device. Act Now! Find out more:

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Take a peek at PCM's new tech journal. Learn about trending tech tools, top security threats, the next big hack & more.

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Picture sitting on a desk with a laptop that is built for entertainment and can open an Excel sheet, but is struggling to have many applications open. What a frustrating scenario, right? The options for a business laptop and a consumer laptop are limitless, but in the end, what are the differences? Learn more.

While the consumer laptop offers flexibility and a wide arrange of multi-media features, the business laptop is built for accelerated processing and other features that make it right for focusing on projects and work, whether it’s for school or business. For instance, the Dell Latitude E7270 Ultra...

What are #Meltdown and #Spectre, the two NEW vulnerabilities everyone is talking about it? Find out more on our blog.

Today I was once again asked to comment on a new vulnerability. No, it was not Meltdown or Spectre. The details are not important, the reality is. In my response today, I commented that the only thing predictable about the world of information security is we will have vulnerabilities. You can count�...

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In a recent PCM survey of 647 business leaders, 98% reported that they rely on business information to do their job well, but only 6% strongly agreed that they can access their business information quickly.

They say “data.” You hear “permissions, implementation, server up-time, latency, system maintenance, spreadsheets, and reports.” Despite all the work that already goes into giving business leaders the information they need, the need for more insights is growing at an exponential rate. In fac...

Office 365 provides flexible and familiar tools for collaboration across teams, devices, and platforms. Use your favorite devices to access trusted business applications — and get more done, together:

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Healthcare, like technology, constantly evolves so communities can receive better and healthier quality of life. With Office 365, care teams are given access to tools needed to boost productivity and encourage them to work together more efficiently. Learn more:

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