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Set boundaries with your digital assistant.

Take charge of your privacy so there are no surprises about how much information your digital assistant is holding onto.
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The Anniversary Update is chock-full of little tweaks that will make your experience just that much better, like photo reminders in Cortana.
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There's no such thing as too fast in Excel. These power tips help with formulas, and filling and fixing spreadsheet data.

Be the boss of AutoPlay.

Control how AutoPlay responds to various removable media in Windows, so you can enjoy the feature's convenience while minimizing the risk to your PC's security.

Learn more about one of the most comfortable headsets we've ever worn.

SteelSeries improves on the floating headband and also makes a play for the "affordable wireless" market with its latest Arctis 7 line.

If your upgrades switched browsers on you, here's the easy way to switch back.

Windows 10 pulls a nasty trick when you upgrade: It sets your default web browser to Edge, even if you opted for Chrome or Firefox in Windows 7 or 8. Here's how to change it back.

We really want to like these innovative and stylish headphones...

Innovative features and strong battery life set these headphones apart from the pack. Unfortunately, their Bluetooth audio performance falls short.

Doom made all of its DLC free yesterday. Great! But it comes as a whopping 35GB update for an already massive game. Nooooo! Game sizes are getting out of hand. Here's out solution.

Video game installation sizes are out of control on the PC, causing hard drives and data caps to beg for mercy.. There could be an answer, if game vendors follow the lead of the PC software industry.

Microsoft's policy puts all older hardware at risk of suddenly being unable to update to newer versions of Windows 10.

Microsoft has confirmed it won't provide Windows 10 updates such as the Creators Update to hardware that's no longer supported by its manufacturer, a policy that puts all older hardware at risk.

The clock speed of Intel's upcoming 12-core Core i9 is no longer a mystery...and it's looking low compared to Ryzen's.

An inadvertent slip of a key Core i9-7920X spec suggests that Intel's next CPU could cede ground to AMD.

It's true! Wolf Among Us is back. And more gaming news right here.

Telltale's 2017 is all about superheroes as Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman finish out the year, but we'll see new Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us in 2018.

The fact that Pop! OS is a Linux distro made by hardware vendor System76 is more interesting than the OS itself.

Android O's Reddit AMA just happened. Skip the unreadable thread and hit the highlights here.

Android O's team of engineers did a Reddit AMA. Here are the most interesting things we learned.

Windows 10 won't play DVDs natively, and Windows Media Center is gone. Here are your options.


CyberGhost is a VPN that scores high on speed, privacy, and ease of use.

CyberGhost isn't quite the fastest VPN we've tested, but it has consistently fast speeds.