So what is everyone's 'scariest' moment/story/experience?

This is mine.... I've had quite a few, some scarier than this, but this one always sticks in the front of my mind. I don't know if it was paranormal or not, but have heard a story of someone having almost the exact same experience years later in the same spot.

A few friends, my brother and I used to go down Tally road at night, have a few drinks and such (we always had a driver), just a place to get away from the noise... of the day. We were 17 or 18 at the time and it was August I do believe. We had spent the day washing the car, doing household chores & planning what we were going to do that night. The plan was for everyone to get together, some cards and later on after dark, head down Tally road. Everything went according to plan and around midnight we were heading toward the dam on the road. It was a quiet evening and we just parked with the windows down on the main road. we had the car off when we heard a loud thump on the trunk of the car! Needless to say my brother started that car like his life depended on it and in the glow of the tail lights we saw nothing..... We just went home after that and immediately checked out the trunk of the car. On the flat part of the trunk were 2 perfect hand prints in the dust of the dirt road...... I really don't believe anyone was down there trying to scare us as everyone who knew we went down there was with us..... and like I said we all looked in the glow of the tail lights and there was nothing there

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Anyone have any stories/experiences for this?

Hi everyone,
reaching out to see if anyone has or has heard of any Ghost haunting's at 37 Kensington Road ( The old PEI Hospital) I live their currently and we have been having some very strange occurrences which we blame on " our ghost". We have joked about this since moving in in January but things are happening more frequently ( and more creepy) and we are trying to find out who our ghost is if anyone has any information!


The Deblois Train Wreck

On February 20th, 1932, 49 year old James G. Hessian begun his day like any other snow filled day. As the Engineer, his job was full to make sure things were in good shape and working properly. The Train he drove was a double header. This was a train in which had two plows on the front of the train to help throw the snow off of the track. It was considered a savior in a lot of snow storms in being able to keep the track open and the schedule moving.


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One of my faves Anyone have any recent sightings?

The Ghost Ship of Northumberland Strait is described as a beautiful schooner that has three masts (sometimes four masts, as reports vary) with pure white sails, all of which become completely engulfed in flames as onlookers watch. Sightings have occurred throughout the seasons, but seem to be more prevalent from September to November. These visions are also apparent before a northeast wind, and folklore has it that this br...

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Point Prim's Oldest Inhabitant

In the Point Prim, Pinette area, is the related story of the oldest inhabitant who is reportedly over 200 years old. Of course,this inhabitant is from the " spirit world".

Many individuals have reportedly seen the figure of an old hunchback man making his way along the shoreline, carrying a deeply hollowed homemade shovel. He is described as having an oblong shaped scar between his right ear and nose, giving him an unearthly look.


An elderly woman from Pinette relates details about the figure. According to her, he lived in the area with his wife and three children years and years before. He, as well as the other families in his district were victims of the expulsion of Acadians. They took him away in one of the earliest transports. He continuously begged and pleaded to go be able to return one more time, but they refused.

He was put on board of the Violet, but this ship sank mid- Atlantic. There were no Acadian survivors. This was entirely true; nonetheless, he "had" come back to the district.
He had previously buried what he valued most near an old pine tree. Even in death, he came back to find and guard his treasure. The hunchback remained along the shoreline at Point Prim and carried on the endless quest for his buried treasure.
Far above the shore is still sometimes heard the sound of someone digging. It's the Acadian spirit of Point Prim digging for his treasure

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This stretch of roadway is alleged to be "creepy as hell" and is said to be haunted by an angry pirate apparition. Rumours of buried treasure in the region accompany this legend.
Apparently there is a report of (what the parties believed to be) the "DEVIL" having accosted them while they were driving down a road in the general region one night, in an area said to be called "Green Hill".


The report alleges that their vehicle stalled out mysteriously and when they started it up again, they tried to drive off but the back wheels were as if lifted off the ground, and the engine was roaring (like when you step on the accelerator) but the car was not moving, as if being held back by some unseen force.
The parties encountering this strange incident were, needless to say, totally freaked out by the bizarre occurrence.

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Holland Cove, PEI

The tale of Holland Cave is a tragic one. The first group of white settlers came to Holland Cove in 1764. The surveyor Captain Holland brought with him his beautiful bride. Tall and of the French court, she was something beautiful to behold. One of Captain Holland's surveying trips took a little longer than planned and the poor girl by the name of Racine went across the ice to hopefully see some sign of him. Unfortunately the ice was thinner then she thought and she fell through. Sadness followed the Captain. He reported seeing this apparition a few days later. She brought water with her and kept calling for Holland. To this day on July 14th every year at the time of high tide Racine is said to appear. The legend is that those that will see her will drown.

New inbox message

'Im wondering if anyone has has any ghost experiences at the causeway bay hotel in summerside
I work there in the summer and have a few myself but want to know of anyone else has had anything happens to verify my own belief'

9 Haunted Locations on PEI!

Everyone likes a good ghost story and PEI has lots of em. I figured I'd cr...eate a post on the 9 locations (+1 bonus) you can check out and try not to get too creeped out about.

From West Point Lighthouse Inn & Museum to The Kings Playhouse down in Georgetown, Prince Edward Island. Some of these spots are SUPER errie. I also included a Google map on the website so you can find em easily.

North Cape Coastal Drive Points East Coastal Drive Ghost Stories of P.E.I

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9 Haunted locations on Prince Edward Island that will give you the SPOOKS. From West Point Lighthouse to Kings Playhouse in Georgetown.

'Has anyone seen the balls of light, i seen them in hunter river about the size of a softball and a blueish light there was 2 of them'

When I asked where abouts in Hunter River, this is the response:

'at the top of the hill when heading to chtown across the highway from that farm they came floating out of the woods...
me and my buddy seen them so i know i wasnt seeing things cuz he seen them to
they flashed like a camera flash then they started doing like a pendulum movement through the roof of the barn'

Anyone else ever seen anything like this or can explain?

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Here is the experience that happened at the Great Canadian Dollar store:

'At the end of each day they do a full scan of the store to make sure there is nothing left out of place or on the floor. they have always noticed weird random things out of place here and there when they open in the mornings but the other day there was a pack of cards and some candies on the floor in the middle of one of the aisles and they knew it wasn't there the night before. They checked the cameras... and, as they thought, there was nothing there at closing time... Around 3:40am there was a flash of light on the screen and these things appeared on the floor after that. They believe if there is a ghost that it's a child because all of these happenings seem like child's play. One day someone was working in the toy aisle and a ball fell off the shelf and bounced down the aisle and a young child with his grandmother jumped from around the corner to catch it... Almost like he knew there was another child who wanted him to play.'

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Recently asked:

'Do you happen to know of any ghost stories regarding the building that used to house fabricville and is now the great Canadian dollar store? A family member works there and has heard that it is haunted and actually had a pretty interesting experience at the store through the night last night.'

Anyone ever have any experiences here?

Someone is looking for some stories for the Summerside area. When asked if they had a specific area in mind, this is the response:

'Well i've heard stories of certain schools, such as Parkside, me and a few friends went to check it out and it was interesting to say the least. We actually managed to see some interesting things so i'm thinking somewhere in the heart of the city to downtown Summerside'

Does anyone have anything they would like to contribute?

Someone would like to know if there is anywhere public to walk that is creepy, or haunted, specifically in the Summerside to Cavendish area.

Any suggestions?

Hey all,

We have someone wondering if anyone has ever had any experiences at the Rodd Charlottetown hotel downtown?

New inbox message

'I work in Charlottetown, in the East Royalty Commercial Park, for a company called Sekisui. The building is an old Navy building, which has bomb blast doors, etc. all throughout, and no doubt some history. I was walking to the bathroom today, not really watching who was ahead of me, when a man in a blue button up shirt held the door for me. I put my head down for a second as he held the door, and when I put it back up to say "Thank you" he was gone. I searched the washroom and didn't see anyone else in there and there are no other exits other than the one I just came in through. Did I just see a ghost? Truly freaked out right now.'

Hey all,

Has anyone ever heard or seen anything about a phantom train other than the Deblois Train in Tignish? it's been seen around Mimnegash woods/ Wellington