Calling all editors: In preparation for #PENCON2018 I am collecting your answers to use at our Grand Rapids conference.

If you could ask a publisher or editor one question, what would you ask? **Try to think outside the box**

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Balancing #creativity with profitability. #Editor #freelancer #amediting

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Justine Clay
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If you deal with inconsistencies in your income year-round, read my blog post where I share 4 ways you can balance your creative career with profitability and smooth out those ups and downs. Click here:


Trying to find time to edit amid the busyness of life? Check out Carol Tice's blog post for keeping a work-life balance.…/… #Editor #freelancer

Are your kids driving you crazy? It can be tough to be a stay-at-home freelancer with kids at home. But you can do it if you have a productivity plan.

This is a great link for knowing how to charge what you're worth. Thoughts?

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Justine Clay

Many creative entrepreneurs and freelancers charge way *too little* for their expertise, trapping them in a miserable cycle of working long hours to make *less*... than they made in their day job. Knowing what you need to make, how many billable hours you have, and how that breaks down to a day rate will save you months or years working for too little, so let's get you started on the right track.

Download my FREE guide "How to find high-quality clients and get paid what you're worth" to determine your rate. There's even a nifty little calculator built in to make it easy-peasy! Click here>

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Thrilled to announce we finalized faculty speakers this week for #PENCON2018 and can't wait to share the news with you in the next few weeks as soon as we receive confirmations. #freelancer #Editor #publishing #GrandRapids #Michigan #freelancers

Spotlight: Jane Daly's Excellence in Editing Award for her care-giving book.…/

Spotlight on an Excellence in Editing Award-Winning Book: The Caregiving Season Sue Fairchild Articles for Freelancers, PEN Tips EIE, EIE award, excellence in editing, Jane Daly, Mick Silva, writing award, writing awards The 2017 Excellence in Editing Awards were held on June 24 at the SoCal Christi...

Ken Walker got a new desk---and more than he bargained for.…/

New Desk Brings New Organization Sue Fairchild PEN Tips clean desk, Ken Walker, organization, pen tips by Ken Walker Last spring, I wrote a blog for Christian PEN about the mental benefits of a clean desk. Since that time, I have made another desk discovery: downsizing an antiquated relic in favor o...

As editors and creatives, we sometimes work hand to mouth, month to month, week to week, paycheck to paycheck. But it doesn't have to be that way. This article shows how to add value to your product by reaching out to your clients based on their felt need(s). Check it out---what are your thoughts about this? I'd love to hear and engage in the discussion!

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Justine Clay

Chances are, you’re not equipped to solve all of your client’s problems. But you are the perfect person to solve one or two of them. Figure out what they are, a...nd just sell those.

Read my blog post “The reason clients aren’t buying what you’re selling (and what to do about it)”

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Yes. This has happened more than once, I'm afraid.

Grammar is complicated. Did you have to read this twice like I did? #amediting #Editor #freelancer #grammargirl #grammarly #publishing #proofreader

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Brad Moodie

English... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Be on the alert for and delete, when appropriate, qualifiers such as these: just | seemingly | appears that | pretty | pretty much | really | fairly | absolutely ... what are some more? --- from Write With Excellence, Joyce K. Ellis, p. 69 #amediting #Editor #PENCON #freelancer

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The PEN Institute has released the first two webinars in the series on The Chicago Manual of Style. Learn all about the newest 17th edition by registering at: #Chicago17 #amediting #Editor

Webinars are downloadable videos and do not include instructor feedback. Students will be given access to the videos within 24 hours of purchase.

New to proofreading? Want to enhance your skills? We'd love to have you in class! #amediting

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Jenne Acevedo

My course starts today. There is still time to register. Join us!

Jenne and I had a great time discussing potential #PENCON2018 speaker applications and awesome conference agenda today! Can you believe we talked for *three* hours?! Happy editor! I'm so excited to begin to share with you what we have planned. You'll not want to miss coming to PENCON May 3-5, 2018, in Grand Rapids, Michigan!!!! (Yes, those exclamations *have* to be there.) Have you registered? #amediting #publishing

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The PEN Institute is partnering with The Creative Techie to offer more webinars and resources for editors. Check out this new webinar at…/microsoft-word-101-headers-and-…/.

Microsoft Word is the default word processing program for many writers, editors, and publishers. If you’ve ever used Word (or tried to use Word), you’ve noticed that some of its features tend to be a little tricky. Headers and Footers are one of those features. It sounds like it should be so simple,...

Editors, here's how to build an impressive profile. #amediting #Editor

The number of freelancers listing services on labor platforms is constantly expanding. According to a recent report by JP Morgan, “4.2 percent of adults had ever participated in the Online Platform…

Today's PEN Tips Blog Post has a shining twist on editing. #Editor #amediting…/

Spotlight on an Excellence in Editing Award-Winning Book: Life Lessons from the National Parks Sue Fairchild PEN Tips editors, EIE, excellence in editing, good books, goodreads, life lessons, National Parks, writing contests The 2017 Excellence in Editing Awards were in June 2017. Out of dozens of...