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Friday Night = Pizza Night

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Erica Jones
· March 2, 2018
Super extra upset. Called to order pizza (8" pep with onion) at 10:20. Arrive 20 mins later. Pizza not made. Waited for it to be made then baked. Sat and waited. Pizza brought to front. Get home at 10...:55 ( 5 blocks away) only to discover pizza is burned AND not even cut. Two people outside smoking. 7 people barely moving in the kitchen. Young boys talking about how easy women have it. Dining room had no one. Sat and waited with young lady who called and ordered 2 orders of breadsticks. They didn't even write her order on ticket when she called. She arrived first and was still waiting when I left. Smh. Terrible service. Terrible pizza. See More
Debbie Brees McCoy
· January 1, 2018
Was very disappointed this evening with our delivered order. Pizza King use to be our favorite pizza. Tonight our pizza tasted like it did not have any pizza sauce on it and our bread sticks tasted they had been sitting out for awhile. They use to advertise good to the very edge but that is not true. The owner needs to order a pizza from May Ave. In Muncie and see how the pizza had really went down hill from years ago. This kind of quality is no longer worth the money. Very disappointed !!!!! See More
Stephen Denney
· November 26, 2017
We go to the Pizza King in Cumberland. We used to enjoy it. But within the last year or so, it’s been a dicey proposition at best. First of all, they can no longer see to keep help. Now in fairness, i...t seems like they’ve been short handed for years. But lately, it’s been a whole new cast of characters each time we visit. Even with this, the food has been good in the past, and the orders have been good despite the chaos. But now the last two or three times, the food has been terrible. We get breadsticks that are barely browned on one side only and raw for the most part, and the pizza hasn’t been much better. It’s like management has tackled the issue of fast service by increasing the speed of the conveyor oven. Or something. As I’ve been a loyal customer for years and years, I feel the obligation to give them one more try. If things haven’t improved, I’m done with them. See More
Emily Blue
· October 15, 2017
For years we have always went to the Pizza King on Broadway Street in Anderson Indiana. We have noticed over the last year the service in the dinning room and customer service have went down hill tre...mendously. We have had a couple of occasions where our food didn’t come out right but it was always made right one way or the other. Well tonight we went in for dinner, we were the only people in the whole dinning area and we waited over 30 minutes for our pizza- which came out wrong. So we waited another 30 minutes to got our pizza and went to pay, asked for some short of discount for all the trouble. The lady checking us out was immediately rude. We paid and walked out. I decided to go back in. I just do not believe as a customer you should be treated badly. I personally hold a managers position and have so for years- so I feel as if I have a good handle on how to talk to people. I asked to talk to the manger. And a man walked over clicked one button on the cash register and walked away. Completely rude and didn’t even say anything. Another lady came up and said that she was the store manager and after just looking at our receipt and me eventually asked what I wanted her to do. In my eyes it was simple for having the horrible service that we did( being the only party in the whole restaurant) we should not have to pay $40 for a pizza. I’m not saying we should’ve had a free meal but more than just 10% is not unreasonable. And she just looked at me and it was clear she didn’t care or was she going to do anything. So I simply left. It honestly is just mind blowing to me that businesses especially Pizza King have allowed their customer service to go down hill so much. I would never treat a customer coming into my work the way that we were treated. And it’s just sad that no one cared to help, we personally will never be eating at this restaurant again and will be a sharing our experience with our family and friends. Who would want to eat at a restaurant that even our waitress shared she hated working at. I’m sure this review will go unread. But if by a long shot it does I would strongly suggest looking at your staffing and management at the Broadway Pizza King at Anderson Indiana I know we are not the first to have these experiences and most likely not the last. See More
Austin Pavese
· October 22, 2017
I tried calling the pizza king at 14 Harbourtown Center, Noblesville, IN 46062 the first time I called the phone never rang and I was joking around while the phone was still on and was joking around w...ith my girlfriend then when I hung up and called back the girl stated she doesn't appreciate me harrassing people I tried explaining that I was joking around and the she stated I don't think we can take this call and hung this seriously the type of service you want seems by reading the reviews this happens alot you might want to invest in some customer service training for your employees. See More
Dev McKellips
· January 25, 2018
[New Castle] My girlfriend called in a delivery order this evening at 5:56pm.
Just one large pizza. She was told the wait would be about 45 minutes. The product did not arrive until 7:30pm, and it is ...stone cold. Very disappointed that our three children had to wait almost double the time for cold pizza, and dissatisfied with what should be a great product from a non-remorseful staff. See More
Seth Patton
· February 4, 2018
It’s not a Super Bowl unless Pizza king is involved. I’ve been a pizza king kid ever since my parents started the tradition of pizza on Thursday night back in the 80s and I can honestly say I’ve never... had a bad pie. See More
Elizabeth Sczesny
· January 18, 2018
Took credit card # and order and said no deliveries we're ahead of us, it would be out soon. Call back a hour later and they have no idea what's going on!?! Then the best discount they can give for th...e s#itty service is 2.00 off. Wow!! Is service getting this bad on pizza place we have always loved? See More
Kelly Weaver
· December 10, 2017
We ordered a pizza and breadsticks tonight. After 2 hours it still has not been delivered. Call the store and keep being told it's on the way. Really?? 2 hours after the fact on a Sunday evening. We c...alled before 5pm and yet here it is almost 7pm and we still don't have our food. Ridiculous! So disappointed. See More
Angela Routh Martin
· December 27, 2017
Love your pizza but I live out of state and wish you would add a online shopping/shipping to where I can click and pay. I bet you would get a lot more business that way. I've been checking your websit...e periodically over the past several years to see if you have upgraded your site. See More
Jennifer Fisher Morrow
· September 1, 2017
I highly doubt we will ever be ordering pizza from pizza king again.....I have not been feeling well after having surgery and ordered take out....My husband came home and was a bit upset because it wa...s $50 for 2 (16") pizzas.....A 1 topping and a 2 topping with Xtra CHS on it.....I was baffled .....I got online and looked up the prices and guess what $25 for a 2 topping is absolutely ridiculous !!!!!!! ....A royal feast is now Over $26.... Seriously ???? You guys are getting just a bit out there on your prices ....... Anymore you guys are costing families as much as if we'd go to a Steak house ......Keep going and soon you'll price yourselves right out of business.....Oh and by the way.....We even had two $2.00 off coupons ..... Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves.....People have built your business up to what it is and then to charge ungodly prices is disgusting See More
Christina Janes
· March 2, 2018
I absolutely love Pizza King's pizza, however the New Haven store has recently changed their delivery radius to only 3 MILES. I live 3.5 miles away (9 minutes) and they refuse to deliver to me, even t...hough they have delivered numerous times in the past. I refuse to give any pizza king my business until the new manager adopts a more reasonable delivery radius once again. See More
Noj Rekab
· March 4, 2018
Used to be my favorite pizza place. Now it's horrible none of them get your order right when you call to have it fixed they tell you it's not their problem and refuse to fix it. Just ordered 3 orders ...of breadstix got charged for 2 only got one then told I was only charged for one. Management needs a serious change from the top down See More
Becky Johnston
· November 21, 2017
Clara’s Pizza King in Richmond, IN really should consider sending the lady manager who is working as we speak this evening, to a Customer Service class. I would provide a name but she did not have a tag on. An item (baked potato) we ordered was below par to say the least so when we advised this manager and requested we not be charged for it, her response was “well no one told me”.. uh it’s not our fault the server wasn’t present for us to tell. Not a busy night so not sure why our server was scarce. We needed to separate the bill into two and that was obviously an inconvenience for said manager as well. A simple “my apology, let me remove that item from the bill” would have sufficed. Absolutely one of the rudest “managers” I think I have encountered at this location. I definitely would not want this gal representing any establishment of mine! See More
Nikki Virok Luellen
· February 28, 2018
We always go to Pizza King on Broad in New Castle and tonight I called my order in and a girl took it. When I went to pick it up the had things missing from my order and I had to wait for them to make... it. Very disappointed � See More
Kayla Kidwell
· November 29, 2017
I will no longer be buying pizza king. I had an issue at the Columbus store in Anderson. I called and talk to the store manager who refused to help me. This isn't the first time I've had problems so I... took this complaint to corporate. They told me I would be called back to fix the situation, yet I've never received a call. It's been nearly 3 weeks since I talked with corporate. TERRIBLE customer service. See More
Danni Parker
· October 29, 2017
PICTURES IN COMMENTS! Madison Avenue Anderson Indiana Pizza King had horrible service! We waited 1/2 an hour before going to pick up our pizza and they hadn’t even started it! We get home and realize ...they charged us 1.75 a piece for 1/2 oz. ranch cups, which are smaller than the 2 oz cheese cups. On top of that half of the toppings on our pizza were attached to the lid of the box. They need some serious revamping within their staff! Disappointed! �� See More
Zack Fager
· October 29, 2017
Had to change my rating. Service in Noblesville is sub par. I messaged them since they were “active” but after 30 minutes still no response and 1.5 hours and no pizza. Just some heads up would be a...wesome not “you are second for delivery” making it seem like it would be quick. See More
Melody Hendrick
· November 4, 2017
Last night we ordered from the Columbus Ave location in Anderson. They said the pizza would be there in 30 min.
Never showed up. So after a hour, we called and 20 min later the pizza was delivered.
I...t was cold. Was kinda burnt. Had hardly any topping or sauce.
We were hungry as hell, so we ate it.
Called in today and the day manager was rude. Said to call back after 4 and talk to a different manager. And that manager was even more rude than the 1st.
I am a mom of 4... So we don't often eat Pizza king because price.
After the service last night and the rudeness from today, I doubt we will eat there again. :(
See More
Michael Miller
· February 12, 2018
In 1993 I left Richmond IN for a lifetime of military service. I have been all around the world and currently live in the worlds largest city (Tokyo) and I have never had a better pizza than Pizza Kin...g Richmond Indiana. See More
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