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Matt Dees
· May 10, 2017
Great community, great routes every week! PMTNR is a great ride for all ranges of experience! Leaders are helpful and insightful, eager to share any and all kno...wledge! Every week is a different route stopping at local businesses that support Bike Benefits or based around events in Charlotte that promote cycling. It is a great way to learn the roads of the city, discover great local businesses and all at the same time meeting new awesome people! See More
Yona Kaplan
· June 12, 2017
This is my new favorite thing to do. You can't beat exercise that is also fun.,
Amy Marie Wright
· July 13, 2017
The most fun thing I have started doing on tuesdays! Thank you so much for having me!
Derek Travis Dantinne
· September 13, 2017
Great to have such great turn outs...people where very friendly
Christie Driscoll
· June 6, 2017
Awesome group! Well organized & nice people! Try it, it's great!
Andrew Greenberg
· October 18, 2016
I'm an outdoor inline speed skater and have struggled to get good long skates in on my own. PMTNR has gladly accepted me and allowed me to join - all cyclists I...'ve met are very friendly, supportive, and practice safe riding techniques. The routes are organized and move at an appropriate speed for a group of its size. Thank you for including me! See More
Meghan Hagedorn
· May 9, 2017
Always festive and well-organized! A fun and active way to spend a Tuesday night.
Jaisen S Putnam
· June 7, 2017
�� After my first ride with PMTNR, I was hooked! Now I go every Tuesday!!�
Meg Gonzales
· September 1, 2015
Dear Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Riders traveling through the Chantilly neighborhood and congregating at the Common Market. You are the most inconsiderate ridin...g group I know. This is a family neighborhood with sleeping children. It's a school night. Please refrain from charging through here whooping and hollering and being dumb jerks. Just weeks ago you were brawling on my front lawn and I had to call the cops. My four year old looked on. Tonight you made an annoying ruckus and woke us up again, not to mention the neighborhood dogs you left barking in your wake. Silly ching chinging bike bells be damned. Get some manners y'all! How about adding that to your Rules of the Ride?? See More
Amanda Jill
· July 21, 2015
Tuesday is my favorite night of the week. It's a great way to meet new people and to discover new routes, restaurants and neighborhoods of Charlotte I would likely not visit otherwise! :)
Anthony Maz Malizioso
· May 10, 2016
Awesome gathering of all types of riders. And you get to see alot of nieghborhoods you normally dont see day to day!!
Liz Lovell
· April 5, 2015
Do not ride this ride if you are a beginner rider. It rolls at 12 mph and 12 miles before the first stop. It claims to be no drop but that is not the case.
Davede Varner
· July 24, 2013
One of the best rides in Charlotte. Happy faces, awesome bikes & great people. I've met many people in town from this ride. Get on your bike!!!
Liz Murphy Lovell
· April 5, 2015
Do not ride this ride if you are are a beginner rider. They roll at an average of 12 mph and do not stop until 12 miles in. It is a great ride but not for beginners.
Bart Stetler
· November 13, 2013
getting asses off the couch and on the bike in a fun and friendly manner!
Anna Stefanelli
· September 18, 2014
An exceptional group of cyclists, who are kind, welcoming and love to ride!
Marc Czarnecki
· July 23, 2014
A wonderful supportive group that makes fun cycle routes uniquely special with featured business stops.
Kara Fallon
· March 25, 2015
Had a great ride while I was in town from Ohio! Good group of people.
Charles Gbenyon
· October 19, 2016
The city never looked so good at night. Can't wait til the next one.
Dimitri Nakos
· April 5, 2016
I guess it's about that time to ride again... Ughhhh.
Thanks for riding last night. What a great night to ride - warm and dry. About 50 riders to Helles & Dunkel. Photos by: Tate, Leisure, Heidi, Kelly.

Thanks for riding last night. 78 riders to Heist Brewery to make marigolds. About 15 miles. Pics from Caroline Alli- Mensa. Post yours in the comments.