Born on February 28, 1986
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tyga, lil wayne, drake, j. cole, jay-z, sho roc, kyle & keem, delmhon
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Open minded to anything that is crazy and out of the ordinary!
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Birmingham, Al
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First Deaf Rapper Vol 2 is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and more!
Prinz-D The First Deaf Rapper is the first legitimate deaf hip hop
recording artist, with several records already under his belt. He has an
obsession with the... University of Alabama football team, and wears
hearing aids while recording music. Prinz-D started rapping when he
was 19, and was first known as L.Y.F.E. (Lost Youth Forever Eternal).
However, the name was changed when Lyfe Jennings laid claim to the
name “Lyfe”. Prinz-D met Nelly at a concert backstage, where they
chatted shortly while getting Nelly’s autograph.

Success did not come easy to Prinz-D at first; speech therapy was
needed as a child to improve his vocal delivery and enunciation skills.
He met with a local hip hop artist from a group that was based in
Birmingham, Alabama and handed them a mix tape. The response
received was not as expected; Prinz-D was told that the pronunciation
and speech skills were sub-par.

After this, Prinz-D received a scholarship to attend college and moved
to Washington, DC. While studying at college, he got a job on campus.
He worked hard. Saved his money and purchased recording
equipment, then got on the mic determined to make his mark in the
music world. Prinz-D networked often and met with other local artists
to record their music. Throughout this time Prinz-D was working
tirelessly to strengthen his own technique. With his new style
perfected, he asked some of his clients to check out his new work.
They did, and they were impressed. The new recognition and approval
from his fellow artists gave him the confidence to continue rapping.
All of his hard work began to pay off and his career began to take off,
starting with local open mic events. Over time these events began to
attract a significant following.

Despite the barriers that were placed in his way, Prinz-D continues to
overcome these obstacles. He has been motivated by his artistic drive
to perform both vocally and in American Sign Language. Prinz-D
displays a unique style that has gained him a very diverse fan base.
Prinz-D performs frequently at open mic events and has been selling
many records during these performances. He has also performed
several times at events geared towards his deaf fans. Prinz-D has
gained the interest of a Canadian music supervision and clearance
company, and has released a music video for his current album. There
are other music videos in the works, which is definitely something to
look out for from a very dedicated artist in the near future.
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New York, NY
Nelly, 2-Pac, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Will Smith
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Southern Comfort
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