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Comprehensive look at modern psychological warfare:
PSYOPS Blueprint:
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Psychological Operations Blueprint - Psychological Warfare Analysis - Disinformation Formulas. Written by Omnisense.

Table of Contents:
I. General
II. Shadow Government Agendas
III. Shadow Government Strategy
IV. Core Shadow Government Ethos...
V. Shadow Government Technology
VI. Full Spectrum Programming
VII. Full Spectrum Surveillance
VIII. The Cover Story
IX. The Cover Up
X. New Age Psychological Operations
XI. Counter-Proliferation Programs
XII. Hands of the New World Order

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List of Shadow Government Agendas, Methods, Tactics, & Technology.

Psychological Warfare Quotes (Some gems here)…

"Even the best resources, human and material, however superbly coordinated, cannot consummate a successful operation if the overall aim of the total force and it’s momentum are off target.[2][3]" ~Sun Tzu
The Remote Viewing PSYOP Broken Down.
The Natural Telepathy PSYOP Broken Down.
Warfare: The Natural Laws of Logic (Quote).
Yvonne Palermo

Dark Brew Episode 4: Omnisense & Yvonne Palermo
Overview & Discussion :: Psychological Oper...ations Blueprint

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations,
the truth will seem utterly preposterous and it’s speaker a raving lunatic.” ~Dresden James

just some of the many TOPICS INCLUDE:
Disinformation Formulas
Allegories & Derivatives
New Age Psychological Operations
The Covert Technology Side of the New Age
New Age Cover Stories for Remote Influencing Technology Exploitation
• Promotion of the idea that "raising your vibration" disallows one to be mind controlled (complete and utter nonsense)
• Artificial intelligence + electromagnetic weaponry engineered
• An objective is to co-opt the 'truth movement'
• To create apathy / To suppress effective oppositional activity
• Electronic control grid orchestrated psychological operations to discredit the credibility of a target or target demographic
• To establish new age cover stories to be used for concealing electronic control grid symptoms
• To establish mental health paradigms engineered to cover up the targeted individual plight
• To establish extraterrestrial cover stories to be used for sensitive truths
• Disinformation meant to character assassinate
• Psychological operations designed with intent to divide & conquer conspiracy belief prone demographics
• The high-tech products of Project mkultra, what I call 'the electronic control grid' is the ultimate psychological warfare apparatus
• The brain is open source to electromagnetic technologies, a major part of the electronic control grid is covert electromagnetic mind control
• Directed energy weapons/implants are the physical source of electromagnetic mind control
• Impersonation of higher power - impersonation of cosmic beings
• False light as a tactic to persuade and psychologically direct
• Alt media has been co-opted via electromagnetic mind control & other directed energy weapon methods
• Promotes apathy by presenting the idea of an ascension shift taking care of Earth's deepest problems
• Indigo children (a wave of galactic starseeds to assist mankind) turned out to be millennials, if you think millennials are the gifted cosmic beings of the galaxy be my guest
• There are new age psychological operations objectives to disinform the world in the field of extraterrestrial information - bastardization of UFOlogy has occurred
• Astral projection is a perfect way to interact with someone under a neuroscience based virtual reality intranet disguise
• Remote viewing is a perfect way to implant a vulnerability to 3rd eye brain-computer interfacing
• The idea of a psychic attack obscures the true source (directed energy weapons)

"There are many ways to miscalculate reality." ~Omnisense

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Dark Brew Episode 4: Omnisense & Yvonne Palermo Overview & Discussion :: Psychological Operations Blueprint “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold g...
Hidden Transhumanist Agenda Explained - Transhumanism Psychological Operations.

The #CIA & global intelligence apparatus is out of control.

"There are psychological operations for all demographics." ~Omnisense

See the link for rare insight on #psychologicalwarfare. Archive

Counter-Proliferation Programs Exposed by a Severe #COINTELPRO Target:…

In a Nutshell: Government sources are using directed energy weapons and artificial intelligence to terrorize, threaten, intimidate, discredit, silence, torture, and murder dissidents. In addition, security contractors (among others) are being hired as military thugs to gangstalk targets[1].
• Cover stories have been developed to conceal sensitive truths in the public eye • Cover stories are designed to convince with logical fools gold • An army of shills parrot establishment cover stories • All main components of the electronic control grid have cover stories • New Age cover stories de...

Occult Definition of NLP (…

There are public consumption meanings and occult truths...

There are occult truths and meanings to things and then you have the public consumption version. NLP aka neuro-linguistic programming is a topic which distinctly matches that description. The standard definition of NLP is a bastardized and/or watered down version for public consumption, while the tr...
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