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Malik Nadeem
· September 7, 2015
PTI Women Wing updated their profile picture.
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#PTI Women continue to be in the forefront campaigning for #NA120 @Dr_YasminRashid. The women resident vote must not be underestimated either


Our Women Our pride. #PTIKaNA120 Preparations are in full swing. In Shaa Allah, #PTI will enjoy another sweeping victory. NA-120 is ours!

PTI Women Wing is with Farhat Farooq and Rubina Jamil.

Meeting conducted to discuss NA-120 #Uc171 campaign issues. In Shaa Allah, victory will be ours. Rubina Jamil Seemi Ezdi

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PTI Women Wing updated their profile picture.
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PTI Women Wing updated their cover photo.
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Mashal Bardar Rally led by Dr Yasmeen Rashid.

Metaphorically representing the need of a brighter future of Pakistan by using Lanterns and Candles as symbols.
7-9-2017: Today's Women Rally proved that yhe women of Lahore and Women of NA120 will vote for a Brighter future for their children.


Candle Vigil Rally is the first move towards a Roshan Pakistan.

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Follow PTI MNA Munazza Hassan on her official instagram account.


User ID: @imunazzahassan

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PTI MNA Munaza Hassan intense debate on Nehal Hashmi, Loadshedding, Qatri Royalty ditching Sharif family & more with @asmaschaudhry

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#PTI MNA Munaza Hassan's speech in National Assembly on the topic of #DawnLeaks raising trememndous points upon the importance of national rights of citizens.
Why are the results of dawn leaks hidden from the nation?
Pakistan as a nation must be informed the truth.
The nation needs to be satisfied that:
"Justice has been Served"...
https://t.co/rLBcTO27RT https://t.co/YC3mP5uoh

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‏ڈان لیکس معاملہ، تحریک انصاف کی رکن قومی اسمبلی منزہ حسن کا قومی اسمبلی میں اظہار خیال -
‏‎ڈان لیکس کا معاملہ قومی سلامتی کا معاملہ ہے اس کی مکمل رپورٹ منظر عام پر لائی جائے-
‏‎اگر ذمہ داران کا تعین کر کے سزائیں دی گئی تو رپورٹ کو کیوں چھپایا جا رہا ہے۔
‏‎صدر پاکستان صرف 23 مارچ کو نظر آتے ہیں میرا صدر صاحب سے سوال ہے کہ وہ اس معاملے میں کیا کردار ادا کر رہے ہیں ؟؟
‏‎‏ڈپٹی اسپیکر ڈان خبر معاملہ کی انکوائری رپورٹ قومی سلامتی کمیٹی میں پیش کرنے کی رولنگ دیں۔

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President Women Wing #PTI MNA Munaza Hassan at #BaniGala in a onne to one meeting with Chairman ImrankhanPti.
Discussed country's current political status, upcoming General Elections & the women related issues tied with the former points.

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Chairman PTI Imran Khan chaired a Meeting at bani gala with Islamabad's women for 2nd November lock down Nafeesa Khattak

On 30th of September, the Women, from all over Pakistan belonging to all fields of life, came out from their shelters and set foot on Raiwind's ADDA PLOT.

These women outnumbered any number of women coming out for processions and strikes in Pakistani history.

The sea of their determination can't be restrained and their enthusiasm won't falter.


They have made it clear that no party along with their cheap-tricks and tactics can make these women back down.

They are the wing guards of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.

And their Junoon makes it clear that they Were, Are and WILL BE themost faithful and everlasting members and supporters this world has seen.

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PTI Women from Sindh are on foot! They will stand with their leader @ImranKhanPTI and savior on the 30th of September for their rights.

They have taken their fate in their own hands and not left it dependant on someone else.
Their independace for their rights is a motivational example for others.

KPK Women were united from all over Hazara, Malakand, Peshawar, South Region. They will attend the Raiwind March lead by Naureen Ibrahim.