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My BFF wants to honor their yoga teacher for helping her live with cancer. And I want to honor her.

Yoga can help reduce distress of living, and dying.

"Becoming disabled demands learning how to live effectively as a person with disabilities, not just living as a disabled person trying to become nondisabled."

Roughly one in five Americans lives with a disability. So where is our pride movement?

Great article (sister!) on how being able to recognize our emotional experience actually affects how we experience and can respond to it. I believe this applies to perceptions of our physical experience too.

People who have more nuanced views of their emotions — indignation versus general misery, say — are healthier, studies find.

Emergency road sign we passed on vacation! LOL
(Pain can demaind all one's attention.
And still, we have a million choices of where to focus in this very moment.)

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Loving the teachings of Vidyamala Burch . Listened and breathed with along with her meditation on breath yesterday as part of the online Mindfulness Summit. I love that there are always new things to learn, even with something as simple as the breath. Peace.

I'm honored to be included! Comment on PainPathway Magazine's FB site and you enter a drawing for free books: at

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Let know what book you have found inspiring and helpful, and you'll be entered into a drawing for a free book...

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Wonderful evidence that our minds can affect our body (and head)!
Practice, practice, practice . . .

Practicing meditation can shorten the duration and intensity of migraines, a study shows

I appreciate this account of life with chronic pain by Theresa Johnson, who shares raw, genuine reflections during a hard moment, along with self-compassion and wisdom that she manages to draw forth, despite struggle. While figuring out what helps is important, it's also vital to be able to let go of trying to figure it all out . . .

An honest and compassion account about life with lupus and other chronic illness

These helpful tips for easing stress are also very relevant to easing pain. (Plus the stress that increases pain!) It's about finding what helps you, and then practicing . . . Which are you already doing?

Being stressed out is about as enjoyable as working overtime on a Friday or being stuck in traffic. (For some of us, that is what stresses us out in the first place.) While we know that a little stress can be useful, the fact still remains that no...

Hearing from someone who really gets it is so validating. Hearing from someone who has found acceptance and meaning with a new rhythm, ... also inspires !

Buddhist-Inspired Secrets for Coping with Pain, Part INo one knows what life has in store for us. When we have pain that doesn’t go away, how do we cope with the new life that now confronts us? Our guest, Toni Bernhard became ill with an acute viral infection and has never recovered. We will delve…

Really helpful strategies for chronic illness, succinctly expressed...

You owe it to yourself to find joy despite your illness, and by focusing on how you can change your circumstances -- instead of change other people -- you'll be much more personally rewarded.

This is the practice I have. And I mean practice. Part of it is catching myself when I start revving up for that fight against what I wish was otherwise, but can't change. Peace comes with some breaths and turning my mind back to acceptance. Over and over again. Others?

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RIP Maya Angelou
Let us continue to learn from your wisdom!

Prolific American author, poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou has died, according to media reports.

Sometimes this is just what we need, no?

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FibroTV with Wendy Fowler Boardman.
May 23, 2014

For me the trick is in finding the little ones all around me. Small things that don't require hard. But just to stop, breath, and notice... Others?

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National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association
May 23, 2014

Appreciating simple experiences helps us discover our real goodness. Pausing to see a beautiful color and hear a beautiful sound brings us back to our own basic goodness. That little "ah" moment of peaceful lightness refreshes our spirits. What are your peaceful moments of lightness?

This FB site focuses on living well, despite pain. For info on the book & its free interactive tracking tool, visit:
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  • Nice to find this page. I've had chronic pain of different types, f...rom childhood; inherited ulcerative colitis, migraines, nerve damage from being rear ended at 50 miles/hour at a stoplight and fibro that began after my twins were born. I had double sciatica, for several years, from a fractured sacrum. (fell down the stairs, at work, while pregnant with those twins) That no longer counts, except as providing knowledge and empathy for others, because I was able to recover thanks to a wonderful chiropractor and yoga. I'm also an Aspergers and have the tendency to high self standards. Even with all this ( and more that is not relevant) I worked, put myself through college , dumped an abusive first husband and raised four kids. Two of my kids are AS ( not a bad thing for those of us on the spectrum, I think) and my two boys inherited the Ulcerative colitis.( a very bad thing :() I fervently hope that my kids did not inherit the tendency to fibro. Thank you for taking the time, and trouble, to maintain such a website. Leslie See More
  • Tamara Robison Staples
    February 18, 2015 at 4:51pm
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  • now i know i'm not alone...thanx for understanding our chronic pain & offering comfort