Two Young Pakistani Women Received Foundation Chirac Prize for “Conflict Prevention”
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Byzantine and ambiguous legal processes, unclear regulations, and ad hoc security requirements hinder the work of international NGOs in a country where distrust of foreign funded entities runs deep.

Gulalai - I am proud of you

“#Pakistan's Gulalai Ismail, a peace activist wins the prestigious International Award for speaking against #Taliban. #PrideofPakistan”

Pakistan’s Rohingya Hypocrisy
What tolerance can Pakistan expect in Myanmar for its Muslim minorities when it is unwilling to apply similar concepts itself?
On one side was a post by a BBC journalist drawing focus to the mournful details that had emerged from the murder of a teenage boy in Vehari District, Pakistan. Sharoon Masih, the only Christian student in his year, was beaten to death by his classmates. It was a brutal reminder of the struggles faced by Christians in the...

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Pakistani State faces another problem that is internal conflict. The conflict between Government and Establishment is deepening while Judiciary is siding Establishment ans is used as a tout of Establishment. We see a series of such kind of conflicts in the time when Government is run by Civilian. Will Pakistan survive more and become a prosperous State with this continuity and history?

In an unprecedented ruling, a panel of Saudi scientists has concluded that women are actually mammals, granting them the same rights as other mammal species such as camels, dromedaries and even goats.
The verdict, which fell just hours before the International Women’s Day, is considered “historic” by some experts and advocacy groups for women’s rights.
“It may seem too little, too late, but it is truly a milestone event for all women in the region,” explains Jane Austin, visi...bly excited.
“This is a great leap forward for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia”
– Jane Austin, Women’s Liberation Action Network
“From now on, women will be considered as members of the mammal class, whereas before women shared the legal status of an object, similar to that of a home appliance,” she admits.
Jillian Birch, spokeswoman at Amnesty International, said she is optimistic about the future as women will no longer be considered as “soulless objects” but as fully fledged mammals
“Soulless objects”
The recent verdict could completely upset all laws currently enforced in Saudi Arabia believes Jillian Birch, spokeswoman at Amnesty International.
“This verdict shows the incredible progress the women’s rights movement has made in the past 50 years,” she admitted in a press conference this morning.
“Finally, women will no longer be simply considered as objects without souls, but as full-fledged mammals, with the same rights as other animals of their species such as camels and goats,” she said, visibly emotional.
“Women are still far from being considered 100% human, but their condition will improve drastically with this decision,” she firmly believes.
Ana unprecedented verdict
The verdict, which fell like a ton of bricks on the Saudi state, has clearly not found unanimous support amongst religious authorities and the political elite, concede experts.
“It could create significant turmoil in the current legal state of affairs and the judiciary system of Saudi Arabia,” says political analyst specialized in the Middle East, Anthony Bochstein.
“If before women had the same rights as a chair or a table and were seen more as individual property, they now have an equivalent status to certain animal species, and thus must receive, at the very least, feeding, watering and be conferred a minimum of attention and respect, which was not the case previously,” he explains.
According to the expert panel that ruled on the matter, women are still devoid of a soul but have been shown to possess qualities common to the mammal species, which would explain their ability to procreate and breastfeed, as well as why they are equipped with seven cervical vertebrae, a characteristic unique to the mammal species.

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Riyadh | In an unprecedented ruling, a panel of Saudi scientists has concluded that women are actually mammals, granting them the same rights as other mammal species such as camels, dromedaries and even goats. The verdict, which fell just hours before the International Women's Day, is consider

My TEDx talk is in now available online. In this TEDx talk I shared a part of my life that I usually talk less about but has inspired most of my work on countering radicalisation and building peace. It's about my own journey of getting indoctrinated with ideology of violence, from the wish to be a Jihadi to becoming a peace activist and helping other young people become responsible citizens. Gulalai Ismail

How can we encourage young Muslims to choose life, not violent jihad? Until she was 16, Gulalai Ismail hoped to die a martyr. Now she leads a network of educ...

After Movement for Independence of Judiciary, a negative attitude of Senior Lawyers and Senior Judiciary has emerged. They considered themselves beyond Law. Judges of apex Judiciary pass insulting and biased remarks. Senior Lawyers also follow them. Today In Lahore High Court a Young Female Lawyer who is Assistant of Asma Jehangir ( A well reputed Human Rights Activist) was appearing to defend the rights of a woman. Some senior lawyers who are perpetrators of violation of Human Rights of a woman, openly abused the young female lawyer and tried to stop her for defending rights of woman who is victim of actions of a senior Lawyer. The Judiciary is in compromise and silent in this case. Pakistan NGOs Forum stands with young female Lawyer as she is Women Human Rights Defender

The accused, who belongs to the Shia community, had allegedly posted objectionable content on Facebook.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has condemned the ‘enforced disappearances’ of four political activists in Badin district over the weekend.

According to a statement issued by HRCP Chairperson Dr Mehdi Hassan on Monday, the commission stated: “HRCP is appalled to learn of the abduction of four political activists from four different villages in Badin district, late Saturday and early Sunday.

“While there is the obvious concern of the families for the victims’ sa...fety and early recovery, HRCP is particularly alarmed over political activists being picked up from different villages in a coordinated manner” the statement indicated.

The commission deplored that a clampdown on activists because of their political affiliation and identity goes against the very essence of democracy.

The HRCP demands the immediate and safe recovery of the victims, including Ghulam Raza Jarwar, Ali Ahmed Bughio, Shadi Khan Soomro and Abdul Aziz Gurghaiz, and a detailed probe into the actions of the perpetrators.

Earlier, the family of abducted persons, representatives of civil society, human rights activists and others also protested against the abduction of the four persons of Badin, while civil society organisations and others have also strongly condemned enforced disappearances of writer and human rights defender Ghulam Raza Jarwar and others and termed this an illegal and unlawful act.

They appealed to the chief of army staff, chief justice, prime minister, interior minister, and provincial authorities to take the immediate notice of disappearances of their relatives and they demanded all those taken away must be released, and if they were involved in any ill activities against the country than forces must produce them in the courts.

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April 15
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Pakistan is a State that promotes religious fanaticism. Recently we witnessed that a Judge of High Court spoke against the right to religion and Expression and in the past, he presented tributes to the killer of Salman Taseer Ex-Governor Punjab. The Governor was killed by his guard on the allegation of blasphemy. All the State organs and the Education system are promoting religious extremism and Fanaticism.
On one side Pakistan Army has started so called Military operatio...ns against the Terrorists but on the other side the entire society has been Talibanized and Terrorist. Everyone has become militant and religious extremists. The Rulers, Students, Politicians, Media, Judges and Law enforcing agencies all have become religious Extremists and fanatics.
Pakistan has become the most dangerous State for Free thinkers. The State agencies are making negative remarks against them and mobilize the masses to take direct actions against the people coming from religious minorities.
On one side the State has started sever actions against the bloggers and Free thinkers and on the other hand religious extremists can brutally kill any person on the charges of Blasphemy.
Yesterday a young brilliant student was attacked by a mob and brutally killed in the Mardan University. It is the real face of Pakistani Society, a heaven for terrorists and a hill for free thinkers.…

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Mardan lynching: HRCP calls for justice, steps to stop brutalization of society

Lahore, April 14: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has expressed grave alarm over a student’s lynching by a mob at Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan on Thursday. It has urged effective steps to bring all those involved to justice and to tackle the panic and horror among citizens, especially students and the academia, in the aftermath of the barbaric murder.
In a statement issued o...n Friday, the Commission said: “The brutal killing of the young student in Mardan, and serious injuries to another, offers evidence, although none was needed, of what a blood-thirsty society we have become. It shows how easily the name of religion can be invoked, however unfounded that might be, to kill with abandon. More than anything else, it shows that the state’s resolve to protect citizens from senseless violence consistently falls far short of the resolve of those using the name of religion to massacre human beings. This deserves condemnation beyond words.
“HRCP is greatly saddened that such hair-raising brutality unfolded in a place of higher learning, where students are expected to be tolerant of others’ views. For that is what makes a free exchange of ideas possible.
“The state’s abject failure to protect Mashal Khan’s right to life has created great panic and horror among students and academia. Unless all those who played any part in Mashal’s brutal murder are brought to justice, such barbarity will only spread.
“The malaise that manifested itself in Mardan will not vanish with brief shuttering of the university. All those who believe in positive human values must speak out and suggest ways to prevent vigilantes causing mayhem by using the name of religion. Staying quiet in the face of such barbarism will condemn us all as accomplices.”

Dr. Mehdi Hassan
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)
107-Tipu Block, New Garden Town, Lahore - 54600
Phone: (92-42) 35845969 Fax: (92-42) 35883582

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When the whole machinery of Pakistan unite against NGOs; the bureaucracy, judiciary, media and the parliament. One state pillar trying to cut off their access to funding, other pillar want to see if they can be tried under blasphemy laws. Why so much insecurity from NGOs, free thinkers and liberals? Because we want to follow Chinese Governance system with no civic freedoms since we are now partners in CPEC so it's important to curb all independent voices. Gulalai Ismail

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Pre- UPR Consultation in Islamabad.

Pakistan NGOs Forum organized Pre-UPR Consultation in Islamabad on February 16 in Hill View Hotel Islamabad.
UPR is a state-driven process, which reviews the human rights records of all UN member states once every four to five years, providing an opportunity for states to demonstrate what actions they have taken to improve the human rights situation in their countries. It is one of the key human rights accountability mechanisms of the Council, which reminds states of their responsibility to fully promote and respect all human rights and fundamental freedoms within their territory and jurisdiction

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