Preventing complications of the flu:

Pneumonia can be a dangerous flu complication. But there are ways to protect yourself. Consumer Reports has the details on how to do it.

Selection and development of leaders are core capacities of successful organizations.

There is good reason effective succession planning eludes so many otherwise functional companies.

Shingles can be a devastating illness and the impact can last a lifetime. Read on.

Shingrix, which begins shipping this month, is far more effective than the previous shingles shot. Experts recommend it for everyone over age 50.

What do you think? Why would women write better mysteries?

Nine of John Warner's top 10 mystery/suspense writers are women; Why is that?

It's hard to believe that many writers are introverts--but they are--great article

Fifteen tools and ideas that make marketing easier for introverts

Always something new to learn about writing. Good piece on fact checking.

Truth is NOT relative – and you can find it.

Always something new on developing others.

Coaching high potential employees to find impact, challenge and meaningful relationships at work can help create stronger motivation, commitment, and retention.

What a great day for Rudy! Foreword Clarion Five Star Review!

Many of you may know that for years I have planned to author a book about the amazing, difficult journey my grandparents and parent took to arrive at their g...

For writers interested in understanding the dark side of personality see this from Hogan.

Coaching the Dark Side of Personality combines the power of Hogan personality research with more than two decades of coaching expertise to help leaders uncover and overcome the derailers responsible for inhibiting their performance and limiting their careers.

Love Indie Bookstores! Each a unique personality.

For author and new bookstore owner Emma Straub, it’s simple: Books Are Magic!

Get into the habit of walking. It helps.

It appears that adopting a regular routine of moderate physical activity, such as walking, helps older adults remain mobile longer and may also help them to recover faster from physical disabilities.

Thrilled with this review of Rudy Revak's IRON STRING! Just now available.

Though filled with grisly war images, this novelization is an inspiring story of the power of love. Rudy Revak’s Iron String, based on the story of his family’s experiences during World War II, is a testament to the power of love, even when it...

Research from Gallup book readership. Very informative.

Americans are still reading books, with the largest percentage saying they read between one and 10 books in the past year. Seniors are reading roughly the same amount of books compared with younger Americans.

A fascinating journey!

One of the primary reasons I first became a book ghost rather than a freelancer writer has to do with statistics. Book industry insiders estimate that 50% or more of all traditionally published boo…

Hogan's work on personality and leadership can be a revelation.

Aspects of a leader's personality are often what elevated them to their influential position. Yet almost every leader will have downsides to their personality.

Amazing research has produced great knowledge about women's health!

Forty years, multiple cohorts, and 275 thousand participants and counting. The September issue of the American Journal of Public Health celebrates the substantial knowledge on nutrition and other a…

Consider the research and you health history before taking any prescription.

Image: rogerashford/ iStock For years, doctors prescribed cholesterol-lowing statins based largely on cholesterol test results. The goal was to lower total cholesterol to under 200 mg/dL, and LDL (bad) cholesterol to under 100 mg/dL. But in late 2013...