Happy birthday, son! My son, Zackery, turned 2 today!

If anyone wants a 4'x8' "Alexander" sign, feel free to take them. If your kid is named "Alexander", it's a perfect poster for the wall. I'll grab the T-posts later.

Here is actual and projected voter data. Note that election day voter turnout was down an astonishing 58%. What went wrong? At any rate, you can see that if the participation rate was like it was in 2009, the results might have been different. Take a look:

Year: 2009...
4,202 Early votes
7,688 Election Day votes
11,890 Total Votes

Year: 2013
4,118 Early votes -2%
3,274 Election Day votes -58%
7,392 Total Votes -38%

Early Votes
Kendall Hirschfeld 1,704 41.38%
Dwain Morrison 1,331 32.32%
Paul Alexander 1,083 26.30%

Election Day Votes
Kendall Hirschfeld 1,213 37.05%
Dwain Morrison 964 29.44%
Paul Alexander 1,097 33.51%

Actual Totals
Kendall Hirschfeld 2917 39.46%
Dwain Morrison 2295 31.05%
Paul Alexander 2180 29.49%

Hypothetical Projections matching 2009 turnout:

Projected Election Day Votes matching 2009 turnout
Kendall Hirschfeld 2,848 37.05%
Dwain Morrison 2,260 29.44%
Paul Alexander 2572 33.51%

Projected Totals using EV plus projected turnout
Kendall Hirschfeld 4,552 39.82%
Dwain Morrison 3,224 28.20%
Paul Alexander 3,655 31.98%

Basically, we either needed to show up better in early voting, or we have reconfigured our voting locations such that people cannot find the polling locations. Plus, graduation and events like Blues Fest interfered with voting, dropping actually participation on Election Day by 58%, which is astonishing, considering the number of candidates in the race.

At any rate, I appreciate everyone voting. It was a fun race.

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