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My awesome French publishers, Sonatine Editions, released "Trust No One" a few weeks ago in France. The timing is perfect because I'm heading over for a festival in Gradignan, in the south-west of France, early October. Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun - and there'll be some really cool writers there too, like Harlan Coben and Lee Child. It's been over a year since I was last in France, and I'm excited to get back there and catch up with a bunch of my... friends.

Okay - so... two things. First - I have a French edition of Trust No One to give away. It's a cool looking book - none of which I can read. I'll choose somebody randomly from the comments and post it in a couple of weeks.

And second - I'm going to be bringing my Frisbee with me. I've pretty sure (but not 100% sure) that I'll have some downtime in Paris (I don't know my exact schedule yet - but sometime around the 5th or 6th) and, if the weather is good, I'm gonna need a couple of people to throw the frisbee with ... so if anybody is keen, let me know. That stuff will help with the jetlag. I've always wanted to throw it near the Eiffel Tower. Though not too near... I don't want to get arrested.

Au Revoir

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Howdy, folks! What's new? It's been a while... hope you're all doing okay.

A Killer Harvest is now officially out in the US. My awesome editor just handed me my first copy yesterday in New York - it looks and feels really cool (it even has a textured cover to feel like the bandages). Publishers Weekly called the book "powerful and thought provoking", and my dad called it "my favourite one of yours".

It'll come out in New Zealand in a week or so, and Germany next year - and's all that's been scheduled at this stage.

I have other things to catch you all up on... and I'll do that soon - but right now I have to catch 30 hours worth of flights to get back home.

See ya!

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Howdy folks! Well, summer is still dragging on in Christchurch, which is great because it means I'm still playing tennis at night and jogging during the day - when my body isn't falling apart. I'm now halfway through the edits for next years book. My deadline has been extended and I'm on track to get it done. Anyway... my cat, Luna, really made me laugh a few days ago and I thought why not show you all how? After all, the Internet was designed for cat videos... so this is her... Right... I better get back to work...
Wulf Dorn (official) nailing the long shot at Frisbee golf...
Sonatine Editions have the video for Un père idéal (Blood Men) up on their website - the book comes out next month. I wish I could be in Paris again when it comes out - but I'm back in cold, cold Christchurch. I'll be back next year, though.

Happy Christmas, everybody!

Santa dropped off the American ARCs (advanced reading copies) of A KILLER HARVEST, which was way earlier than I thought it'd be - and more of them than I'd thought there'd be. Thanks Santa, and Atria! I always hand them out to my friends like candy, and since there'll be some left over, both me and Santa thought it'd be a good idea to give some away. ARCs, for those of you who don't know, are the editions that go to print before the final copy process and go out to booksellers and reviewers etc and look just a little different from the final version. That means they have a few typos in there - typos which will get tidied up well ahead of the August release date.

Anyway... I'll give some away in a few days or so (next year!) - and will randomly pick a few names from anybody who wants to leave a comment. I can also be bribed with golf lessons, tennis lessons, sports cars, and bottles of gin...

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Howdy folks! Well - I joined Instagram a few days or so ago. I figured it'd be cool to put more photos up there of travel, of book signings etc, and whatever else I think looks pretty cool - that way I'm not flooding my facebook page with pictures of my cats. So here's the picture I posted today - this is me sitting out in the back yard reading through the final edits of "A Killer Harvest" on the kindle I bought a couple of weeks ago specifically for reading final edits of my books. You can really feel summer on its way here in Christchurch... though tomorrow could feel like winter, you never know...

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Well - I can now finally reveal the very awesome cover for the new book - A Killer Harvest. This is easily another of my favourite covers - and is essentially a scene right out of the book.

Let me quickly say where the idea came from. It came from my German editor, five years ago, saying to me over lunch "Have you ever thought of writing a YA novel?" - to which I said no, to which he said I should try it, to which I said... "Well, if i did, maybe I could have a boy who's born... blind and, when he's a teenager, gets the ability to see after being given a new set of eyes". I essentially came up with the story idea in about five seconds, but it took me five years to write. Which means two things - the first is that this book is unlike anything I've ever written (it deals with transplants and cellular memory), and second, I wrote it as a young adult novel. However... that brings me to another point - yes, I wrote it as a young adult novel... but it's ended up as an adult novel... just like all my others.

It'll come out in the U.S next August. At this stage that's the only release date I have for any country... other than NZ - which will be around the same time...…/A-Killer-Harvest/Paul-Cle…

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Paul Cleave updated their cover photo.
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Sadly it's time to leave Istanbul. It's been so much fun here. Lots of cool people, cool places, and way too much awesome food. The book fair was incredible - and now my 5 week trip is over and I get to return to a NZ summer. This is a cool photo taken a few days ago - my new author buddy Eduardo Spohr from Brazil (on my right), and my Turkish editor Yusuf from Pegasus Yayınları (on my left), with the beautiful city behind us. Was a cool, cool trip - and our publishers are super cool and super generous and really looked after us all - and the readers at the fair were just so sweet. Can't wait to come back!

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Am very much looking forward to signing books on Saturday and Sunday at the bookfair - and how cool Joe Victim has just been released in time for it. Hope to see some of you there!

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Pegasus Yayınları

Temizlikçi'nin yazarı Paul Cleave ile tanışmaya hazır mısınız?

Polisiye gerilimin usta kalemi Paul Cleave 35. #İstanbulKitapFuarı'nda okurlarıyla buluşuyor.

Pau...l Cleave İmza Günü Programı;
19 Kasım 2016 Cumartesi / Saat: 13:00 / 12. Salon No: 12-K
20 Kasım 2016 Pazar / Saat: 13:00 / 12 Salon No: 12-L

Paul Cleave Kitapları;

1. Temizlikçi
2. Mezarcı
3. Öldürme Saati
4. Koleksiyoncu
5. Avcı
6. Kurban Joe


Romanları tüm dünyada onlarca dile çevrilen ve milyonlarca kopya satan Paul Cleave yılın bir kısmını doğduğu ve büyüdüğü yer olan Yeni Zelanda’da, bir kısmını da Avrupa’da geçirmektedir. Polisiye dalında Ngaio Marsh Ödülü ve Saint-Maur Kitap Festivali Ödülü’nü kazanan Cleave’in Temizlikçi, Mezarcı, Öldürme Saati, Avcı, Koleksiyoncu ve Kurban Joe adlı kitapları Pegasus Yayınları tarafından Türkçeye kazandırılmıştır.

NOT: Yazarlarımız Paul Cleave ve Wulf Dorn'un imza günleri ortak düzenlenecektir.

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Well - I have a lot to catch everybody up on. There's the awesome book tour I had in Germany with Wulf, which includes an evening we had with a brilliant audience in which I've never laughed so hard in my life (in Braunschweig), there's the festival in Copenhagen I was at over the weekend, and of course I'd like to chat a little about the 7.8 earthquake that hit NZ that same weekend (and thank you to many of you who have written to ask if my friends and family and if I'm okay... - which we are), but for now I want to share with you a photo I just took on my phone of the beautiful Istanbul skyline at night. I'm here for the book fair that both Wulf and myself were invited to just recently. In fact, I was due to fly home yesterday from Frankfurt, but am extending my stay so I could come to Istanbul to sign books and meet some readers. I've been to Turkey before, but not to Istanbul, and never for signings - and I'm excited to be here.

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Excited to be heading to Istanbul with my buddy Wulf Dorn (official). We had fun on tour in Germany... and now it continues in warmer weather... it'll be our first signing ever in Turkey and we're looking forward to getting there!

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Pegasus Yayınları

Polisiye gerilimin usta kalemleri Wulf Dorn (official) ve Paul Cleave ile tanışmaya hazır mısınız?

19 - 20 Kasım'da 35. #İstanbulKitapFuari'na bekliyoruz.

Am having a lot of fun with my buddy Belinda Bauer at the Copenhagen Bogforum! Awesome poster of The Laughterhouse behind us - it's just been released in time for the festival. Very cool!

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Howdy folks -

Well - the Ngaio Marsh Awards for best New Zealand crime novel of the year were held back in August. There were two categories - best debut, and best overall novel. The best debut went to Ray Berard, a really cool guy who wrote 'Inside the Black Horse'. My novel 'Trust No One' took out the main award for Best Novel. The competition was exceptionally tough this year, and I was so sure another friend of mine was going to win it that I hadn't prepared any kind of s...peech, or dressed up for the event, or stayed sober. In fact we'd spent the previous hour at the bar drinking because each of us was sure the other was going to win. Anyway - it was actually a really nice moment for me, and I was really touched to win my third one.

And - in other news... I have now seen the cover for A Killer Harvest, which is next years book... and it is so, so cool - I can't wait to show it off - which I'll be able to do soon. I honestly think it's the best cover I've ever had for any edition of any of my books.

And - in other, other news - I'm off to the Frankfurt Book Fair on Tuesday. I have a couple of readings in Germany, and am there for a week before catching up with some other author friends to hang out in Munich for a few days, then I have a couple of weeks in London avoiding the rain, and then a festival in Copenhagen mid November. All up I'm away for a month - and just when Summer was coming to Christchurch...

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Joe Victim is now out in Turkey

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Hallo, folks! Trust No One - Zerschnitten - was released last week in Germany. It's a really cool looking edition and it was a buzz having a box of them show up on my doorstep a few days ago. Looks great on the bookshelf. Trust No One is about a crime writer named Jerry Grey who lives a very similar life to me in some ways... until he's diagnosed with Alzheimers and begins to think his novels are based on fact... which they're not... surely they're not... only they just might be. Are these people he killed then wrote about? That's what Jerry needs to figure out... but while he's figuring it out, others around him are also dying...

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Trust No One has made the 2016 finalists list for the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion award at the Killer Nashville Festival Writers Conference - which looks like a lot of fun with a lot of very cool authors. It's up against some really great titles - including The Wild Inside, by Christine Carbo - which is a really beautiful novel I read last year. This book has such a fantastic sense of place and mystery that it actually made me shiver and feel like I was living in the National Park among the beers where it's set, even though I was sitting on a beach in Tahiti where I was reading it. It's a real thrill to be nominated.

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My German editor, Tim, is hiding behind a tower that includes the new German novel that comes out next month!!!

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