Peace Justice Conference 2018

"How many deaths will take till he knows, that too many people have died?" – Bob Dylan

“Our message is blunt: migrants are dying who need not.
It is time to do more than count the number of deaths.
It is time to engage the world to stop this violence...
against desperate migrants.”
– IOM Director General William Lacy Swing

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YOU ARE INVITED to the 4th Peace & Justice Conference!
Calling for youth organisations, peace activists, solidarity workers, teacher trainees, development instructors, young and old and in between – all are welcome! Please contact us if you want to participate / volunteer / contribute
The world needs you!
Also check out more information about the conference on the website

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"Despite the tragic consequences for the lives of millions affected by conflict and displacement, the gap between humanitarian needs and available funding continues to exist. The outlook for 2018 is grim, as the political will to resolve conflicts and address the root causes that are driving them - poor governance, growing impoverishment, inequality and climate change, is weak. Political leaders must step up and shoulder responsibility for tackling today's forgotten crises."
...~Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

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The 10 most under-reported humanitarian crises of 2017 Analysis from CARE, published 22 Jan 2018
Peace Justice Conference updated their cover photo.
January 14

This year's topic is "Meeting the Other".
In a world where wars and violence escalate, creating bridges between people is an important and burning issue. But peace is more than a lack of war.

Therefore, we want to learn about the roots of the problem and act upon it. During the fourth edition of the conference, we would like to tackle the issue of prejudice, an obstacle on the way to creating a sustainable peace. We are called to do justice to all who suffer from misunderst...anding and from being misunderstood.

Because, there is no peace without justice.

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Peace Justice Conference updated their cover photo.
January 13
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Previously mentioned Institute for Economics and Peace #IEP with its many reports does such a fantastic academic work. #KnowledgeIsPower and you can find it here.

"Peace is much more than the absence of violence. #PositivePeace describes the attitudes, structures and institutions that underpin and sustain peaceful societies. The Institute has developed a conceptual framework, known as the Pillars of Peace, that outlines a system of eight factors that work together to build positive peace. Derived from a statistical analysis of over 4,000 datasets, the Pillars of Peace provides a roadmap to overcome adversity and conflict, and to build lasting peace."


Measuring peace at the global and national level allows us to assess the social, political and economic factors that create peace. Each year the Institute for Economics and Peace produces the Global Peace Index, the world’s leading measure of national peacefulness, ranking 163 countries according to...

"Main creator of terrorism is US #WarOnTerror, not terrorists" says elsewhere #JanOberg "The main result from this – anti-intellectual – attitude and policy is that there are about 80 times – yes, times – more people killed today than in the year 2000"

However, "Terrorism-related deaths around the world are down for the second straight year, according to the [irreplacable] Institute for Economics and Peace’s annual #GlobalTerrorismIndex."

We hope it doesn't mean an increase of deaths caused by "#TerroristsInUniforms", popularly called soldiers.

Nigeria improved the most in 2016, with an 80% reduction in terrorism-related deaths.

We suggest that new Noble #PeacePrize Committee doesn't award any #WarCriminal like #HenryKissinger

This month Norwegian parliamentarians will vote on new members for the Nobel peace prize committee. It's important that members of the committee be dedicated to Alfred Nobel's vision of peace. Join these initial signers: Fredrik S. Heffermehl, Nobel Peace Prize Watch, Norway Tomas Magnusson, Nobel P...

Amid the wars and referenda, don't overlook the greatness of Kurdish people.

Zsófia Tarkanyi:
"[...] This mystical power they [Kurds in Turkey] possess is their humble approach to life. It’s in their genes that they don’t chase money and don’t participate in a societal competition to have more. They are the freest people I know. Their integrity itself could be a topic to investigate. They are not manipulated by wealth, consumerism or big powers.


They are able to remain true to their core and by now I am sure this is the highest form of freedom that a person or ethnic group can possess. [...]"

#Kurdistan #DNSTvind #TravelToLearn

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Travel to Learn | Kurdistan | Another Kind of Teacher | Radicalization | Culture Under Attack | "I believe that education is a key factor solving these conflicts..."

Lies preceded the unprovoked invasions on Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and any other war.
"The first victim of war is truth."
Now, Trump [USA] is lying about #Iran... more than usually...
#TritaParsi #NuclearDeal

by Trita Parsi Make no mistake: We do not have a crisis over the Iran nuclear deal. It is working and everyone from Secretary Mattis and Tillerson to the US and Israeli intelligence services to the…

What do coconuts, graveyards, #ClimateChange and #RefugeesWelcome have in common?
"To have a grave washed away by the ocean is like losing a family member."

"[...] seeking an asylum is an individual affair, while life is a common affair. And it makes sense to grant asylum individually to people coming from a war zone, where villagers are dispersed and communities already torn apart. But in cases like #Kiribati [where people have to move because of the rising sea level], asylum to individuals means destruction of communities – adding another disaster.

Climate Change is a social disaster."

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Youth Power | Global Citizens | COY13 | Climate Refugees | Island Nations | Global South | COP

DNS The Necessary Teacher Training College is not without a reason, a host of 2018's Peace Justice Conference.
"Meeting the Other"? DNS Students do that all the time!

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Another Kind of Teacher
DNS International Teacher Training College is with Jenifer Jagodics and 19 others.

This is the kind of teachers we need in the world!
#DNSteacher #Alternative #Education #BachelorDegree

The article not the newest but the topic as relevant as ever. We got inspired by #LeolucaOrlando

Leoluca Orlando is a legend in Italy for taking on Palermo’s mafiosi, but today he’s fighting for migrants to freely enter EU states

If you didn't follow up on the #KurdishIndependence vote, you might like to get updated by reading this article.
With 93% of votes in favour of independence, Iraqi #Kurdistan only lost much of what it had gained since 1991, while "#MassoudBarzani, the autonomous region’s president since 2005" resigned over these failures.

After Kurds voted overwhelming for independence in a referendum in September, Iraqi government forces have seized territory previously under Kurdish control.