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One of our fellow warriors shared this. Love it. "I will be a warrior for you, until you can be one for yourself." Stand up for one another, we cannot be silent.

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Had a blast seeing Casting Crowns! Here's a little clip of it!
Friday morning ramblings with Sarah Roe...:)
Casting Crowns in Tulsa!! 👊🏻#TheVeryNextThingTour

I'm telling you, this woman gets it. It is time to write, to share, to be bold and to speak up. Do not let the darkness win, do not let it consume you. Remember, the lies can only grow in the darkness but they die instantly in the light. Write your own story and close the mouths of the hunters.

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Lisa Bevere

Lioness, it’s time you learn to write! #LionessArising #WriteYourLife

These books are for us, people who have been through it and are still in the game. We're the fighters, we're the survivors, we get knocked down and then, we get back up and do it again. Just in case you think you're the only one, you're not. Here are two of my favorite books for those of us who fight the good fight.

Get the books below (affiliate links):


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AMEN. This is Us. 👊

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Lisa Bevere

FEARLESS daughters wear God’s promises lit up in FAITH. When we live in fear, we measure ourselves by our own ability but LOVE fearlessly taps into GOD’S ability. FEAR repels. LOVE attracts. #WithoutRival

I have always posted 3 x 5 cards on my mirror, most of them are Bible verses but some are confessions of faith. This is one of those, I wrote it to remind me who I am and who is with me. I hope it encourages you to keep fighting, we are not called to roll over, we are called to stand up and stand strong.

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Had a great time filming some new segments for GEB America! Going on 9 years of daily television! Can you believe that?!!? Visit the link below for the most recent segments:


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I wonder what would happen if more people would pray instead of post?

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Exactly. I'm not saying it was easy but I am grateful for the strong woman I have become. The struggles do bring strength.

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Mike Foster

the struggle will lead us to our strength. #potscbook

YES!!!! This woman gets it 💯!!!! #Warrior

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Lisa Bevere

There you HAVE it… now EMBRACE it! Royalty means GRACIOUS rather than entitled!

If you’re standing up for injustice, if you’ve engaged in the battle, if you’re speaking truth, all of hell is shaking right now and the enemy is coming after you. Why? Because you are a THREAT. The enemy rarely attacks the quiet ones, the ones who refuse to speak, who watch evil and do nothing, those people play into his hands but not you and not me. We stand for what is right, we speak truth, we stand strong.

Hold tight, remember who you are, you are the child of a Warrior God. The Jesus of the New Testament is the same God of the Old Testament, and he is a Warrior. He has already defeated the enemy, you’ve already won. Stand strong, stand up and remember who YOU are.

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Warrior on, my friends. They don't know we're about to bloom!

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No matter what.

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Craig Groeschel

“So if you are suffering in a manner that pleases God, keep on doing what is right, and trust your lives to the God who created you, for he will never fail you.”
‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭4:19‬

Just in case you're interested, below is the link to the GEB America YouTube channel that features my segments. They do air daily all across the country. Woot!

From the campus of Oral Roberts University comes a place of hope for today and the promise of a better tomorrow. Built on the network's vision founded by Cha...

I spoke at the Arise Ministries single mom's conference a little while ago and while I was there, I shot some short videos for single moms. The video below is all about starting a business, I owned two businesses as a single mom. It is possible, you CAN do it! Check out the video below:

Former single mother and business owner Sarah Roe shares from her personal experience how to manage and budget your money. She understands the need to “cut corners” and gives hope that it is possible to find success and move forward.

Our creation and the depth of its beauty is something our minds cannot even begin to comprehend. It is not possible to be a Christian and tear down another human being because of their race, love and hate cannot coexist. Something to think about not only in relation to racism but in everything. If hate is coming out of your mouth, hate is in your heart and something needs to change. #getlove #getpeace #createdtolove #creation #image #worth #beauty #nohate #love #livelove #peace

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