Still plugging along here in disbelief that Jack can eat whatever he wants, WE can eat whatever we want (yes, I just had a honeycrisp apple with peanut butter! 😳) and we don’t have to worry about our surroundings at restaurants and such. For those of you wondering who our OIT allergist is, his name is Dr. Weinstein and he is based in Jersey City, NJ. We drove almost 2-hours each way for each appointment and we would have driven even further to get Jack to where he is today in... his allergy journey. Just so worth it. If you’re in the Lehigh Valley, call him and schedule your first appointment. We left feeling so relieved and we are so glad we started when we did. If you have questions or hesitancy about this, we are here supporting you and encouraging you! If you’re not local to NJ or close by, head to and find your OIT specialist... we wish you all the luck to get you or your child where Jack is today! 💖

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Checking in on OIT!
We are back at the OIT allergist for the updose to 18 mg! So far so great! 😎👍
OIT checkin! :-)

So proud of our little man Jack! He did awesome today with his live interview about OIT! Video below!…/local-boy-allergic-to-peanu…/719673131

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If you are local to the Lehigh Valley today, tune in to WFMZ’s morning show! Jack is going to be live with Eve Russo chatting it up about his journey with his peanut allergy and graduating from OIT! Tune in at 8:45 am so you don’t miss it. If you’re not local, we will definitely share it here later. So proud of my little boy... he is so excited to share his good news and hopefully help spread hope and inspire others with a severe food allergy. 💖 #OITworks #peanutfreepirate

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So to celebrate tonight as a family, we each had a little peanut butter and honey sandwich with Jack. SAY WHAT?!?!? Yes, for the first time in his life, Jack tried peanut butter. It’s unbelievable to us. He’s ecstatic. I was so nervous - even still, I’m nervous. But he’s great and he’s on a 2-hour rest period which he will do anytime he eats peanuts. OIT is amazing and we are so very grateful for Dr. Weinstein’s guidance and help in his journey. 💖

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19-peanuts in his belly and doing GREAT!!!! Only one more to go, then an observation period of 30-minutes and done! He’s doing awesome! So proud of my boy! #oitworks

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Today... today is HUGE in our world! Jack has his final OIT appointment where he will do his 20-peanut challenge in the allergist’s office! That means he is going to eat 20 peanut M&Ms over a short period of time... and if his body accepts it, ignores it, without reaction, this will mean he graduates from OIT! He will ALWAYS eat peanuts daily from here on out because that daily dose is his “medicine” now that keeps his body desensitized to his worst enemy. I feel confident we will fly through this and so does he. (Although my Mommy brain is screaming “What!?!? I can’t believe we are to this point!”) We will update you later! 💖💖💖

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Last night was our homeschool community’s Education Fair and Jack’s Science project was “OIT: Oral Immunotherapy”. He really knew his stuff and was so excited to share his journey and knowledge with everyone, the judges, children, and their families included. He took the “Best in Science” trophy home for grades 4-6 and we heard from many parents who really learned so much from him and his project! And since our homeschool community is peanut and tree nut free, Jack used tiny ...brown beads to represent the peanut flour doses and larger wooden bead to represent the peanuts he eats as his daily doses. The interactive portion of his project invited the visitors to guess whether he could eat certain foods before OIT and it was really eye-opening for them to see how difficult it can be for peanut-allergic people. We are so proud of you, Jack - for your courage on your journey, your willingness to educate others, and always raising awareness for food allergies. 💖

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Facebook just reminded us that we haven't posted in awhile... and WOW, are they right! It's been one month since you last heard from us and we are still going, going, going on Jack's OIT with huge successes! He's happily eating 10 peanuts per day as his "medicine dose" in the mornings, resting for 2 hours after that, and then done and on with his day! It's pretty amazing and boring, actually! lol But VERY exciting at the same time. And get this... we leave for his first ever ...CRUISE this month and he will be able to eat freely the entire time without worries! Now, he won't be eating actual peanuts, but imagine flying to the port, not worrying about the flight down... imagine boarding a cruise ship without worry of what he will eat. It's just crazy to us and so very exciting. If you have a peanut allergy, please, please look into OIT for you or your children. We are so happy that we started one year ago this month! #oitworks

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This crazy life we now lead thanks to OIT! Jack is measuring out his doses for the next two weeks. “Mommy, it’s insane that I’m going to eat most of that plate of peanuts in the next 14 days!!” #truestory #OIT

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10! TEN PEANUTS! Today, Jack ate ten whole, lightly salted, dry roasted peanuts! Previously, the enemy that could kill him, it is now his daily medicine and we couldn’t be prouder of this kid. Brave, determined, and so proud of himself, today is his LAST UPDOSE! He will now eat 10 peanuts per day as his “dose” for the next two months and then do an 20-peanut M&M challenge here at the allergist’s office. If he passes that, he will be graduated! But in our eyes already, he’s come further than we ever imagined and so quickly! In less than one year, our lives have changed so much for the better from OIT. Thank you, Dr Weinstein and staff! We are forever grateful for your knowledge, guidance, and support during OIT! #OITworks #jackisawesome

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EIGHT PEANUTS! Today, our Captain Jack ate eight peanuts as his scheduled two-week updose!!!! Can you believe this? We are so thankful that we started OIT when we did. Jack has only one more updose to 10 peanuts and then he’s DONE updosing. He will eat his 10-peanut dose every morning for 2 months and then do a 20-peanut M&M challenge. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have even walked into this room with peanuts sitting in the same area. And neither would he. The fear was thick and ...stifling for him, and rightfully so. Now he’s eating them. EATING THEM. I can’t describe the feeling of this freedom that he is experiencing already. He went to a Chinese restaurant last week. Twice. He’s going to be able to fly to Florida soon to visit family and will we be worried about his peanut allergy? NO! We are going on a cruise soon with his grandparents and will we be worried about the buffet and baked goods and 24-hour ice cream selection? NO! His little sister had a birthday party and had a cake from a bakery! Jack visited Hersheypark over the weekend, the home of Reese’s cups and smeary peanut-buttery hands on all the rides. We were not concerned. This is all so new and amazing for him. And while he detests the flavors of peanuts (hates them, actually)... that five-minutes it takes him to get them in his belly is so worth a lifetime of freedom from them. 💖💖💖 #OITworks #findanOITallergistnow #thankfulforours

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Guess who ate at his very first Chinese restaurant yesterday! THIS BOY! It’s still very hard for us to even imagine that we are to this point, so he only wanted white rice with soy sauce and avocado rolls, but the point is that because of OIT, he did it! Jack got to share his sister’s favorite restaurant on her birthday and we were just thrilled as a family! 💖💖💖 #OITworks #freefrompeanutfear

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