Potatoes, potatoes, and more potatoes!! Hash Browns topped with cheesy potato broccoli soup and a side of potato wedges. #starchivore #potatoes #mcdougall #starchsolution #healthiestdietontheplanet

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Dilemma: headed out for a full day of activities and errands in Portland. Starting with a 3 mile walk downtown with Foot Traffic Women’s Academy, plus a trip to Food Fight! Grocery for some treats to take on my trip next weekend. Having a pedicure at Blooming Moon Wellness Spa and meeting a friend at the House of Dreams- No Kill Shelter Vegan Bake Sale and Plant (like the non-edible kind that you have to water) fundraiser. Also need to grab some groceries.

I won’t have refri...geration or the ability to heat stuff up (not in any one place long enough for Hot Logic). If I don’t bring food, I’ll be cranky and likely to just grab something not as good as something I’d plan out.

Oats, grape nuts and cinnamon with a too ripe banana to mash in.

Broccoli to dip in homemade Caesar hummus

Steamed (microwave) Yukon gold potatoes.


Hoping these yummy easy to snack on foods will get me through until nap time - I’m going to need one!!

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Image may contain: food
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