Peer Support at Western University

Apply to be a Peer Support Volunteer! Don't miss out, applications close TONIGHT!

Applications Close: MARCH 18th @ 11:59PM.

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Apply to be a Peer Support Volunteer! Volunteer applications close in 3 DAYS. Don't miss out!

Applications Close: MARCH 18th @ 11:59PM.

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Social wellness is all about our relationships and how we interact with others. Given that a good social network has been shown to reduce stress and support mental health and wellness, this is a very important aspect of your wellness! Here are a couple of things you can do to maintain or improve your social wellness.

1. Surprisingly, spending time alone can better your social wellness. By spending time alone, you are able to unwind and discover who you really are. In turn, yo...u can seek out people and make positive relationships with those who have similar interests and values, and who can relate to you while encouraging your personal growth.
2. Hold up your end of the friendship. Relationships are two-sided; If you find yourself committing to things and then flaking all the time, or if your friendships seem one-sided, it may be time to work on listening and communication skills. These skills will strengthen your friendships, and help you make new ones!
3. Leave unhealthy relationships. This is easier said than done, but no one deserves to be in a relationship that makes them feel sad, angry, exhausted, or scared. If you’ve tried to fix the relationship, but it still isn’t making you feel comfortable, it may be better just to move on an find new friends.
4. Volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and meet new people who have the same interests as you!

For more information on social wellness, feel free to check out this link

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A reminder that CMHA Crisis Support starts this evening. Student Health Services will be open from 5:00PM-9:00PM, every week from Tuesday-Thursday, until April 12th, to provide support to students in distress. If you or somebody you know are in need of help, please stop by.

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Accurate representations of gender, race, sexuality and other aspects of identity in Hollywood movies? As if!

Western Student Experience invites you to join Reel Talk- part film screening, part comedy show - to watch teen classic, Clueless. Join Buzzfeed culture writer Scaachi Koul, along with Bee Quammie and Bernita Rebeiro in a discussion about social wellness and self-care.

Registration is required! See the event page for more information.

Tue 4:30 PM EDTWestern FilmLondon, ON, Canada
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Good Morning Mustangs! Usually we post #motivationmondays about being productive or accomplishing goals. Today, let’s focus on getting through the day and upcoming week in any way that we see fit. Be gentle with yourself and others, and remember that is IS okay if the only thing today you did was breathe! #mondaymotivation #UWO

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The Peer Support Centre is a useful tool for students who are interested in learning more about resources on campus and in the London community. What's more, the centre is staffed by students who are always available to chat. The PSC builds on a community that belongs to everyone and we aim to contribute to a culture of wellness at Western!

- Jenney Zhu

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Interested in volunteering with us? We are now accepting VOLUNTEER APPLICATIONS for the 2018-2019 academic year!

Applications Close: MARCH 18th @ 11:59PM. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

APPLICATION DEADLINE is March 18th at 11:59pm Please submit your resume and provide answers to the questions below. Only those deemed qualified will receive notification of an interview. If you have any questions please contact Mac McIntosh, Student Programs Officer at

If you go in the Peer Support Centre and look at our quote-filled white board, you’ll see one that says: “If I is replaced with WE, even ILLNESS becomes WELLNESS”. This is one of my favourite quotes... and I feel like it’s really applicable to what happens at Peer Support.

I struggled a lot with my mental illnesses a few years ago. And if there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that no one can do it alone. At one point, we all need support. Whether that be confiding in a frie...nd about how you feel, having someone to vent to, getting advice from a professional, receiving a simple “I support you”, or even an encouraging reminder that you’re doing great so far.

By coming together, opening up, and sharing our struggles – we will come to realize that most of us are more alike than we like to believe. Many of us share the same struggles, although we may feel alone in our suffering. But by taking the courage to be vulnerable for just a few minutes, you WILL feel better – that’s one promise I can make. Release yourself from your preconceived limits and give yourself permission to achieve your true potential.

The environment at PSC is a safe and non-judgmental one, meaning that what is discussed stays confidential. Empathy and compassion is what we strive to give to each other at Peer Support, and if you’re feeling brave, come talk to us anytime (between 10am-4pm, Monday-Friday ).

{ “Maybe you’re not meant to be prepared for it… maybe it’s meant to prepare you” }

- Saniyya Patel

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Did you know that wellness includes more than just mental and physical wellness? It’s important to take care of other aspects of wellness, such as financial wellness, too.
Check out these tips to enhance your financial wellness!

1. Budget! Although it may seem time-consuming at first, creating a monthly budget and tracking your expenses will pay off. You can determine where you might be able to cut costs, which will save you money in the long run. There’s lots of budgeting and templates, so try out a few and see what you like best.
2. Save money by bringing your lunch to campus. Not only will your food costs go down, you may also find that you eat healthier!
3. Take advantage of student discounts. For example, most grocery stores give students 10% off on Tuesdays. has many more offers as well.
4. Attend free events in London! London has so much to do and see - all for no cost! You can still have fun with friends without breaking the bank.

Check out more financial wellness tips here!

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Good morning Mustangs! Even though sometimes Monday mornings can be hard, focus on the little things that make your day a little bit brighter. Take a moment today to reflect and be grateful for everything that has brought you to this point. Happy #motivationmonday!! Have an amazing day! 💜 #UWO

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The term ‘Peer Support’ is unique in and of itself and to be able to have access to this type of service is amazing especially on a university campus. I became a Peer Support Centre Volunteer because I believe, as a student, it is part of my responsibility to pay it forward, supporting others as others have supported me.

Navigating university life is challenging to say the least but trying to navigate mental health and wellness resources can be even tougher. If you want to ge...t to know just one resource on this campus, make sure it’s the Peer Support Centre. There is a group of phenomenal student volunteers who are ready and willing to listen to any issue you may have.

At Peer Support, we won’t tell you what’s best for you, only you know that answer. We will help you get there. We are ready to listen, affirm and refer you to services on or off campus that will best fit your need at that time. Just want to talk and vent or stay safe? We’ve got you covered..

If we can help even just one student have a more positive feeling leaving the Peer Support Centre than when they walked in, then we will have truly accomplished our goal.

- Alessia Zonta

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Did you know that benefits of physical wellness include: Stress reduction, higher-self-esteem, better sleep, disease prevention, and even improved brain function (especially in terms of memory and concentration)?

As students, we know it is difficult to maintain healthy eating and exercise habits with such busy schedules, but here are some ideas you may find useful even in the busiest of times.

1. Start small in terms of exercising. You don’t need to jump right into going to t...he gym 3x a week. Even taking a quick 15 minute walk as a study break has many physical and mental health benefits.
2. Eat a well-balanced breakfast! A healthy breakfast will ensure you have enough energy, nutrients, and cognitive function to make it through your busy mornings.
3. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep. A good night’s sleep may improve memory and attention, spur creativity, improve grades, lower stress, and improve physical health.
4. Visit healthcare professionals regularly and as soon as you feel something is off. It’s easier to prevent illness and catch it early than to treat it.

There are so many other aspects of physical wellness - check out more here!


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Welcome back Western! We hope that everyone had a wonderful reading week. Here’s your #mondaymotivation as we get back into the grind of midterms and assignments. Give yourself some time for a break or self-care! 💜 #mondaymotivation #UWO

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Peer Support at Western University is with Matthew Yip and Jessie Brazier.
February 15

Take a note, leave a note! Come say hi in the UCC Atrium! We're here til 2:00PM!

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Every Wednesday, the Peer Support Centre will be posting wellness tips for our #WellnessWednesday initiative! Since it’s midterm season, here are a couple tips to enhance your academic wellness.

1. Get enough sleep, drink water, and eat healthy! Your brain can’t be at it’s best if your body isn’t as well.
2. Study with friends. Studying with friends allows you to talk about the material which well help you learn it better, and you can all support each other to stay focused.
3.... Schedule your study time (and make sure to schedule in breaks). This will ensure you get the most out of your studying time, and if you have a schedule, you’re more likely to stick to it.
4. For more academic tips and resources, check out

Good luck on exams and remember that reading week is just around the corner!

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