I tend to treat cookbooks as reading material, sometimes more than instruction. Here's how they also can build a brand and market your business.

Brand cookbooks are one of the oldest types of content marketing around, and still one of the best. Here are two solid examples—along with insight on how a cookbook can support your business.

Some of these would be positively inspirational to current or striving writers. 23 Gifts for Writers: Fun Ideas for Christmas and Chanukah

Here’s our list of great gift ideas for the writer in your life.

Missed it, but for a writer, of course, every day is Coffee Day. And Coffee Morning, Coffee Afternoon, and Coffee All Night.

Sept. 29 will mark National Coffee Day and coffee connoisseurs will be pleased after one publication recently released their list of best local coffee shops in each state.

ALWAYS CHECK a topic or hashtag before using it! Seems simple but it's cost @DiGiornoPizza a lot of time & goodwill.

And people are really not happy about it.

Just joined @CafePress and first product uploaded. Got #frog? If not, here's one for your coffee cup or wall.

Are you hip? Do you know someone who is? Check out these vintage crocheted vests (mostly size small) that my grandma made when I was in high school. They're pretty cool. And they're for sale! PepatoCreative on Etsy

Don't use "utilize" ever! This is one of the words that pops up a lot in my work as a technical writer. It means "make use of," so just shorten that phrase to "use" and everyone will be happy.

Readers nominated some of their least favorite words and phrases. Here are 12 of the worst offenders.

The REAL first day of summer is that first vine-ripe tomato sandwich (Snow's Bend Farm heirloom!) on white bread with Duke's mayonnaise.

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March 3, 2014

These are pictures featured at my Zazzle shop. If you want them on at item not listed in the shop, let me know and I'll set it up.

Just bought tix for Design Week Birmingham. Love hanging out with creative people! Hope to make some connections for Scenic Alabama as well.

If you're serious about your writing and photography, consider one of these seminars at FoodBlogSouth.

FoodBlogSouth 2014 will feature two optional intensive seminars: Food Writing for Food Lovers with Dianne Jacob and Advanced Food Photography and...
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Vintage, retro crocheted vests in several colors and designs. Handmade by my grandma when I was in high school. They've been in storage and really need to be worn! Most are size small or XS. Reasonably priced (compare for yourself!).

My Grandma Corapi made these vests when I was in high school back in the 70s. They were a little too small but I held on to them anyway. Now, this

Yellow or pink water lilies on a mug, poster, or product of your choice. Perk up your desk for the new year! At #Zazzle

Tuscan vineyard in autumn on a mug, or on your wall. A serene Italian landscape now available at my #Zazzle store.

I've joined Pinterest! Really enjoying collecting and organizing pretty pictures and fun ideas. I've posted some of my Zazzle store items as well. Check it out!

Lisa is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.

As a PR pro, I find this whiney and unprofessional. Conference calls? Tough clients? Give me a break. That's not a tough job. That's just LIFE.

Sure, it’s not the military and the medical field, but public relations can be rough. Here’s why. Add your own reasons in the comments.