Before your travelers make a reservation, ask yourself: Do our beds have mattress protection? Protect your beds with the PerfectCLEAN PCiPAD: CanadaStays

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It's as EASY as 1-2-3 for Best Western Hotels & Resorts to place orders for those Medaliia Score soar!!!

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Get clean faster with our SDX. More hospitality info:

Our patented All-Purpose Wipers "trap & remove" dust and dirt - allowing to clean with just water & a wiper. Now available through the CanadaStays marketplace:

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Cleaner rooms make for a more satisfied traveler - save your mattresses and increase return visits with PCiPADs, now available through the CanadaStays Marketplace:

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - February 02, 2016) - With hotel hygiene becoming top-of-mind in the hospitality industry, UMF Corporation's new PCiPAD Mattress Protector and Lease Program are catching the attention of leading hotel brands wanting to simultaneously protect the well being of their guests…
PerfectCLEAN updated their cover photo.
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Huge thanks to those 'keeping it clean' out there!

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Think you know the Real Cost of HAIs? We dug deeper for the full picture:

A report from the Journal of Medical Economics estimates that HAIs cost America from $96 billion to $147 billion annually.

Bigger job? Lots of hardwood? Dust and mop with ease.

The Fringed Flat Mop was developed by request from a hospital laundry – they wanted a “combination Damp Mop and Dust Mop for lightly soiled patient room floors.”

Readmission rates, another important factor in better care:

Skilled nursing facilities are changing their operations due to a big healthcare buzzword: readmission rates. Worried about losing out on Medicare payments, some facilities are investing in unique approaches. <meta property=

How clean are your sponges?

Time to get PerfectCLEAN:

Your kitchen sponge may be dirtier than your toilet.

Sucess comes with a multi-modal approach, and Teresa's article in July's Infection Control Today is more evidence.

To achieve reduction in healthcare associated infections (HAI), healthcare organizations concentrate on patient-centered care. This focus is typically

Our Flat Mops are the only products to meet and exceed durability testing by the largest commercial laundries, get yours:

Developed to withstand the rigors of the health care commercial laundry, the PerfectCLEAN® Flat Mops are the only products to meet and exceed durability testing by the largest commercial laundries in the United States and Canada.

We work tirelessly to provide insight and support; our multimodal approach is the key to that success. Read our white paper on our fight against HAIs:

A big thanks to Sodexo for this amazing honor.

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Scrub on one side, wipe & trap on the other - just add water. Say hello to your new sink-side companion.

Get yours:

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