Sparkling mineral water. Crisp natural strawberry flavor. 0 calories. #DrinkNatural

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Can't quite pin what makes this post so striking.

© Vanessa McKeown - 2016

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Fall got you down? Take a vacay with Perrier!

Illustration: © Cari Vander Yacht - 2016

Fan photo by: @mairatag

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Now that's a stroke of good fortune! #ExtraordinairePerrier

Extraordinaire work by © Tee Ken Ng - 2016

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Our bubbles got game. #DrinkExtraordinaire

© A.L.Crego - 2016

[CONTEST] Show off your spooky photo skills for your chance to win a Perrier prize! Discover the article to learn more!

‘Tis the season to scare the crap out of your friends and overdose on high fructose corn syrup all while trying to find that “perfect” yet very questionable adult Halloween costume. Yuck...stop…we’re scared already, and not for the good reasons.

Add a burst of flavor to your bubbles by adding a slice of fruit anytime you like!

Illustration by: © Audry Leroy - 2016

Fan photo by: @entretules


If you would like to see your photo doodled on by an artist be sure to use #MyPerrier on Instagram! Your photo might get featured!

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Add a touch of autumn to your fizz! #DrinkExtraordinaire

© Beautiful Booze - 2016

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A frappé with Perrier? That's how you should celebrate #InternationalCoffeeDay!
© Yelldesign - 2016

A swift burst of bubbles. #DrinkNatural

© Que Duong / - 2016 #quedidit

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Daily life can be hard to juggle, so make it extraordinaire with Perrier!

© A.L.Crego / Mutante Creativo - 2016

Perrier x 100% natural x 0% sugar. #DrinkNatural

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Fall in love with Perrier. #Equinox

© Jonah Nigro / - 2016

Be prepared on how to sparkle in a conversation at Paris Fashion Week!

Ah, Paris Fashion Week! So many street style stars, deconstructed jackets, and gangly models. Staying current isn't just about knowing the encyclopedia of designers: every season the fashion crowd discusses a few recurrent topics. What are those topics, you ask? Here’s a sizable sample—not a sample…

Let's get experimental! #DrinkExtraordinaire

© Vanessa McKeown - 2016

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Decades of Perrierin'! Perrier ad from 1984 #WayBackWednesday

© Villemot - 1984

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Perrier keeps your relaxation time well balanced.

© Pablo Alfieri - 2016

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