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Christmas Miracle!

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369,034 Views with Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue.

Noel was abandoned after being hit by a car and as a result lost her 2 front legs. She has never seen a day of love her or lived outside a shelter.

Watch Rocky Kanaka give her the best day ever!

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Does your pup understand more than what people give him/her credit for?

It’s no secret that bonded dogs and humans understand each other in ways that others can’t. You know your dog’s mannerisms better than anyone, and your pup can probably pick up on your emotions faster than the humans in your …
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“He came across a stray dog over a month ago and has since adopted it,” said a friend of Affleck, according to People.

It’s a true rags to riches story for this lucky pup: from a stray scavenging on the streets to the beloved family member of a famous actor! A photo of Ben Affleck carrying a blue-eyed pooch into a car surfaced, and …
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How To Help An Emotionally Traumatized Dog Learn To Play

Go to any dog park and you’ll see man’s best friend engaging in all types of play. They’re fetching, chasing, tugging, and tackling, but what about the emotionally hurt and traumatized of the group? For those dogs, the simple act of …
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The following five conditions are the most common inherited diseases that veterinarians diagnose in dogs.

Whether your dog is purebred or a “Heinz 57” mixed breed, knowing which genetic conditions he or she is predisposed to can empower you to prepare for or even prevent a veterinary crisis. For example, dogs with elongated spines and short …
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5 Crucial Reasons To Stop Scolding Your Dog

It can happen to the best of us. You come home from work and find that your dog made a mess. They wake you up in the middle of the night to bark at a squirrel. They jump on your …
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Kelly Frankenburg specializes in newborn and infant photography at her home-based studio, 11 Sixteen Photography, in Richmond, Virginia. Usually those newborns are human, but when she started fostering a rescued Chihuahua and her 3 puppies, she knew a photo shoot …

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10 Ways Your Dog’s Body Tells You What They Are Thinking

Did you know that wolves and wild dogs don’t often communicate by bark in the wild? Barking seems to be a form of communication dogs use just for us – their noisy human friends. Your dog has so many things …

When pets in high-kill shelters are transported to places with more room and higher adoption rates, their chances of finding a forever home soar!

Homeless dogs and cats are feeling the love this Valentine’s Day as they board planes toward better lives. is working in partnership with Freekibble to save 500 at-risk rescue animals from overcrowded and underfunded shelters across the country. The large-scale …

these 10 warning signs that dog owners should know to watch for.

We hate the thought of our pups becoming ill, but being educated is key to keeping our dogs as healthy as possible. Everyone knows that the quicker cancer is found and diagnosed, the better the chances are of fighting it off and prolonging …

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18-year-old Kendal Peifer is one lucky gal. Not only did her family rescue a wonderful pooch named Oliver last year, she also has an adorable dad who is basically MacGyver! Like most pups, Oliver is not a fan of having his …

When YouTube poster Erich Petersen set up a hidden camera to record the maintenance man working in his home, he was in for a surprise when he watched the footage.

When YouTube poster Erich Petersen set up a hidden camera to record the maintenance man working in his home, he was in for a surprise when he watched the footage. “I broke the pull string light switch in my laundry room,” wrote Petersen on YouTube. “My apartment maintenance guy came to fix it ...

6 Tips & Tricks To Make Being Home Alone Less Stressful For Your Dog

You come home from work thrilled to be greeted by your four-legged best friend, but it’s soon obvious you weren’t the only one who had a rough day. Stinky accidents, chewed up belongings, destroyed furniture, another noise complaint from the …

If you enjoy entertaining groups at home or going to busy, dog-friendly places, these 12 breeds are social butterflies who will bask in the extra company!

There is a dog personality for just about every lifestyle, and if you’re a person who enjoys going out and meeting new people, you may want to consider a pup who’d love to tag along. (Just know that this means they’re going …

5 Reasons Sharing Your Bed With Your Dog Is Awesome

Most dog owners allow their dogs in the bed at night more often than they’d care to admit, but we’ve got some reasons why sharing your bed with your dog is beneficial. After all, dogs can certainly make the ultimate …