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Petriform - Theme of a Witch in Particular
Petriform - Bwark?

My 2014 chiptune album "Veneer" is four years old today. I still play a good few of these cuts live! I would be honored if you'd revisit it on this day, or if it's new to you, give it a spin -- it’s free!

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The number of tracks on Ultramarine, sorted into the years they were originally written. These are pretty old tracks!

You can download Ultramarine for free/name-your-price via Bandcamp at! 🎶👀

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After four long years, Ultramarine is finally out now! It’s free/name-your-price on Bandcamp! Visit or click the link in the comments!

Written primarily between 2014 and 2016, This 43-minute, 11-track full-length LP is the logical progression of and spiritual successor to Brown Plaid (2013), and is the first non-chiptune Petriform release I have delivered since then. If you’ve been missing the slower, more methodical synth tunes, here they are once more!

There’s... more to this story that you can read on the Bandcamp page for the album, but here’s the short version: Although the majority of it came first, I was hesitant to deliver this, the first album of mine to follow Don’t Worry, You’re Great!, because the content and subject matter of this album are at odds with that one at times, to say the least. It is the output of an ugly period of my life, and I didn’t want to alienate people who had found something to enjoy in its predecessor’s cheerful message. I wanted this one to come first, but it didn’t happen like that. But I feel that it’s important as a snapshot of my mentality at that time, and I would rather have it see the light of day than be untrue to myself and hide it away as I considered doing. I hope that you can find something to enjoy in this one, too.

If you like this release or want to support my work in general, nothing is more helpful than spreading the word - signal boosts are much appreciated! Your support always has and always will mean the world to me.



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after 4 years.

cut from the same cloth as “brown plaid” (2013).

tomorrow. 12 december.



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full-length LP, cut from the same cloth as "brown plaid" (2013).

december 12.

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from the album Relentless Eventful
My Halloween-themed track, exclusive to Chiptunes = WIN's "HalloWIN": Composed and arranged with 0CC-FamiTracker 2A0...
Petriform updated their cover photo.
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Petriform updated their profile picture.
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Here's a demo-quality chip rock cover of "Sloop John B" that I started as a chip practice doodle that turned into a heavy-vocal-overdub practice doodle that turned into this. Arrangement is conspicuously derived most closely from the Beach Boys version, but you’ll hear it has its own stuff going on! Absolutely the most non-vocoded vocal takes I’ve ever laid down on a track. Trying to improve in that department!

This folk song has been covered a million times; here's one more. A chip rock version that I cranked out as a vocal/guitar practice doodle, mixed like doodoo...

It’s September 1st, which means that my album Relentless Eventful is five years old today!

A lot has changed since then. About half a year after its release, I started doing the first ever Petriform shows after a decent hiatus from live performance. It is the last drum & bass/EDM-ish album I released before wrapping up “Brown Plaid” and then inadvertently going all-in on chiptune, from which I’ve yet to return (Don’t worry, it’ll happen!).

It was also the first time I ever pr...inted CDs for a release of mine. Down since day one if you’ve got one of those!

As I imagine it is with most artists, it’s easy for me revisit my old works and pick apart what didn’t work and what could have been done better. There’s a lot, to be sure, but I’m still proud of a lot of the stuff on this album. I think tracks like "What it Wouldn’t Take" and "Celeste" still hold up particularly well.

If you’ve only known me over the past few years for chiptune, you might dig this stuff, especially starting about a third of the way through – I’ve always said in interviews and the like that Rare composer David Wise is the most prominent influence on my stuff, and relistening to it, I think that that particular influence is on display here moreso than anything I’ve done prior or since, if that gives you any indication.

So please check it out if you feel like it! After all, this style of mine may return sooner than you think!

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So hey! It’s now been a full year since my most recent chiptune LP, “Don’t Worry, You’re Great!” was released. Feels like it was just yesterday, for real! It is the work that I am most proud of, and I’m glad that people seem to have enjoyed it. Sharing it in live performance has been a joy. Some people have even come to me and told me that the album made a positive difference during difficult times in their lives. I had hoped that it might help someone somehow, but hearing so... blows me away; I don’t know how to respond other than with a sort of grateful fulfillment. I am truly glad and thankful!

“Don’t Worry, You’re Great!” isn’t going anywhere, but after a year, it’s time to look to the future. I’ve been working on a follow-up chiptune LP since DWYG’s release, and it’s very well along at this point. It is with great pleasure that I can share with you the first single from this upcoming album, a track called “Ahead of Your Time.”

I didn’t intend for this to be the single at first – this isn’t the track from the album that has popped up in my live sets that I indicated would release today. Rather, I chose to release this one first because I feel that it is probably the most DWYG-like track that will appear on the album, and as such, it serves, in a way, as a thematic bridge between DWYG and this new album.

The B-side is a cover of Bodyjar’s “Not the Same,” which, thematically, probably misses that mark, but I hope you enjoy it all the same. No pun intended. I had fun with it! Find it, along with the A-side, on my SoundCloud!

With this single, it’s off to the races regarding the lead-up to the new album. I don’t have a date for you yet, but the ball is officially rolling – stay tuned!

Thanks so much for your support. I hope you enjoy the single! As always, signal boosts appreciated – if you like it, tell your friends!


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Tomorrow!! 👀

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Chiptunes = WIN Volume 6 has finally arrived! You can now hear my new, exclusive track "Something's Wrong" -- it's track 28 -- alongside 50 other AMAZING chiptunes from around the globe! Download for free or pay what you want! Link in comments~

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Some fun is going down these upcoming Fridays in August! On Friday the 11th, a brand-new, exclusive track of mine will appear among many other awesome tracks on Chiptunes = WIN Volume 6 -- join us at the online release party, details below!

And then a week later, on the 18th, to celebrate a year since the release of Don't Worry, You're Great!, the first single from my upcoming chiptune album drops!

These two tracks are very different from each other, but I hope you will enjoy them both! Let's have fun -- TGIF!

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Last year, on August 18th, I released Don’t Worry, You’re Great! after over two years of hiatus from releasing new original music. To celebrate the occasion, I’ll be releasing a new chiptune single on the same date, a year to the day -- Friday, August 18th!

This is the official start of the promotional road leading up to the release of my next full-length chiptune LP, which has been in the works since DWYG’s release and has been steadily nearing completion with most of the he...avy lifting already behind me. The plan has always been to drop it in 2017, and, at risk of jinxing myself, I’ll say that I see that happening far more likely than not!

The A-side of this single will be a song that will appear on the new album. (Hint: If you’ve seen me live in the past few months, you’ve caught this one in my set already!) The B-side will be a cover befitting of the tone of my recent chiptunes. If you liked the sound of Don’t Worry, You’re Great!, you’re in for a treat! Please join me in this energy!

So get ready -- the ball starts rolling on August 18, and it’s not stopping until the album’s in your hands!

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