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Moni Cook
· December 20, 2017
I visited the Laveen location twice and was seen my Victoria both times. The reason for the visit was for an annual checkup and sharp ankle pain.
During my first visit while checking my ears, I could ...hear and smell she was chewing Big Red gum. I can see the reason for the gum but not chewing while checking my ears. Victoria’s recommendation for my ankle was to get an x-ray and a sports massage. I asked if there was a chance a massage could do damage if it was small fracture. She said yes and to hold off on the massage. She recommended getting labs done that would help with medication recommendation, I agreed to the labs. We went over my medical and mental health history. I told her I where I was seeking professional help for anxiety and depression. The rest of the visit went normal.
The second visit was to get the results of my lab. Victoria went over my labs and said she was happy they were done. She stated because the medication she was going to recommend or prescribed for my anxiety and depression wouldn’t have worked. I told her I didn’t go there for mental health and restated that I was already seeing another professional. It’s alarming to me that she was ready prescribe medication that I did not need or request!
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Chris We
· August 24, 2017
I went to the clinic in Laveen on July 12th, the appointment was completely useless with the exception of getting a referral to a specialist, or I was supposed to get one. After two weeks I haven't he...ard anything, so I called and the lady said that they forgot to send in the referral request, but it was noted on my appointment summary. I then got a call the next day with my referral. I had to wait until August 24th for my appointment and took off work. Is it standard procedure that you refer your patients to specialist that aren't covered under their insurance? I got there and the lady told me that they are not in my insurance network. Now I wasted almost a month and a half, missed a day at work and wasted two hours to get there, fill out paperwork, then drive back home and now I am back at zero. I will be contacting the AZ Medical Board in regards to this See More
Teresa Schonberger
· December 20, 2017
I have been going to this clinic in Surprise for over 3 yrs. Each and every visit I am greeted by happy staff and Dr. Russell is on time, listens to what I say and remembers to address each of my man...y concerns. See More
Dominique Speed
· September 20, 2017
I visited the location on Indian School. I went in for a wellness exam. Told the person that I had been sick for 3 weeks, I couldn't keep any food and barely water down, and had lost a significant amo...unt of weight. Blood work and an ultrasound was recommended. Blood work was complete on 9/11 and ultrasound was complete on 9/12. No contact from this office at all. I had to call them on 9/15 to find out if they knew anything, what the next step was, I am still in pain. I was told that they were waiting on the provider to sign off on the results so they could contact me. I explained the seriousness of the situation and was told that they would try to get it signed off and needed me to come in to get the results. I was told that they close at 3pm and would need to be there by 2:15 to get seen. I told them that I would not make it in time and can I have my results over the phone, I said that I know I need to see a GI specialist, is the doctor recommending that, can we please get that started because I am not doing any better. I was told that they would call me back. Two hours later, I receive a phone call regarding my results but I still needed to come in to see the doctor. Was told I could come in on Saturday but it was first come first serve. Went in Saturday morning and met with this doctor. Told him I was in horrible pain, I had lost 7 more pounds since Monday, still was not able to keep any food and fluids down, and I was extremely dehydrated. The doctor wanted me to go see a GI and prescribed some mild pain pill and something for acid reflux. This location actually has a GI on site and when I tried to make the appointment, the lady said she needed to find out what type of ultrasound the doctor wanted done but he was with another patient and I could wait or she would call me when she found out. I told her I was in alot of pain can she please call me so we can schedule it. Never got a phone call even though I left 3 messages! I had to go to the ER because I was so dehydrated, that's not fair that I have to pay for an ER visit when I asked this doctor to be hydrated. On Monday, 9/18, I missed work due to pain and called around to find the soonest availability for a GI. I found one that could see me the next day. Still no word from this clinic. Finally today, 9/20, I get a call regarding my referral. The lady says they referred me to the Arizona Digestive Health, I told her that they did not, I found her on my own because they never got back to me. All she said was that she would let the provider know. I don't want anything to do with this clinic, I am switching primary care doctors asap and I don't want this clinic to have anything to do with my situation ever again. This clinic just called my girlfriend back with her lab results today and she also went in on 9/11/2017 with me. How does it take a week and a half to get result back or to hear back from this clinic? No information has been updated on our Aetna member page regarding our visit to this clinic but my visit yesterday is already showing up! This place is a joke and I feel that they did not take my situation seriously!! See More
Terry Black Crow
· January 10, 2018
Very through with the exam it made me feel that I was not prescribed antibiotics just to get me out of the exam room. Loved the M.A. she was polite and respectful. I Love the Surprise Phoenix Family M...edical Clinic. Have a wonderful day Terry See More
Nikki Morales
· October 30, 2016
I have visited the McDowell office a handful of times over the past 6 months. First of all, Nathan Payne and the medical assistants are all very friendly, smart, helpful and always smiling. Nathan is patient-- he is a saint.
I took two stars off my rating because both times that I needed test results, I had to call repeatedly to get my results. Most recently, I visited because I'm have extreme sinus issues, including debilitating headaches, nose bleeds and vertigo due to clogged ears. I was sent for a cat scan and was told results would be back in 2-4 days. On day 5, I called and they said the results weren't in yet. On day 6, I called at 9am, and was told the results weren't in and they would call the lab and get them (because I was literally in tears in sinus pain and about to go to the ER). At this point, I went ahead and made an appt with a local ENT because I just couldn't wait any longer for a referral. At 3pm, I called again, they still didn't have the results, but PROMISED they would call me back before the end of the day with some resolution, no matter what.
I called the lab myself and they told me they had faxed results 3 times already and had confirmation from their side. She attempted to call the offices, and so did I, to make sure the results got there, but had no luck reaching anyone before your office closed at 5pm. Of course, no one from your office called me the promised resolution before turning the phones off for the day, which is really infuriating and just plain bad customer service.
On Saturday morning (day 7), I finally got a very helpful man on the phone who found my results in a large stack of faxes, he said, and had the provider sign off. He noted the provider said they were "mostly normal except for polyps". FYI-- polyps in someone who has been on steroids and antibiotics for 2 months are NOT normal and need surgical intervention. Why wasn't Nathan consulted before relaying these results to understand what is "normal" or not. So, I'm off to the specialist to have sinus surgery now after 8 days of excruciating pain due to the incompetency of the front office staff. If I hadn't repeatedly badgered and wasted heaps of time calling around, I'd probably still be waiting for my results. This is truly unacceptable when you have a patient with a semi-emergency situation. I will def not be coming back here if I feel my situation is urgent in any way.
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Tracie Beck
· November 13, 2015
Dr. Nathan Payne, is the best doctor, I have ever met!!! He truly cares about his patients, he is extremely intelligent, educated and continues to amaze me with his knowledge of medicine, all types of... medical issues, treatments, procedures and so much more!!!! I've had many health issues, since brain surgery in 2008 & I can honestly say, he is the first doctor I truly trust with my life! (& I've seen more than my fair share of doctors and specialists) I'm blessed to have finally found such a amazing doctor! The girls up front & all nurses are always great & know my name when I walk in the door, feels like family!!! God bless!!! See More
Carie L Combs-Demarr
· August 4, 2015
So happy with the facility in surprise. I was quite sick with respitory infection. Terrible pain in my ribs. Come to find out I fractures a rib from coughing. Amanda Gunn took her time with me for eac...h visit to make sure I am taken care if. Easy to get in for appointments same day and doctors actually spend time with you and get to know yiu. I highly recommend! See More
Anthony Guillen
· September 29, 2015
Dr. Nathan Payne is literally the coolest Dr. i've ever seen. The Staff at the central phoenix location is so kind, friendly, and helpful. I've never felt so comfortable with going there. Nathan is so... knowledgable and knows how to work with his clients. I've entered there so worried about my health several times, and no matter what the results are, I leave there feeling cared for, and encouraged. Love, Love, Love this place. See More
Christina Milian Patch
· December 9, 2016
I'd like to thank Margarita for hanging up on me this morning. Your customer service skills will be the sole reason for my review and taking my business elsewhere.
Marjorie Sego
· July 13, 2017
Amanda is great shes the only doctor trying to help me
Sherrie Anderson
· November 9, 2015
Super awesome staff, service, so easy to book appointments. I went to 3rd McDowell location.. highly recommed!!
Ashlee Schult-allbee
· January 30, 2017
Amanda is amazing ! I love her! Wait time is normal !! Quick to see doctor and she addressed everything I needed!! :)
Renee Boudreaux
· February 3, 2017
If you want your paperwork lost, try and call and nobody answering the phone, messages never returned, this is the place for you!! Almost a week without my prescription, I have needed, and been prescr...ibed by Phoenix Family Medical, I left work and drove to the clinic. MY Dr. came out and told me, "I DON'T NEED THIS!!!!!" and "THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I AM HEARING ABOUT THIS!!!!", despite all the phone calls and messages I had left???? The scary part, all she had to do was send a brief explanation back to my insurance company of why SHE wrote my prescription for a certain dose and it would have been filled. Her exact words, "I DON'T KNOW WHY THAT DOSE! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY YOUR ON IT!!!!!!!" Wow, a doctor just writing scripts?? Did she even read my file? She just walked away from me. She yelled from the back to the young receptionist, Alex, who was picking the dirt out from under her nails with the lid of pen the whole time, give her the office number. Let her call and complain to them. Two days and two messages later NOTHING See More
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