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Denise Aung
· October 14, 2017
Physics Intuition adopts a holistic approach to learning Physics, stimulating students' thinking and nurturing their passion! Serene is a very experienced and passionate teacher that makes the subject... come alive! See More
Bernice Choo
· July 26, 2015
I am truely grateful to you Serene for your Physics coaching which helped my son Samuel to get into Sec 3 - Pure Science (doing triple Science, double Maths). Without your timely coaching of 4 individ...ual sessions - 3 weeks before his Sec 2 finals, my son would not have been able to make tremendous improvement from C6 in CA2 to an A1 in SA2 for his Science final exam. That was really a blessing and we are so happy for your dedication and your expert tuition. I would not hesitate to recommend any student to you that seriously wants to score in Physics! See More
Ernest Yam
· May 9, 2016
Hello Ms Ang!! Thanks for being such a dedicated and committed teacher :) I always look forward to your lessons as there is always something new to takeaway every time, and your constant guidance defi...nitely played a part in helping me transform my grades, from a pathetic U to and eventual A for my A' Levels! You are an exceptional teacher and your future students would definitely benefit from your lessons. All the best for everything and thank you once again!!! (: See More
Sarah Omer
· January 14, 2016
Ms Ang worked wonders on my Physics. At Sec 3 , I routinely scored Cs. By Sec 4 Prelim , I improved to a B3. Finally , at O level , I scored an A2. Her notes are incredibly clear and concise. She will... train you to focus on the key words. Most importantly, she trained me to stop waffling and start writing what examiners are looking for.

Ms Ang is patient and innovative in relating Physics concepts to daily life. A memorable example of her lively and engaging lesson is when she showed students an actual transformer.
I had braced myself for a B but now that I've done better , I'm seriously thinking of taking Physics at A level. This wouldn't be possible without the indefatigable Ms Ang. She will teach you Physics and along the way , you learn abt grit and resilience. Ms Ang is the making of me as a student of Physics and life !
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Hannah Chia
· November 8, 2016
hello Ms Ang , for the past half a year your classes have been vey informative but yet easy to absorb .Your classes are also very engaging and helps me to understand the topics better and clearer. Tha...nk you Ms Ang for always caring and guiding me through the science subject :) See More
Koh Tun Lee
· January 5, 2016
Dedicated and helpful teacher. Attained a 7 for IB HL Physics!
The Physics of Piano Playing
"The Physics of Piano Playing" Answers and Explanation
Why is it easier to balance on a moving bicycle?

"The 6Ps of Mastering Physics" the unique coaching system by Physics Intuition sets itself apart from mainstream Physics tuition in that it aims to bring insights on the essence and spirit of Physics above its mere technicalities, and to cultivate students’ Physics intuition.

With this 'bird eye’s view' and intuitive feel of Physics, coupled with efficient and effective Physics Study Tactics (proven over 15 yrs), students have a faster and stronger grasp of Physics concepts a...nd sharper problem solving skills.

A true break-through in understanding and doing well in Physics is then possible.

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