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I have restarted this site at, my new pictures of Romania website. I will be adding photos there on a daily basis.

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I started creating and showing more pictures of Romania. You can find my latest photos and ideas at

I started it up again after the UK Brexit when I realised that when the UK left the EU, no one was going to appreciate just what a wonderful country Romania is. I am now going to try to add more pictures each day to the site, Please visit and let me know what you think of them.

Many people are full of Bregret. They never thought their No vote would matter. Now the UK is... - I really enjoyed this counting book for kids. Amazon refuses to tell me how it slipped onto the system but told me not to get ideas about posting Romanian books anytime soon... grrrr Finger Counting book in Romanian - A Picture book for Children

Also thought I would give you the free PDF version for people without a epub reader.

Buy PDF Să Învãţãm Împreună Alfabetul by Peter Fogarty (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews.

Want a Free Romanian ebook for your kids? Have you noticed there are no Romanian ebooks for children? I have tried to fix this.

I have written my first Romanian alphabet ebook - I am offering in completely free for a limited period... please can you download it, read it and rate it... I am planning to make an entire Romanian phonics series for ebooks if people like this one.

Buy ebook Să Învãţãm Împreună Alfabetul by Peter Fogarty (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews.

Challenge 13: All about dreams. I decided I was try to mix a few different songs about dreams together and make a story of a typical day of my life at school - all very tongue in cheek you understand, but I for one really did enjoy trying to take a basic storyline and write it as something completely different. I would love to know what you think of this. Do dreams tell the future or does it just tell you not to eat that slightly bad cheese quite so close to bed time? I would love to know what you think.

Challenge 12 - My life with Aliens. I seem to have spent a tremendous amount of time living with Aliens. These include a real vision I saw over a housing estate, a big white typical white saucer which just sat there so I went home and left it, to rather odd teachers at school and a YouTube video you must not miss!…

Do you know someone with breast or prostate cancer? I lost my mother in law to it almost 2 years ago. Every since, I have promised myself that if I can find a simple alternative therapy cure for this disease, I would do my very best to sing it off the mountains and get as many people to know about it.

After a lot of research and study, I have discovered that if you have this disease, and you switch to a dairy free diet, using the books from the website listed below to help y...ou, you can indeed become free of the disease.

All I ask is for you to check out these three links below, and then click like on this article. The idea being that everyone who clicks "like" lets their friends see the article. Who knows they might have friends who really need to have this information.

Check out what Harvard university has to say about it...…/harvard-declares-dairy-not-part-of-h…

Then check out the story from Jane Plant (the founder of this food and lifestyle regime) at She has has breast cancer at least 6 different times, and the last time she got it back into remission within 6 months.

The useful books are listed at Feel free to comment on this solution. It is a very cheap, simple idea and can and indeed should be done, along with any normal recommended medical treatments.

I hope this helps anyone else going through this terrible time.

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This is a list of books which will help people who are interested in getting involved in the Plant Programme for Ovarian Cancer or Prostate Cancer.

Challenge 11: Why reading dieting books in Romania is pretty pointless.

Romanians I see clearly do not need any help dieting. Me on the other hand, would benefit from a bit of a shove, but when I gain weight, people tell me I am fat (normally those who really should look at their own waistlines first), and when I lose it they complain I am only losing it as I don't know how to cook and eat properly (rather than anything to do with my health).

Today I looked at the lack of suc...cess I had had as a writer and I also want to suggest a few top places where you can find completely free books for your Kindle.

Is anyone doing the Novel in a Month scheme? Next year I will take it one and try to write one!…

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Weight watchers books seem to take a huge space on my bookshelf - I collect them.

Challenge 10 is a real story of my experience of leaving my body while asleep and speeding at tremendous speed towards a big, yellow light. The light filled me with warmth, love and well being and for three days I was able to heal people I loved.

Oddly you think this would be great. And it retrospect it was a major turning point in my life. However at the time, as you are travelling along at break neck speed to the light, al I could wonder was how did I die? Was it a massive... heart attack? I certainly felt no pain. And what will become of my wife and family? It would be devastating to wake up to your dead husband and never have been able to say so many things.

While my father was alive, I did stop one day and I did write down all I wanted to say to him and thank him. He kept the letter to his dying day. I got it back after the funeral. So if you don't do anything else this evening, stop and write to your parents or grandparents, and write all you want to say as one day, when you really do want to say it all, it could be too late.

Read my views about Heaven and the afterlife. From what I have personally experienced, I am happy to believe. It is a bit like Australia. I have never seen it but I like to know it is there, out of sight, bobbing along in the Pacific.

So here is today's blog entry : Heaven.

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Challenge 9: Hobbies is todays blog post listing on lots of hobbies a Brit would expect to do in the UK but coming to Romania and suddenly they prove to be difficult to do, dangerous or simply not the done thing. These include swimming in the local state run swimming pool, cycling without getting bitten, squashed by a tram or disappear into the drainage canals beneath the city.

I also list what I can do here - blog, eat, BBQ an...d love life and all in all I am happy, even if people here do seem to have a lot less time, money and energy to spend in wasting efforts without productive results here... I only had 1 friend who thought running up and down his stairs in a block 40 times a day was a useful idea... I just felt sorry for his neighbours as the last thing I would want is a huffing, puffing, sweating Brit racing back and forwards past my door!

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Blog Challenge 8: My diary entry - here is the link which goes with the story of flashing Romanian car drivers.

Challenge 8: My diary entry. Finally I have sussed out why Romanian drivers need to flash you repeatedly from behind - it is their idea that the more light pushing your car from behind, the faster you will go - and the flashing your lights repeatedly at you when you are travelling too slow, they are simply saying, hey "Take some light power from me!" - if NASA can do it for spaceships - I am confident it will also work equally well on my Dacia Break (being pushed forward by a brand new black BMW with tinted windows) - as it seems so does every other Romanian driver who finds me in the second lane on the motorway. Thank you Romanian drivers for that boost to get me on my way... and all this time I thought it was because you didn't want to brake!

Challenge 7: Patron Saints. The ones with the best case loads, the ones who need a patron saint of their own, and the missing patron saint's job - the one they put aside for me!

Wardrobe White Elephant or better known as my Fashion Disasters. I no longer am allowed to shop alone.
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I am so pleased you have found me. It is fun to write this blog - but even nicer when people come and read it.

Blogging in Romania. Technology is now so much more advanced. Have fun with me!