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Connie McClellan
· February 12, 2018
Love Pimsleur for getting some useful language (Russian, Romanian and Spanish so far.) Just started Turkish, and am happy to hear that more context has been added to the beginning conversations (you'r...e at a dinner party, you are talking to the receptionist at your hotel.) It's always been necessary to have male and female voices conversing. I as a woman want to hear female intonations. But others have noted that the unavoidable assumption we always make as we try to visualize these conversations is that the man is trying to "pick up" the woman. On the contrary, Pimsleur is very business oriented. I appreciate that it teaches formal constructions, which is what I like to start out using to show respect. (The informal ones are easy to find online and elsewhere.)

Maybe Turkish always had this extra social-business context. At any rate, the same American announcer is guiding us through the lessons. If I ever meet him on a plane, I'll know him by his voice!
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Jennifer Quail
· November 29, 2017
I have studied languages at the high school (German and French) and university (German and Latin) levels, and used self-teaching books and audio and programs like Duolingo and Memrise. The latter two ...are fine for rote vocabulary, but nothing, including professionally-taught academic courses, was nearly as effective for learning functional, conversational vocabulary and retaining it as Pimsleur. My only complaints (and withholding of a star) are I would prefer a little more explanation of grammar, and like a lot of language systems, their Danish program seems limited and no second level. I realize it's not as popular as Spanish or French, but it's a little frustrating most programs seem to stop at a basic level and leave you to wing it, so I hope Pimsleur will consider expanding theirs soon. See More
Kevin Fillmore
· December 3, 2017
I'm almost half way through Level 3 Russian. So far, it's a really great program. I consider myself a slow learner so I listen to each lesson 4 times before moving on so I can completely grasp the con...cepts. Then, I will listen to every lesson consecutively (1-30) at the end of each level (making a total of 5 times studied.)

Then I plan to listen to every level lesson one more time at the end of the program to make it 6 times total.

Pimsleur will get you speaking. It's a phenomenal way to start but it's one piece of the puzzle. You will need other programs and resources to finish the whole picture.

That being said, I will always reference Pimsleur if I ever start forgetting what I've learned.
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Tracy Nelson
· January 19, 2018
Best program out there to learn Japanese. I was able to get around Tokyo with what I have learned from Pimsleur. I am close to finishing level 3 and decided to pick up some easy reading material sinc...e I know Chinese characters and have learned Hiragana and Katagana pronunciation. I can't believe how much I could understand the book because of the phrases and sentence structures I've learned in Pimsleur. I highly recommend Pimsleur. See More
Colin Jervis
· November 8, 2017
I think learning to speak a language is the most important first step. I used the courses to learn Thai and Japanese, and even at the early levels, I was able to make my way on month-long visits to Th...ailand and Japan. I can speak 6 languages to various levels of fluency, and these courses are the best I have found for learning to speak. The comments made about levels of formality (particularly in Japanese) are probably correct, but it is better to be too polite than too familiar. There are plenty of other courses which will use multi-media better and perhaps teach less formal language, but there are few which will force you to speak and interact in the way Pimsleur does.

That said, there are no notes from which to revise vocabulary. You will also not learn to read languages without extra effort. However, my preferred approach is to speak first, then to take study to reading or to a grammar-based text book (rarely!)
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Michael Lee
· December 31, 2017
The courses are easy to follow. Each lesson follows on nicely from the previous one but I feel that the learning process would be much smoother if there was a transcript to compliment each lesson. I h...ave used these courses to learn French & Spanish & I have just finished level 3 in German but I feel like a transcript to speed read to consolidate what I had learned would have been much more time effective than having to do each audio lesson twice. See More
Robert Eaglestone
· February 17, 2018
Pimsleur's CDs made learning a useful bit of a language easy. I started with Swahili 1, then moved to Portuguese 1, Hindi 1, and Greek 1. What a great way to spend my work commute time!

I plan on u...sing their Spanish 1 CDs to teach my daughter a little bit of Spanish on the way to school in the morning. Thanks, Pimsleur! See More
Marilyn Gora Turnage
· February 25, 2018
Really love Pimsleur. I have Polish lessons 1-30. My pronunciation impresses my friends and family that speak Polish. I really like the format for learning the language and my abiltiy to converse s...o easily.
I did not give a 4th star because Polish stops at lesson 30. I would really like to continue learning with Pimsleur. PLEASE make Polish Intermediate.
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Marie Moffitt
· December 16, 2017
Pimsleur works the way I do! I was fluent in a couple of languages and could get around in others before I first tired Pimsleur. I have to admit that I make faster progress with Pimsleur than with methods. See More
Erika Bolden
· March 6, 2018
FRAUDULENT. If you really want to learn a language and speak at a near-native level, don't use this crap. I never used Pimsleur language learning tools due to cost and mixed reviews. When I learned ab...out the app I thought it might be worth it to try. I do not recommend whatsoever. I love learning languages and I highly suggest looking elsewhere for language learning. I use Gabriel Wyner's various language learning tools as well as lessons from NATIVE speakers via iTalki. The speakers' accents aren't the worst that I've heard, but are the worst that I've heard from a "professional" company. I stopped using the app on the second day of the trial. According to their policy if you don't pay for services your subscription would be canceled. They tried to charge me 4 times and successfully processed a payment nearly a month after the original charge. When I asked for a refund and quoted their policy TRACY said that policy never mentioned when they would cancel a subscription. So they could charge you however long they feel like it. I reported the charge to my bank and am reporting the company on BBB. It's a shame that they were SUED in 2015 for deceptive practices and still haven't learned their lesson. See More
Marcus Tanaka de Lira
· July 30, 2017
Thanks to Pimsleur, I was once able to tell a German nun on a plane where the toilet was.

Sure, by then it was too late and she had already gone to the wrong side of the aeroplane but, hey, when I sa...w her I could fluently tell her where she should've headed to in the first place - and I understood her reply perfectly! I wish I had a better story, but I don't get many opportunities to speak German in Brazil :P

Still, I recommend Pimsleur to all my students!
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Shaina Dinkins
· November 29, 2017
I always wanted to learn Norwegian and decided to give Pimsleur a try. It has been amazing and I have learned so much in such a short period of time. Thank you for this amazing program!
Sigrid Little
· October 6, 2017
Easy to listen to and fun! A great eay to learn another language while you listen on your mp.3 player as you're folding laundry, making dinner, taking a walk, getting dressed and putting on your makeu...p.. I LOVE Pimsleur! See More
Eriana Lawrence
· September 16, 2017
This is the best for learning how to speak!! :) I was way above my peers in Spain when I went to take classes. Everyone asked me how my speaking got so good. Timed repetition with Pimsleur!
Trenton Erker
· January 30, 2018
I always recommend Pimsleur first for language learning. I combine it with the "(insert language) In 10 Mintues A Day" book and it's a breeze.
People think I'm good at languages but it's all Pimsleur.
Matt B. Parsons
· September 24, 2017
When I was younger I aspired to be a crypot-linguist for the US Army and used Pimsleur programs extensively to prepare myself for foreign language learning. I was able to learn about half a dozen lang...uages to a conversational level. See More
Stephanie Schniederjan
· July 15, 2017
I used the Italian audiobooks (levels one and two) to prepare for a trip to Italy. I listened during my commute to work, starting about 4 months before the trip. During my visit, I felt comfortable sp...eaking Italian with locals at restaurants and hotels, asking for directions, etc. The phrases taught are very practical and useful for travelers. I'm still using the audiobooks to become more adept for my next trip (hopefully in a year or two). See More
Iosif Aronov
· December 18, 2017
the best program for learning language hands done, the only draw back is that they don't have unlimited number of lessons
Swee-knee Tee
· August 4, 2017
Hello, I have just completed 'speak and read essential Spanish 2'
I understand that your program has changed so can you please advise me on what I need to buy to progress as I do not want to waste my on a level that is too easy.
Thank you
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Laura Eaton
· June 24, 2017
I have used a variety of different programs to help me learn Spanish, and Pimsleur is, hands down, the best. Their lessons begin by you listening to a conversation (in Spanish, or whatever language y...ou are learning) between two people, then after you listen to the conversation a couple of times you are prompted to say things similar to what the conversation was about. There is a pause, giving you time to formulate your sentence, then they say the sentence for you and you can correct any mistakes you may have made. Because you have to think about how to say things you are actually using your brain, instead of the "repeat after the speaker" format so many other language programs use. I find that this method works very well for me. See More

With Pimsleur, you'll be talking the talk in no time!

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