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Thank you Jim Munro for making this amazing video that captures our home visit for Ana Engelberg 💕 Thank you again to all that came out to love Ana, Clovis PD and Clovis Fire 💕🚓🚒💕 Pink Heals!

Pink Heals Ana Engelberg
Fresno County Pink Heals Chapter updated their cover photo.
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Our very own Jacqueline is competing for Miss Clovis, her platform is Pink Heals!! Good luck 💕🚓🚒💕

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Jacqueline Trafton added 3 new photos — with Lauren Herring and Elise Barco.

This morning I interviewed for the job of Miss Clovis 2018. The pageant is tomorrow afternoon! Can’t wait!💗

Update on David 💕

Aubrey Gillen added 21 photos and 3 videos to the album: David’s TBI Journey — with Michael Benedict and 4 others.

On Feb 12, 2018, David was T-boned on his way home for his lunch break. He was not wearing his seatbelt and the top of his Miata was down so he was ejected from... the car. He was found under his car with major head trauma and respiratory failure and rushed to the hospital.
He was essentially gone upon arrival and the surgeons debated between emergency brain surgery or letting him pass; luckily for David they chose to do the surgery.

On the 4th day, when he did not wake up after being removed from sedation and pain meds, they suspected the worst. An MRI showed that David suffered damage to his brain from a serious brain bleed, but also Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI) which is microscopic damage to the neurons across the grey matter of his brain. They shared that 90% of people with his injury do not recover. They gave him a feeding tube and tracheotomy to keep him fed and breathing.

On the 8th day, much to everyone’s surprise, David woke up! His daily progress has been nothing short of a miracle.

On day 17 he transferred out of the hospital and into therapeutic rehab. His trach was removed and he was eating regular food by day 18.

On day 26 he walked out of the hospital and came home!

David’s journey is still long, but he has proven his strength and determination on a daily basis.

Ho’omau David!
Never give up!

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Thank you Clovis PD for always supporting our efforts to support people in our community!!

Pink Heals, Clovis Police, and the Clovis Fire Department helped to raise the spirits of a local woman battling cancer.

Thank you Clovis Fire for always supporting our efforts!!

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Another great in home visit for Ana here who is battling cancer at the moment. Pink Heals was kind enough to invite us along with Clovis PD to try and bring som...e sunshine to her day and of course wouldn’t you know it, the sun came out nice and strong! We want you to know Ana that we all stand by your side and fight with you as a community! Keep up the fight and thank you to Pink Heals for setting this up and showing our community how impactful your organization can be for everybody!

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Update on David!

Aubrey Gillen is with Michael Benedict and 4 others.


It’s been 12 days since David’s accident and this guy keeps beating the odds!

Today he graduated from Neuro Step Down (critical) to Neuro M...ed/Surg (noncritical). He is off oxygen as of today as long as he continues to tolerate room air. They are giving him a new trach to begin trach training and allow him a “voice” when he speaks. He has a couple days left of antibiotics for pneumonia but his cough is almost gone.

He is giving the nurses and staff a run for their money- he’s constantly working to get out of his restraints and managed to work one hand out to scratch the scar on his head and rest his hand behind his head... then eventually ripped out out his IV.

He’s requesting (demanding) things by name and saying some sentences- drink, water, coffee, massage, NOW, running, “5,4,3,2,1,0”, get me out, can I see him (Reed), can I have chapstick....
He also still has his potty mouth and had a few choice words for his sister when he was denied chapstick after the 4th request 😏.

The BEST news is he was accepted to transfer to Valley Children’s Acute Rehab Center since he is under 21yrs old. He is considered medically stable and they expect he will transfer Monday or Tuesday. He will receive intensive therapeutic services (PT/OT/Speech, etc) 6 days/week, 3 hours/day while he is inpatient for 24hr medical and personal care.

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Thank you to Clovis Fire, Clovis PD and all of the PH volunteers for making today so special for Ana!

Jim Jakobs is asking for donations to Guardians of the Ribbon Fresno County Pink Heals Inc — in Clovis, California.

Another reason I love Fresno - Fresno County Pink Heals Chapter and Lisa Benham-Lewis. We spent part of our Saturday supporting Ana who is battling stage 3 breast cancer. Now she knows how much community support she has right there with her.

Here is our video from when the Pink Heals Team along with Chaplain from Clovis PD and Clovis Firefighters visited beautiful Elise who is battling breast cancer. We wish you a speedy recovery! #fresnocountypinkheals 💕🌸

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David needs our prayers and positive thoughts for a full recovery from a terrible car accident.

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Our 2 mile walk this year will take a different spin.... it will be for Keith, so it will be Walk 2 Miles In HIS shoes!! Stand by for more information 💕 Details are being worked out with KSKS Country and Clovis BOOT!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to help! It was a great day and of course a big thank you to Firehouse Subs in Clovis!!…/posts/10204388602071238

Lunch hour at Firehouse Subs in Clovis is usually a busy time for workers.

Thank you Clovis Fire.....We appreciate and value the partnership, so that we may together support our amazing community 💕🚓🚒💕

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Clovis Firefighters Association - Local 1695 added 4 new photos.

Today Clovis Firefighters and Pink Heals had the opportunity to visit Elsie Navarro who is 31 years old battling breast cancer. Thank you Elsie for letting us c...ome give you a moment of smiles and hopefully brighten your day! We all wish you a speedy recovery! Great job to Pink Heals and thank you for all you do in our community.

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Home visit today for Elsie Navarro!! Spreading love, hope and support to this young 31 year old battling breast cancer!!

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Fundraiser for Keith Hernandez!!

Wed 10:30 AM PSTFirehouse Subs Clovis/Fresno (Fresno, CA)Fresno, CA
23 people interested

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