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“We've got exciting plans our community's 5th anniversary over the next couple months. But before all that, a question: what do you think of the logo? #PinnyPals”
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Are you a Pinny Arcade pin trading fan? Did you miss out on the brand new official Fluxx enamel pin at PAX Unplugged? Fear not! You can get your hands on them in our webstore while supplies last. #PinnyArcade #PinTrading #PAXU #Fluxx


The PAX South Pinny Arcade panel are currently running a survey to find what you'd be most interested to find out at PAX South.

Ever had a burning pin question? This might help!

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What does one call a group of Pinnypals?

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Samurai Punk, makers of fine Pinny Arcade pins, have revamped their online store and have made their pins and shipping cheaper as a result. Check it out here:

We also have it on good authority that they will have some kind of presence at PAX East 2018.

The Chonku Chonku machines have been a staple at PAX for years, with the random nature of Pinny Arcade pins making it an unofficial pin trading location each and every PAX. However, The Behemoth have taken the unprecedented approach to their Pinny Arcade pins by putting them in their online store and allowing Pinnypals to choose which they would prefer. You can find them all right here:…/p…/products/pinny-arcade-pin

For the first time ever, we’re selling a limited selection of our official Pinny Arcade Pins! Originally blind boxed in our machines at PAX, this time you can c

If you missed out on a Double Secret Box recently -

We can confirm more are coming! 800 will be going up for sale on 6th December at 11am PST.

A further 600 will be available for sale on the 20th December at a to be determined time.

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The Annual Christmas, sorry, I mean K'Thriss-Mas set, is now available for purchase from the Penny Arcade store.

Don't forget - eligible purchases of over $100 will also receive a Merchy pin.

The Double Secret Blind Boxes

are getting into people's hands now, and Penny Arcade has snuck in something extra...

Sneaky Penny Arcade!

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Missed out on your chance for a blind box recently?
We have the next best thing:…/products/super-mario-bros-3


Available from today in the Penny Arcade store.

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Double Secret Boxes are that rarity - fleeting in their availability, value in their offering, and unknown until they just pop up. Today is a rare day indeed then.…/pinny-arcade-double-secret…

The bus has started it's engine for the annual Desert Bus charity marathon we mentioned here:

and the Pinny Arcade pin we mentioned is now available here:


This is strictly limited edition and will only be going as long as the bus is and stocks last.

Additionally, a new giveaway has been added for those who wish to partake

Yes, that is 321 Penny Arcade pins. It will certainly add to your collection!

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Desert Bus for Hope, the annual livestream by Loading Ready Run, is gearing up for their 11th annual charity marathon. Giveaways in the past have included pins, and this year is no exception:

Last year saw the release of their own Penny Arcade pin, and this year it looks like another may be revealed.


Note - this may be a re-release of last years pin, or it may be a new one. We recommend signing up with the website and following the twitter account just to be sure. We'll update if any new info comes to light.

UPDATE: It is a new pin.

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Since their debut, the collectible Pinny Arcade trading pins have been the talk of PAX! This lot includes the the LE pins from each PAX, West (Prime), East South and Australia for 2015 and 2016.O Thanks to Michael, a great supporter of Desert Bus - for this donation!

PAX Unplugged info:

Pinny Arcade Collecting 101 will be held first thing Friday at 10am-11am in the Dire Rat Theatre…/…/pinny-arcade-collecting-101


Staff Trading will be held on Saturday between the hours of 1:00pm and 3:00pm in the Autograph area.…/official-pinny-arcade-pin-tr…

Community Trading will also be held in the Autograph area, and will be available from 3:00pm to 5:00pm each day.

The community has put together a handy booklet which will be available throughout the weekend to help you find the pins you need.

Or feel free to print your own.

Have a great PAX everyone.

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So after a long, long, long delay (we were busy collecting pins), The Second Annual Pinnypals Awards (The Kempies), have been awarded. You can find the winners here:

Your choice for the overall best set released in 2016! Sets are pins that are sold together on the one backing cardboard.

Secret Santa is now live!

Be sure to watch the included video for all the details, and if you have any questions, we recommend checking in here:

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The very first PAX Unplugged will open its doors later this month, and yes, there will be pins. The Pin Quest is now live and can be found here:…/11/03/pax-unplugged-pin-quest

One of the questions I heard a lot about PAX Unplugged was, “will Unplugged have its own pins?” and the answer of course is “shit yeah!”