Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals — Leaving No One Behind

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The Growth Inducement Programme's GIS Mapping & Assessment Stakeholder Forum, held today February 16, 2018 at Knutsford Court Hotel

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Press Briefing held on February 13, 2018
Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals — Leaving No One Behind
United Nations Resident Representative, Bruno Pouezat – Launch 2017/2018 Migration Profile for Jamaica


This report attempts to provide a concise overview of what is available and known about Jamaica’s climate via a survey of available literature complemented by analysis. The report is intended as a first reference point with respect to climate information for Jamaica and is geared at, in particular but not
exclusively, decision makers.


The State of the Jamaican Climate 2015 can be viewed by clicking on the link:…/WEB_FULL%20DOCUMENT_The%20State%20…

The State of the Jamaican Climate: Summary for Policymakers can be viewed by clicking on the link:…/WEB_The%20State%20of%20the%20Jamai…

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Quarterly press briefing to report on the Jamaican economy between October and December 2017.
The briefing was held at the PIOJ on February 13, 2018.

The economy grew by 1.1 per cent for the October to December 2017 quarter, the strongest quarterly growth for the calendar year.


The Goods-Producing Industry grew by an estimated 1.2 per cent due to growth in the Mining & Quarrying and Construction industries, which outweighed the contractions recorded for the Agriculture and Manufacture industries.

The Services Industry grew by an estimated 1.0 per cent, reflecting increased Real Value Added in all industries. This growth was influenced by the performance of the Hotels & Restaurants Industry, which grew by an estimated 5.7 per cent. Total visitor expenditure was US$752.8 million, an increase of 17.7 per cent relative to the corresponding quarter of 2016.

The key drivers of growth were: (1) increased external demand from Jamaica’s main trading partners; (2) increased hotel room capacity and air seat capacity; (3) increased capacity utilization in the Mining & Quarrying Industry; and (4) major infrastructure works.

Production was negatively impacted by above normal rainfall levels during and prior to the review quarter which adversely affected agricultural output. Additionally, output was negatively impacted by plant downtime due to technical problems at some plants.

For calendar year 2017, real GDP is estimated to have grown by 0.5 per cent, representing the fifth consecutive year of GDP growth.

The Labour Force Survey undertaken by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN), indicated that the unemployment rate as at October 2017 was 10.4 per cent, the lowest recorded in ten years. The male unemployment rate was 7.3 per cent, while the female unemployment rate was 14.1 per cent. The youth unemployment rate was 25.4 per cent, representing the lowest rate recorded since January 2009. The total number of employed persons as at October 2017 stood at 1 206 800, an increase of 27 300 persons relative to October 2016.

An average of 25.3 per cent of the total labour force now has vocational or professional certification. This is an increase of 0.9 percentage point, up from 24.4 per cent from the year before. Women continued to have a higher percentage labour force certification, at 33.6 per cent, compared with 18.1 per cent for men. The labour force certification of men inched 2.0 percentage points higher, while women recorded a 0.6 percentage point decrease.

There was an 8.0 per cent decrease in Category 1 Crimes from October to December 2017 compared to year-to-date figures. Category 1 Crimes are defined by the Jamaica Constabulary Force and include murder, shooting, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, break-ins and larceny. When separated from Major Crimes, murder was slightly higher than year-to-date.

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The PIOJ is seeking to identify a suitably qualified candidate to fill the position of Internal Auditor.

Click on the link for details…/Vaca…/Internal%20Auditor%202018.pdf

The Quarterly Press Briefing of the Planning Institute of Jamaica to report on the performance of the Jamaican economy for the October to December 2017 quater.
Mr James Stewart - Director - Economic Planning and Research Division PIOJ
Dr Wayne Henry - Director General, PIOJ
Ms Elizabeth Emmanuel - Programme Director - Vision 2030 Jamaica

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The PIOJ Press Briefing will be streaming live today at 10:00 a.m. Stay tuned...

Visit UWI Research Days and Visit the Vision 2030 Jamaica booth featuring the integration of the global Sustainable Development Goals into the national development framework.
9AM to 6PM closing on Friday, February 9.

The Clarendon Municipal Corporation has launched its second Youth in Business (CYIB2) project, with a $2.4-million grant for 20 residents of the parish. Under the initiative, the beneficiaries will participate in a three-month certificate course and an 18-month diploma programme … Continued

On February 1, Mr Robert Williams, representative from the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), delivered a presentation at the PIOJ’s Toastmasters Club. The occasion was a handing-over ceremony for donations from the PIOJ staff to the children and caregivers of the Walker's Place of Safety, which was destroyed by fire on January 16.