Mom, I know your out there some where. Don't be ashamed that we've not met.Dad has done a good job. Every Mother's Day I thank him for accomplishing both roles with exceptional perseverance. If you read know that I love you and would like to talk to you tomorrow on Mother's Day this my phone number even fits a txt 904-233-0945

Emerson, Hey mom


Considering DNA testing as a way to find my father. Has anyone ever done this?

Jen was abandoned as a newborn and grew up never knowing the identity of her birth parents. In 1972, “Baby Jane” made front-page news when nurses found her crying on the steps of a hospital, wrapped in blankets. Though her story is still riddled with information Jen must keep a secret, she hopes she…

You out there mom 904-233-0945 justin

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Missing & Homeless

A member of our page sent us this photo - Message From Photographer "This mans name is Mark Whitt & he is currently homeless in the central point/west side of C...olumbus Ohio area. He's a very nice man, & he is looking for his family! His Mothers maiden name was Rosemary Large, & his fathers name I believe he said was Earl Whitt. His mother was from northern Ohio & his father was from Kentucky I believe. His parents have passed away but we are looking for any family or friends of the family who may want to reconnect with him. We would love to help him find any existing family he still has so any relation to those names or those last names. PLEASE share this on your page & encourage your friends list to do the same! Let's get this picture & these names spread around & help this man find his family! Big story that can go all over columbus. I met this homeless guy MARK WHITT real nice guy. I'm witnessed him sleep in the rain and starve some days. One day I stopped after a 12 hour shift to ask him his story on how he was homeless. Said he has family out the but needs help finding them if you could help my friend find his family that be the best thing ever for him. And me. Thanks. he is from Columbus Ohio. I greatly appreciate everyone who is sharing this. Wish I would thank you all at once.

You can contact me on Instagram also @spizygang_" (Note- We have tried to contact him several times, with no response)

- See more photos submitted to our page:…

* #MissingHomeless

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I remember the day that my littlest brother Justin was born. For some reason, and I can't remember why, kids were not allowed in the hospital room. So instead, we snuck around the side of the building and peeked in the window so that we could see Mom and the baby. I still smile when I think about that.

Someday Justin, we'll have a meeting like that again. Only this time it will be you and me together, getting our first glimpse of her. I love you little brother.

One day you should say Hello!

Merry Christmas woman

Life has been busy. The time around Mother's Day and my birthday is always tough and I'm missing my mom more than usual. I have noticed a quite a few people have liked this page today and I am thrilled.

Could you please let me know what brought you here?


Thanks for all of the new likes! Can you please tell me how you found out about us?

I posted this on the Troy the Locator page. Please go to and comment and share! If you tweet, please also go to and RT my tweets there as well.

Thanks so much in advance.



Dear Troy:

My brothers and I are looking for our mother. We were separated as children and after many years I was able to locate them using Facebook and other social media. They have not spoken to or seen our mother since they were very small. The last contact I had with her was in 2001. her last known location was in the Spokane, Washington area.

Her Name is Nancy Evalynne Spencer. She was born 10/11/1955 in Tarrant, TX. We are not sure what her last name is now as she has married and relocated many times. She spent much of her life in Florida (where I was born) and Iowa (where my brothers were born). The last time we were all together was in Florida and my three brothers are there now. I was the last one to live with her in Winona, Minnesota. She left me in foster care and disappeared. I still live here, in a town north of Rochester, MN.

We just want to know if she is safe and doing well. She has grandchildren that she has never seen.

Please help us.

Jo, Owen, Kenny, and Justin

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Please Find Nancy's photo.
Please Find Nancy
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Jennifer Zehner Angel is with Reagen Kellams Engler and 2 others.

Please continue to share help this man find his family

Heather from the The Extraordinary Ordinary gave me an excuse to really start working on this page again so thanks again friend!

Heather Westberg King

You know how brands and customers and publishers, ETC want higher numbers on everything? Subscribers, likes, followers, etc.? Let's help each other out with tha...t: If you have a facebook page for us to LIKE, add the link in the comments and then let's all go like each other. Because we're so nice. I will start:

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