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Keiko Orrall

I am excited to announce my candidacy for State Treasurer of Massachusetts! Please check out my announcement video and new website at

Keiko Orrall Announces Candidacy for State Treasurer February 13, 2018 Boston – Keiko Orrall, state Representative from the 12 th Bristol District, today declared her intent to run for State Treasurer in a video posted Read More »

For the 40th Presidents 107th Birthday.

On what would have been his 104th birthday, we honor the memory of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

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Corporate taxes are a factor in calculating 'just and reasonable' rates, state utility regulators said in their formal ruling.
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Thank you, Gov. Baker and the GOP team!
Protecting Massachusetts’ communities.
Massachusetts Republican Party

Charlie Baker and the GOP team support our first responders. They’ve proposed legislation to make assault and battery on a police officer a felony.

Lt. Governor Karyn Polito just signed another Community Compact with the town of Pembroke. Town 329 out 351.

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It is unfortunate that the Rep. from the 4th district of MA doesn't believe in half of what he is saying. This response looks like he is just reading off the teleprompter. It makes him look like a puppet for the Democrat party.…/joe-kennedy-state-of-the-union-r…

Sexual harassment goes both ways (Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner). How does Mr. Wynn's problem infringe on the voters in Massachusetts when it comes to the AG's office? Just make sure Sen. Rosenberg is treated with the same zeal of prosecution here in Massachusetts as someone the current AG has no authority upon.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey says Republican politicians should return any donations from Steve Wynn.
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Peter Tedeschi: Putting People First
Peter Tedeschi for Congress

As Congressman, I will put the constituents of the 9th Congressional District first. Extreme partisanship and bickering isn't working in Congress for the people. I'd love for you to join our growing team, sign up to volunteer: #mapoli #ma09

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Governor Charlie Baker released his FY2019 budget yesterday. Since we know you don’t have time to read all 315 pages, we’ve prepared some quick takeaways:

Some MassHealth Reform: The Governor has once again proposed some changes to try to bring the MassHealth program under control. This budget would call to transition 140,000 non-disabled adults making over 100% of the poverty line from MassHealth, to Health Connector plans. While not perfect, it is a step in the right d...irection and we hope the House and Senate will see this idea through to the final budget.

Earned Income Tax Credit: An increase is being proposed for the EITC from 23% to 30% of federal level. This is likely because of the federal tax reform’s changes on inflation rates.

Reduced Filing Fees: The filing fees for LLC’s has been reduced from $500 to $250. Great news for small businesses. This reduction has been proposed by several lawmakers in the past and its long overdue.

Local Aid Increase: The local aid program saw an increase of $37.2M, or 3.5%. This is great news as it gets money out of the bureaucratic nightmare on Beacon Hill and back to cities and towns. Money in the local aid program is money that helps keep our property taxes low– a very good thing!

Closing the Structural Deficit: One-time revenues only account for $95M of this year’s budget, down from a high of $1.2B in Governor Patrick’s last budget.

Obviously, these points are subject to change as Beacon Hill legislators take their pens to the budget. The House Ways & Means Committee will be the first to take a stab it, and should have their version out by early April. We’ll keep you posted as that happens.

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Peter Tedeschi is going to make a great Congressman. Help us bring real responsive representation to the 9th Congressional districts.

I am looking for a few volunteers who want to make a difference, who are willing to get out there and put real effort into improving our district​ and our country​. Will you be part of the team? Sign up at

GET INVOLVED INPETER’S CAMPAIGN! Every successful campaign is founded on the strength of people like you. We cannot rally or organize without your contributions and your voice. If we are to see real change happen in the Cape and Islands then we’re going to have to do this together. If you are wi...
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Cold Dead Hands

Keeping the government running required 60 votes. 41 NO votes would result in a government shutdown.

44 Democrats voted no. Period. Government ...Shutdown.

Yes, 5 Republican also voted NO, but those NOs were over and above the Democrats 44 votes already. Technically only 4 Republicans voted NO. Majority Leader McConnell only voted NO in order to be able to bring it back up for a future vote.

The 44 Democrats, however, COULD HAVE (and did) shut down the government ALL BY THEMSELVES. #RepublicanControl ???

This isn't a matter of opinion. It's in the congressional record.

Now, for the facts. Why?

Only 5 Democrats supported this funding bill, but 45 Democrats voted in favor of the first such measure in September. Why not this time? Schumer. #DACA

There was nothing in the resolution that the Democrats objected to in any meaningful way. Why would they? After all, Republicans CAVED and gave Democrats every budgetary request they had.

So Clear Thinking Americans have to ask themselves, why did 44 Democrats vote NO on the continuing resolution? Unless they WANTED to shut down the government.

The idea that they voted against it because it didn't include DACA is beyond ridiculous. DACA deadline isn't until MARCH. DACA isn't even a budget item. It is a legislative problem. It isn't connected to funding the government. At all.

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Peter Tedeschi for Congress

Here is a video from 2013 of Congressman Bill Keating rightly recognizing the need to avert a shutdown of the federal government in order to protect critical go...vernment support and services for the residents of the Cape, South Shore and Islands.

Today we are forced to question the Congressman’s motives, after his support for shutting down the government clearly appears to be motivated by blind partisanship. We deserve a representative in Congress that will place the needs of our region before partisan loyalty and typical D.C. gamesmanship. Here is the vote:

#mapoli #ma09

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