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PolitiFact Australia updated their profile picture.
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PolitiFact Australia updated their cover photo.
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One of the world's latest fact checking units is SouthAsiaCheck based out of Kathmandu, Nepal. Well done to all involved and praise to Panos Institute and Kathmandu Post for backing it in.

here's one of its first checks…/khum-bahadur-khadka-wrongly-cl…/

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Related to previous post. Here's a map of fact-checking operations around the world. They are everywhere!

The Reporter’s Lab maintains a database of global fact-checking sites. You can use the map to explore sites around the world or use the menu below.

Fact-checkers from around the globe recently convened in London. #BillAdair the inspiration behind PolitiFact Oz was on hand (that's him off centre right with the specs) to issue a timely call to action on several fronts, including the need for fact-checkers to find new ways to fund their operations. Worth a read.

At the Global Fact-Checking Summit in London, fact-checkers from around the world discussed the growth and challenges of their unique journalism.

A short history of PolitiFact Australia in one tweet, eight slides and a few words
PLUS quick update on PolitiFact 2016
If anyone has a spare 500k ...

PolitiFact Australia, the nation’s first stand alone fact-checking website, started with a tweet, from me to Bill Adair, the founder of PolitiFact in Washington.

Thought you might be interested in a presidential mention for our US cousins.

President Barack Obama gives PolitiFact the nod Monday at the White House when congratulating the Ohio State Buckeyes on their national championship. (April 20, 2015)

Guess it is safe to assume that many of you are not raging Andrew Bolt fans.
But fair dues, he has been a consistent supporter of PolitiFact and other media sites that have/are giving it a go.
(And yes, he's had a crack at Politifact from time to time...)

The ABC is not simply biased, in contravention of its legal obligation to be balanced.The ABC is also far too big - the biggest media outfit in the...

Dear PolitiFact Australia fans,
You might be interested in plans by our US parent to fund fact-checking of the 2015 State of Union address via crowd sourcing.
This is the first time they've looked at such a funding model.
We will be very interested to see how they go.
It might well inform our moves to bring PF Oz back from its current state of limbo....
Details here:…/politifact-launches-kickstarte…/
All best

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We started PolitiFact in 2007 with the promise of separating fact from fiction in the spin offered by politicians. We were honored to win journalism's highest honor, the Pulitzer Prize, for our work covering the 2008 presidential election. Since then, we’ve published nearly 10,000 fact-checks and br…

Had a bit of PolitiFact Oz staff re-union on Nov 29 in Sydney.
Su-Lin, Dave, Chris, Jenn, Peter and JP are pictured.
Missing a few key personnel: Ellie, Flynn, Michael, Alix and, of course, Ben. Plus some key friends of PolitiFact such as Jack, Jackie, Rob, Wade, Bill Adair and our mates at iSentia.
But was great to catch up.
All agreed it would be excellent to do PolitiFact Oz again.


Wonderful thing about a federation: you are never too far from an election.

Best of season to everyone in the US Politifact family and anyone whoever clicked, read or disagreed/agreed with us.

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Dear Politifacters
You might like this book by Dee Madigan about selling political messages. Nice shout out to Politifact's work on trying to separate the truths from the falsehoods around page 46.
And if you fancy some fiction -- so good to be true -- try this by my dearest and ultra-talented friend Paul Daley. Called Challenge and without doubt the best novel ever written about Canberra politics.

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If you have time, some interesting facts about PolitiFactOz, future of journalism and, um, cat videos here Subscribe and find more videos from Ideas at the House: Get a new talk every week on...

Enjoy our latest MediFact health check, brought to you by the Medical Observer.


Assistant health minister Fiona Nash says: "[A BEACH report that models the cost impacts of the $7 Medicare co-payment and increased PBS thresholds] in a lot of ways, overstates the effect."

...Continue Reading
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Check out the latest Medifact from our mates at Medical Observer. ALP gets a mostly false. (note: You have to register on the MO site for access.)…/labors-save-medicare-ca…

Among the claims in Labor’s Save Medicare campaign ad is an old chestnut about GP training. Does it stack up?

Hi all,
Here's our first MediFact health check. We hope to post these regularly, so please share your thoughts and suggestions. We're only looking at health-related facts for now, but that should give us no shortage of fodder.



Health minister Peter Dutton says: “[On] the sustainability of Medicare... there’s been 42% growth over the last five years alone.”


HEALTH spending must be reined in before it overwhelms the federal budget. That’s the core argument for the government’s health platform, including its embattled $7 Medicare co-payment.

Making the case, Health Minister Peter Dutton told ABC News on May 23: “[On] the sustainability of Medicare... there’s been 42% growth over the last five years alone.”

That sounds alarming. And health department Medicare data supports the figure. From the 2007–08 financial year to 2012–13, spending went up to $18.6 billion from $13 billion. Using more recent calendar year data, the increase is lower – at 36%.

But those numbers leave out much of the story, experts say.

Health economist Dr Stephen Duckett from the Grattan Institute said Medicare spending was rising, but Mr Dutton had cherry-picked the highest possible figure.

“It’s a crude number without adjusting for legitimate changes – growth in the population... CPI, or for any ageing effect.

“If you adjust just for the population growth it becomes 30%. If you adjust for CPI it’s 20%,” said Dr Duckett.

Monash University health economist Professor Jeff Richardson was more critical: “It’s actually a false statement in terms of the economy. Quoting percentages is almost completely meaningless.” What mattered, he said, was spending as a percentage of our growing economy, which is rising but not at an alarming or unsustainable rate.

A spokesman for the health department confirmed that
Mr Dutton’s figure was not adjusted for population growth or inflation, but said Medicare spending was growing above the rate of both.

Australia’s health spending, of which Medicare is a component, is below the OECD average based on the latest figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, sitting at 9.1% of GDP compared with 17% in the US and 10.3% in New Zealand.

Professor Duckett said on a like-for-like basis Medicare expenditure growth was around 4% per year, which is “still a lot, but not as alarming”.

Dr Ian McRae, a health economist and statistician from the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute, called the growth “substantial”.


MediFact ruling

This is a classic half truth. Mr Dutton has cherry-picked a figure that is not adjusted for important factors like CPI and population growth.

Medicare spending has increased over the past five years, but Mr Dutton is taking the increase out of context and leaving out important details.

We rate this statement HALF TRUE.


You can find the full check (with sources) here:…/dutton-on-the-sustainab…

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The Health Minister says there's been a 42% growth in Medicare spending over the past five years. Is he right?

Hi all,
We are still inactive on the political front, but working on several ideas on how we may get back into the game in time for the next federal election.
In the meantime, our good friends at the Medical Observer are using Politifact's method to check out claims in the health space.
We are in good hands.
The editor of the Medical Observer, Jennifer Cooke, and its in-house fact-checker, Flynn Murphy, are PolitiFact Australia alumni. Expect to see their work on this pag...e on a monthly basis. The first will be a recent claim by Federal health minister Peter Dutton.
Both the Medical Observer and PolitiFact Australia look forward to your feedback and comments.
Regards PF

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