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Before long, we could find ourselves so completely worn out that we will simply find a way to muddle through. Or an emotional catharsis could propel the nation forward to a much better state of affairs. That is hard to predict.

We are up against a hellish convergence of trends that transformed the last election into a freak show, a mess that we must get out of.

Where is the Democratic response to an empassioned Trump defense of Trumpcare as he urged Republicans to move the bill to debate.

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Those in the grassroots are doing their jobs. But the Democratic leadership continues to lead the fight assertively. Maybe it is time that we tell them what they must do. And that includes single-payer Medicare for all.

President Trump is doing some of the same things his scandal-plagued predecessors did such as claiming to be unaware of what happened, claiming total innocence, and claiming any crimes if committed are unimportant.

This is the first presidential scandal involving a foreign government interfering with our election process and possible collusion.

Trump will probably do something shortly to affirm the Russia collusion that's so self-evident. For now, we'll ask a variant of the No. 1 question during Watergate:

The amazing thing about Team Trump throughout this scandal is how difficult the lies have been to maintain. They cannot even construct a plausible lie.

This is what we are up against and unless we find a way to alert the masses we are doomed.

Libertarian theorist convinced Charles Koch and the radical right that in order for their version of capitalism to survive, government must be destroyed.

It would not be unlike Trump to do this. And here is how and why.

Donald Trump is an out of the box politicians who may surprise Democrats and pull victory out of the defeat of Trumpcare with single-payer Medicare for all.

The Democratic Party 2018 Primaries are fast approaching. One hopes a new crop of leaders will emerge to challenge the entrenched status quo. Here is why it's the only saving grace for the 2018 election.

If you believe in the mission of a Progressive Democratic Party, and you want to win again, we must not continue the insanity.

This is a classic example of shortsighted individuals within the Democratic Party sabotaging its success by making calls that are at best subjective and at worse vindictive for absolutely no valid reason.

All reading Cody Pogue's words must ensure at election time, those in the Harris County Democratic Party who effected this injustice are held accountable.

This story is not an ideological exercise. It is one that affects 99% of Americans. Those who allow themselves to fall for the fallacies of the Right need to keep this woman's stories in their psyche. She has it relatively good and feels the insecurity. What about most Americans?

Follow up with many who shared their thoughts on where the American dream stands today. It is not pretty even for the educated with jobs.

One of the reasons I continue to engage many Conservatives and Trump voters is because I know you cannot blame the illness most times on the individual but on the system that caused it. This Fox News example is probative. Right Wing media is good at what they do. Those of us who know better are the antidote if we are informing empathetically.

We often get upset at Fox News' viewers for the alternate state of reality they generally live in. We shouldn't. This is how they get there.

This is how one neutralizes those attempting to use religion or the Bible as a weapon.

If we all stopped Bible thumpers and hate mongers in their tracks it would prevent that cancer from metastasizing which makes extrication difficult.

Please digest this reality. We can only understand how we are being played and misled if we know how it was started and is still being done to maintain the farce.

The Powell Memo is the genesis of the GOP attack on the real freedoms and access to success of most Americans. The current vitriol is but a strategy change.

This is an important read that should help us challenge our politicians. We are pelting one another with our economic wreckage as the super-wealthy grin from ear to ear. And Donald Trump is becoming more bloated than ever by investing in whatever turns a buck.

Both Democrats and Republicans are currently unable to use the lessons of the Great Depression to support the middle class & working class.

Would Trump revive Trumpcare as single-track Medicare for all


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Democrats would do well to be more assertive in their support for single-payer lest the president triangulates around them and steal their thunder.

This is an important read if you want to understand why there is little pushback from Conservatives on Trump's Russia collusion.

Some American conservatives have a deep affinity for authoritarianism and an even deeper distrust of modern Western culture.