I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkkkk


I get a little less confident every day

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Welcome new friends! I hope you are ready to be wildly disappointed. I haven't written much since my son was born. He's really cute though:

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I'm really close to writing again. Just thought you should know.

Hi everyone. Where'd you come from? I haven't written in a really long time. My grammar are atrocious because of the long lay off.

Check out my material featured on the good men project:…/8-ways-parenting-just-like-ple…/

Rob Pollak shares his funny take on new fatherhood—it's a kind of hell week, but with a suprisingly happy ending.

Also, I'm apparently huge in Penrith Australia. Anyone know why? I mean, I love Penrith, but other than that?

I've been reading that facebook has changed some of its page stuff. Just curious whether people are still seeing my posts. I mean, they are few and far between, but I don't want to lose you.

Robert Harms, are you still out there?

My blog post from yesterday is currently being featured over on Elephant Journal. Click on this so that they continue to think I'm good for traffic:…/career-advice-from-future…/

You will hear a lot of different things about the “right” thing to do. In fact, that’s precisely what I’m doing now. Remember that what’s right for one person may not be right for you.

Career advice from future me to my future grown son (yes, the one who is now an infant)

A reader asked me to write a letter as if I am in the future and I need to provide career advice to my son who would then be a grown up. Frankly speaking, it's a terrible idea. But I am not one to renege on my promises, so here's something sort of… [ 1489 more words. ]

Still working on getting my new post up (I know, I suck), but in the meantime, you might enjoy my friend Alli Blair's travel blog and page, The Vintage Postcard.

It's perfect for you if you like any of the following:
a) Canadians (real ones, not Americans who travel with a Canadian flag on their backpacks to look more worldly),
b) Elephants (She rides elephants), ...
c) world travel (that's what it's about),
d) vintage postcards (though I haven't seen one? Maybe it's just clever marketing)
e) Bikinis (because there are bikinis)
f) Photographs (because she has a camera (or maybe just a cell phone))

I could probably go on all day listing things that this blog has. But seriously, just check it out because she's going to a travel blog conference and will embarrass herself if her facebook page has the fewest likes out of everyone at the conference (I'm not going, but I'd destroy her in "likes." Thanks for that everyone.)

Here's a link to her site if you don't want to go through facebook page:

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I love travel, good food, telling stories, taking photos, and all things vintage. Welcome to my adventures!

New post coming early this week. Hopefully tomorrow. Depends on Owen's nap schedule. I know you guys miss me.

If any of my devoted followers are in NYC this weekend. Come cheer me on at the NYC half marathon.

My number is 16246. There's an app for the race so you can track me. Or watch for the group of elite men racing by. Then count to 125 million Mississippis and i should be just about to pass you.

For those that had never met me in real life, I look like this while running:

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This is embarrassing - Just over a week left until the NYC half and I'm not in the top 3 fundraisers for my charity. How about a little help? You'll feel good, I'll feel good, and society will be fundamentally better off. Everyone wins

Here's the link:…/robpollak


and here's the blog post where I give the epic details:…/loyal-blog-readers-please-help-m…/

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This will eventually include hilarious and witty instructions on why you should donate to me. In the meantime, please just give lots and lots of money.

Whose turn to change the diaper??

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Whose turn to change that diaper?

In my last post, I mentioned Anne’s unbelievable talent for diaper bombing. Someone asked for an elaboration, so Anne whipped up this flow chart. It explains how she decides whether it is her turn or my turn to change that … Continue reading…