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@theVirgilDonati is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the drums. His concepts on the drums were a big inspiration in the development of PolyNome.

What he’s doing today is totally mind-blowing, but even 26 years ago his command of the instrument was ridiculous.

Check out this clip from his 1992 instructional video “Power Drumming” where he’s improvising in 13/16. The vamp is complicated. It’s a 7 bar loop that has a lot of over-the-barline phrasing. Virgil’s ...accuracy and dynamic control is unreal.

If you want to try playing along to this yourself, download the Playlist from the PolyNome Public Library.

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Here's a quick way of programming a groove into PolyNome. I'll be referencing this video when I demonstrate cool things you can do one you've programmed a groove. . . . . . #practice #practicepad #practicewithpolynome #polynome #groove #metronome #drums
Version 2.3.6 of PolyNome has been submitted. Finally!!! It features big improvements to the Practice Log, Daily Journal, and adds the ability to set Goals for your practice. I'm excited for you to get your hands on it. Hopefully it'll be approved by next week.
Gavin Harrison has a very cool groove using groups of 3s, 4s, and 5s. Check out how easy it is to program it into PolyNome. . PolyNome was developed with this kind of concept in mind, so it's much quicker that trying to program similar grooves into a regular sequencer. . . . . #gavinharrison #practicewithpolynome #polynome #drummersilike #playthisbeat
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Toby D Phillips
· August 8, 2017
Great tool for any musician,instructors and students absolutely love it.
It's not just a metronome with your basic click noise killing your ears it's like a programmable drum machine in your pocket.
Mark Joseph Domme
· July 21, 2017
THE best practice tool out there....this is so much more than a metronome and has features that any drummer/musician will find invaluable. The more I use it, the more I find to love....
Dave Weidenhoffer
· August 23, 2017
This is the greatest metronome for live playing, it's a snap to build presets and playlists, toggle thru playlists with ease, by far the nicest "ball and chain" I've ever used
Fawzy Ferghani
· November 20, 2017
Great app very useful and I love how organised is it �
Larry Rice
· April 18, 2017
This is FAR BEYOND a metronome - this is a drummer's "friend." This is more like a Drum Machine in your hand. I can't imagine anything better than PolyNome.
Lucas Pereira
· September 27, 2017
Meu grande amigo, especialmente desenvolvido para o conforto do baterista, o melhor.