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David Hwang
· February 18, 2016
I cannot thank the owners and staff of Ponycon enough for all of their sacrifices, and their hard work, so that we may have the best time of our lives. This year's Ponycon NYC was the best one yet. Un...fortunately, this year's turned out to be the last one, as well. Because Kar and Keith cared about the attendees, guests, and making sure the con was running as it should, they had to make too many sacrifices. Any lesser people would've caved, gave up, ran away and leave Ponycon crews and guests in the dust, but they didn't. They stuck through to the end, and their selflessness and hard work reflected on all of us. We had a blast, lots of fun, and they cared about the crew, which I was a part of. Thank you guys, once again, for the fond memories, for your sacrifices, and for making me feel life is worth living after all. Thank you. See More
Molly MacFadden
· February 8, 2016
This was my first con, so I'm not unbiased but WOAH! Never imagined I would get to be part of such a tremendous fan-driven effort. Ponycon's production value is truly stunning, with an emphasis on top... quality graphics, signage, sound, print and web design. The staff, volunteers and guests are fun-loving professionals and always assure that their family-friendly event is a good time for pony fans of all ages. Most importantly, Ponycon knows their history! Bonnie Zacherle, Kirk Hindman, several vintage pony vendors, The Generations many ways to explore my nostalgia for these adorable toys from my youth. ♥ See More
Jorik de Haas
· February 14, 2016
I trekked through below freezing temperatures to reach this place and was extremely underwhelmed. I've been to many conventions in the past and I have to say, this one was kind of disappointing. The m...ain attraction appeared to be super smash bros (...?) and people wouldn't stop screaming. The worst part, though, was the smell. GOOD LORD, will you people take a bath? A shower? Or at the very least, wear DEODORANT!?
Plus side is there's a lot of friendly faces and talented artists. I got a couple of neat knick knacks.
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Aaron Meza
· November 3, 2015
One of my favorite and most intimate of conventions.
Such a great community of people be it staff or attendees, the opportunity to meet the stars face to face and ALL of the activities that are presen...ted.
SO MUCH to do yet so little time...but that's what make you want to come back for more.
Plus they give local and underground artists of all sorts a chance to shine and i must say...i had the opportunity to perform for them and that is the most unforgettable moment in my life.
Ponycon fan from the start and it has become my tradition.
Thank you Ponycon.
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Sarah Switek
· January 28, 2017
Well-run! I have been to three Ponycons, and this year's facility was the best! I loved the panels, the vendors, the autograph sessions, and meeting other members of the fandom!
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