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Carrie Sharp Huston
· March 5, 2018
We’ve been twice so far. The first time was on a weekday, and it was good. The place is well-kept, and seems to have enough staff to keep things going smoothly.
The second time was yesterday, a Sunda...y. It was obviously more crowded, but we expected that. It was well-staffed, and we got our wristbands in a pretty short time despite the line. The mini golf course was clean and kept, and was quite fun. Then we went karting.
The staff was very careful to make sure everyone was properly buckled in and ready to go before anyone moved. However, there were so many unattended, LITTLE kids riding, so of course they are using the karts as bumper cars. I don’t know where their parents were, but I would’ve been horrified had it been my kids. The make a long speech at the beginning and there are signs that say “no bumping” all over the place, but these kids couldn’t have cared less. Then there were the adults. These folks thought they were at Daytona and their next meal depended on them winning.
We saw it over and over, kids bumping each other, and one kid even took great joy in running people off the track and causing wrecks. I pointed him out to the staff and they verbally reprimanded him in a very appropriate way, but I’m sure it went in one ear and out the other. We later found out that he was only SEVEN.
In short, it’s not the facility’s fault we won’t be returning, it’s the clientele’s.
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Kamryn Owens
· October 15, 2017
Over $350 spent on a birthday party, not including food. Party was supposed to start at 12:00 but couldn’t set up decorations until 12:00 even though the room was empty. Had to ask for drinks and game... cards, they were not brought to us prior. Kids were only allowed to drive on the one small kiddie track that only had 4 go karts. We had to pay additional $75 just so a few parents could drive children on the bigger go kart tracks (which was not explained when party was booked) and that does NOT include if the adult wants to drive a single cart... that would be an additional $21 per adult. I guess because employees overlooked the color of the wrist band some adults were allowed to drive single carts but I was asked to get out of the single cart because I did not have a child with me. Needless to say I have never been more disappointed in a “family” entertainment park. Managers response was he would talk to the employees about letting some of the adults ride single...and that was it. #FundsZone See More
Nancy Hosmer Edwards
· April 2, 2018
Ok, there seemed to be an issue with the internet/swiping the cards. Thus the bad review. Now that things seem to be working, give Funzone a try. We will be back.
Brenda and the ladies at the and windows are awesome.
Will update when we visit again.
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Tasha Nichole Schaeffer
· March 11, 2018
Took my three kids yesterday. There 9,4, and 3. Not only was this place expensive but there was nothing for my younger two to do. We wasted money thinking they could ride the kiddie carts. I took my 3... year old with me on the bigger go carts and was constantly being hit my older kids to the point she was crying. The workers said nothing to these kids. Never again will I go back! See More
Marla Davison Danis
· October 15, 2017
My two boys were invited to a 6 year olds birthday party. Our 9 year was not y’all enough for the big tracks. Choices? 1) let him putt putt around a simple loop with ONE other child because after all,... WHY would you have more than TWO kiddy carts for birthday parties? � OR (2) PAY ADDITIONAL to be able to escort a child (someone too short) on the more adventurous tracks (some of the double carts were broken down)...SO since FunZone felled to mention the extra cost to the Birthday child’s parents and rather than stare at a large group of bored and disappointed children we paid $75 for up to 10 parents to “Chauffeur” their child! We paid additional but there was yet again another limitation placed...if I wanted to ride single (so I also could enjoy the “fun”) while my husband road with our son, I was told I had to PAY ADDITIONAL! This was not made clear when we purchased the chauffeur bands! The birthday child’s family paid for 3.5 hours of “fun” and a party room! To say the least I will not be booking a party or event anytime soon! It’s a shame because I remember when Fun Zone was first built and it promised to be “fun” for the whole family not just the big kids or one with bottomless pockets! See More
Melissa Scharf
· December 15, 2017
Thank you, thank you Fun zone staff! Tonight we lost a cell phone and the outside staff and inside staff stopped and helped us search for it! You all are amazing and we can’t tell you how much we appr...eciate you so I hope this helps!!!!! We will be back soon!!!!�� See More
Scott Welch
· March 31, 2018
In reading these comments, I would not recommend... It seems like a child is running this business... Who talks to customers like that. Very unprofessional... I was looking to have my sons party there..., but no telling how that would end up... I guess I'll pay the little bit more and go to six flags instead... Thanks for the insight... See More
Monique Adrianna
· October 14, 2017
Took my 3 year there he had a blast! Especially riding with me in the go carts. Only reason why I have 4 stars is the menu . They only had personal size pizza, pretzel was salty and tea was so sweet to had water, wish they had more selection of food or bigger portions See More
Andrea Mason Turner
· March 15, 2018
Awesome afternoon of fun! Go carts are new; gameroom is really clean (carpet doesn't smell like a lot of places); putt putt courses are well-maintained; the staff is very friendly! Greg (the manage...r) is doing a great job! See More
James Finlen
· March 21, 2018
We stopped here for lunch on our way back from a field trip. The food was excellent and the staff was outstanding! They were very courteous and accommodating the entire time- Thank you for the great e...xperience ! See More
Ashley Protsman
· March 31, 2018
This place is completely OVERPRICED they charge $29.99 which is a little less than a day pass to six flags the places constantly smells like cow crap because of what smells like a pasture near by then... you have to buy a chauffeurs pass just so your kid can ride....(which used to and should be free) the lines are way to long and if you bought a 3 hour pass for $23.99 you would only get to ride @ 4 times total!! This probably won’t make it to reviews but just my honest opinion See More
Ryan Slade
· October 22, 2017
We had our daughters 8th bday here and besides it being a little expensive, everyone had a good time and even though the smaller kids couldn't drive the carts, they had a blast with a few us drivers!...! Was worth it but the whole arcade, ticket, cost of arcade games were a rip off,. The games are too damn expensive. See More
Stephanie Symonds
· March 19, 2018
It definitely a time well spent, the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There plenty of opportunities for the kids to play on go karts. They simply loved it
Beth Melchionne Petro
· May 21, 2017
We had my son's 8th birthday at Fun Zone today and it was fantastic! The party room was the perfect size and very clean. The staff was super nice and very helpful. The kids loved the different go-kar...t tracks. They were not crowded and everyone had plenty of rides within the hour limit we had. The weather started to go down hill so we could not do mini-golf but they added money to the arcade cards instead which the kids loved. We will certainly be back again soon. See More
Nicholas Robinson
· February 25, 2017
You pay $22 for 3 hours of unlimited go-carts and mini golf, but spend 2 hours and 45 minutes waiting in line for go carts. Which the lines are a joke. Especially the kiddie carts: there's no actual q...ueue, just a bunch of kids rushing the gates. No one knows who was really next. And then ppl from the arcade win free go cart rides and they get to skip all the ppl in line who paid $22 or more for arm bands. Also, with a ridiculously long line, they run races and don't use all the go carts in the pit. I saw one race where 5 carts sat running in the pit while there were at least 40 ppl waiting in line. Awful, awful. Won't be back! See More
Benjamin Mois
· March 26, 2017
My son and I came yesterday, Saturday the 25th of March for the very first time and we were very impressed. The facility was very clean and neat, the staff was very polite and courteous and we did not... mind the lines at all. The people around us we're very nice and we enjoyed having conversations while in line. We are looking forward to our next visit and we thank you all for a job well done! If you ever decide you want to take your promotional videos to the "next level," please contact me @moisfamilytech. :-D See More
Charlie Blue
· August 5, 2017
First time being here and watched other children ramming my child when there is a no bumping rule ...and my childis the being the one that they chastised...
.. he has never driven a go-kart before a...nd was being rammed left right and sideways... will not return. I will not ever not spend another dollar there... Need to find better workers that actually pay attention to what's going on... if .could give a zero rating I would.... actually heard the workers talking about how many times my children wrecked until I volunteered the fact I was the mother and will not put up with it!!! See More
Denise Blalock Vordermeier
· March 22, 2017
I was very disappointed with the figure 8 go cart track. The kids were very aggressive and purposely hit our cart. My 9 year old was scared and didn't want to ride anymore. We opted for the putt putt ...and had a great time. The sweet girls compt us and gave arcade cards since it didn't work out with the go carts. I didn't feel like the games gave the tickets that the kids earned. I waited at the counter while 2 guy employees stood talking, I finally asked if they worked there, they said yes, I said I didn't know because they were busy talking and didn't even acknowledged me. I don't feel like it was worth the $70 I paid for 1 round of golf for 3 people and 20 min worth of arcade play time with few tickets. Will not recommend nor will I be back. See More
Patricia Pratt
· February 21, 2017
Took my niece and little sister out to have some fun! They rode the go karts and had a ball trying to pass the other drivers, lol. I did notice that the go karts seem to be run down a bit and possibl...y need a tune up. Number 1 on Figure 8 was slow and sluggish so go for the fast one, Number 10! Nonetheless, we had some good competitive fun!!! See More
Tonya Tuni
· September 4, 2016
The people they have working the go carts are Not doing there job.. My son was rammed so hard when they were pulling in to the line to get off that his body was jolted out of the seat and moved the 3 in front of him... The kid an his friend high fived each other after he did it, when we said something to the worker we were told he got another warning, I said another, how many do they get.. They said we will watch him, but that there was not much they could do... Really... how about telling Your workers to stay of there cell phones an keep there eye on the cars!!! Half the games inside were not working, the one's giving out tickets were not giving out tickets.... Son is okay just a lil sore See More
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