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"As I detail below, though, Portland has no area where people of color, much less any single non-white racial or ethnic group, make up the majority. Consequently, single-winner districts may not increase racial and ethnic representation on the council."

How a few tweaks to voting could create a more representative council.
The city agency did not publicly announce the decision, confirming it Wednesday only after repeated inquiries from The Oregonian/OregonLive.

"But the notion of enabling local governments to tax income at higher rates is worth considering - and not only because the income tax is the least regressive source of public revenue. What would an urban development plan designed to boost employment rather than land values look like?"

Now is the time to re-evaluate how we fund cities, as progressives look to local governments to check Trump.

On the airwaves, this Wednesday:

Corporate abuses against workers and the environment are enshrined in "corporate rights," but these are being challenged by the rapidly growing Community Rights movement. Gaining traction across the country, the community rights movement aims not just for reforms against offenses such as toxic sludg...

"Things won’t get better without action and growing numbers of people want real change. This is the moment to harness the frustration of Portland residents to focus on city level organizing and electoral work. Other cities are creating stronger, more inclusive local economies; we can too!"

Right now, city campaigns may be our best strategy for creating an economy that works for everybody. Here's how Portland can do this.

"Revolutionaries need patience and humility. Feeling validated is fine, but it’s not political. If anyone says otherwise, they’re selling you something. Catharsis politics has been tried for many years. It isn’t working. So let’s acknowledge that, move on, and leave the social justice subculture behind. If we ever want liberation, the Left must start the protracted work of building institutions instead."

From Sophia Burns: “catharsis politics isn’t just unhelpful. It’s actively destructive.”

Right now people are blocking an oil train in downtown Vancouver, WA in a creative direct action calling for an end to oil trains, oil terminals, and all fossil fuels!

Earlier this morning, community activists erected a makeshift garden of sunflowers on train tracks in Vancouver today to block a train carrying Bakken Crude Oil, including individuals who've locked themselves to large sunflower pots adapted to serve as a blockade device. People are calling on WA State Gov. Jay... Inslee to reject the Vancouver Tesoro Savage Oil Terminal and all other proposed fossil fuel infrastructure in the State of Washington.

"If I can stop an oil train, Governor Jay Inslee can stop an oil terminal" Here's how you can support the action!

Visit Shut Down Fossil Fuels page for more photos and live video to stay up to date on the action. Share these with your networks to help spread the word. There's no guarantee that the world will know about this action, so make sure you help out!
Twitter: @shutdownff

2. Call Jay Inslee and tell him to reject the Vancouver Tesoro Savage Oil Terminal Governor Inslee's Office: (360) 902-4111

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Coming up on Thursday, PNW writer/activist KV Meter reads:

"Guerrillas of Desire begins with a provocation: The Left is wrong. It’s historical and current strategies are too-often based on the assumption that working and poor people are unorganized, acquiescent to systems of domination, or simply uninterested in building a new world. The fact is, as C.L.R. James has noted, they “are rebelling every day in ways of their own invention”: pilfering, sabotaging, faking illnesses, squatting, fleeing, and counter-strategizing. Van Meter maps these undercurrents, documenting the history of everyday resistance under slavery, in peasant life, and throughout modern capitalism, while showing that it remains an important factor in revolution and something radicals of all stripes must understand."

Jo Ann Hardesty, he head of the NAACP of Portland and former legislator will challenge City Commissioner Dan Saltzman in his 2018 bid for reelection.

"September 1st through 4th, frontline communities facing environmental injustice from across the state will come together to envision a Just Transition for the state of Oregon. We are excited to do so in a space grounded in culture and sacredness."

September 1st through 4th, frontline communities facing environmental injustice from across the state will come together to envision a Just Transition for

'Ted Wheeler recently directed the DA “to pursue harsher charges and penalties for repeat offenders arrested at protest”. This means that the mayor, who is also the police commissioner, now also wants to order around the DA. Checks and balances anyone? If Trump were mayor, the city’s response to protests would be exactly the same. As would the cities lack of response to fascist events.'

Ted Wheeler has been secretly working with Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice to dismantle Portland’s police accountability process.

"She also notes she would be the only city commissioner to live east of 82nd Avenue, a historically underrepresented area in Portland politics. While Oregon native DeGraw has never held political office, she has experience lobbying for causes. She was vocal in the fight against the Nestle water bottling plant in Cascade Locks and keeping fracking gas from traveling through the state."

PORTLAND, Ore. – Prominent environmental advocate Julia DeGraw is running against longtime Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish in the May 2018 election.

"The Run Rip City Reading Group is designed to build an understanding of the place we organize in and space we look to shape. To understand the institutional and economic fabric of our city and how it inter-relates with state and global economic entities. To learn from movements in the past and around the world. And to craft the tools we need in order to build a municipal revolution that can run Rip City!"

Only a global confederation of rebel cities can lead us out of the death-spiral of neoliberalism towards a new rational society that delivers on the promise of humankind.

"Do you think a city can control the way people live inside it? I mean, just the geography, the way the streets are laid out, the way the buildings are placed?"

— Dhalgren, Samuel R. Delany

The resolution is the brainchild of party chairman James Buchal, who claims Portland is dangerous for conservatives.