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I would have never thought of this, but in all seriousness - what if you end up sleeping on the lump? Is the discomfort worth it?

Tell me if you've heard this one before: 7 prists walk into a bar...except it's not a joke, and they just wanted to enjoy their time together. But they were kicked out, and not for the reason you might think...

When seven Catholic student priests make their way through the world in full dress, you can't be too surprised if a few people are...a little incredulous.

In the 1930s, the Great Depression was addressed by so many government programs that photographers were trying to keep track of activities and successes. But these ones were rejected for some reason, and preserved, to really capture the times.

These iconic images of the Great Depression were not made public during the 1930s.

My own grandparents passed through the famous entry point to this land of opportunity. It's truly remarkable what a country we share!

See the roots of American diversity brought to life like never before.|By Erin Kelly

It wasn't all bell bottoms and disco - the 70s were about so much more in fashion, in fun. Some things I wish we could bring back - like #6 especially!

You're on the run - we all are! - from practice to school to family events to church. But not all quick meals are created equal.

Fast food companies spend billions of dollars on advertising for children each year. But did you know that fast food restaurants serve some of the least healthy food on the planet? Here are some of the worst meals you can get for your child at some of the most popular fast food restaurants.

His song would have anybody in tears, but it's all for his wife - and the judges joined in. This moment is why we still watchi talent shows!

In 2016, Francisco moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music. He was so excited about the opportunities that were about to come his way, but just a few weeks later, it all came crashing down when he was seriously injured.

This quilt is like a life lesson - owning and transforming mistakes into something BEAUTIFUL. I love it!

See how a mistake turned into a beautiful new block!

I get into the habit of thinking my parents were always my parents; it's the only way I've ever known then - even with high school yearbooks and old pictures, it doesn't quite land home. Then you see pictures like this and realize: Your parents were way cooler than you could ever imagine.

Our parents used up all the cool and left us with none.|By Erin Kelly

I still remember when #1 went viral, and her successful career afterward is what SHOULD happen from such show-stopping inspiration.

We all remember the surprises, when a voice or act we love comes from somewhere we never expected.

Parkland, Florida, is still recovering from the horrors of Valentine's Day; the nation is still grieving with them. But as the story crystallizes, heroes are emerging, hope is restored, and love wins.

I can't imagine facing this at any time, let alone at only 31 - her husband, her kids, what does that change at such a ripe stage of life?

Two of Becky Barletta's extended relatives died of the same disease in their 40s and 50s.|By Alzheimer's Awareness

The unique skin color is a standing testament to a legay of hardship and perseverance.

For 197 years, the Fugate family – a.k.a. "the blue people of Kentucky" – has remained relatively insulated from the outside world as they've passed their blue skin on through the generations.

These toys were all the rage when we first got them but made headlines when they were forced off the shelves. How many of these did you play with?

There’s a reason they don’t make really tiny toys any longer, and it isn’t because they ran out of tiny tools: kids put stuff in their mouths, noses, and ears when they shouldn’t, and people get hurt. Because of this, many toys that were once considered absolutely fine for the market have be...

The key to a great pie is a great crust, but it's not easy and can be more than a little messy. This trick saved my kitchen counter - and got me pie so much faster!

No rolling pin needed.|By 12 Tomatoes

Dr. Seuss has been a central part of teaching reading for generations - and now we can flashback, and share it with those behind. It really takes me back to childhood.

The world's first official museum dedicated to Dr. Seuss just opened in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri. Oh the places you'll go!