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At the time, Jayden’s mom, Ashly Moreau, was only 34 weeks along in her pregnancy. But her water broke, and she looked down and saw that her baby's feet were hanging out. She knew there wasn't time to go to the hospital, so she called her son inside.

This boy remained calm in the most stressful situation, and may just have saved his mother and sibling's lives.

What were the nephilim?

Ask questions on any Bible verse and get answers from real people.

Branson walked in the backyard to get his younger brother, but when he saw what was in the pool, he instantly jumped in.

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

This is a great reminder that kindness really goes a long way!

One of the most important lessons we can teach our kids is to be unconditionally kind. Children learn from what they see and hear around them, so the best way to teach kindness to our kids is by setting a positive example through our own actions. Recently, a group of parents took to the streets of N...

There’s not much the public doesn’t already know about the Rat Pack; that said, we thought the following five facts were too interesting not to share!

From the late ‘50s to to the mid-‘60s, no one ruled Hollywood quite like the Rat Pack.

This is the sweetest story I've read all day!!!

The first words out of his mouth are so innocent!

They have a long life ahead, but they'll be doing it together!

“Riley and I already love our children more than we could possibly imagine, and that is what makes it so hard”

“We are a small, independent, Singapore based company with a passion for natural food made by hands, not machines. Only good stuff for good people."

Genevieve realized that avoiding chemicals from store-bought foods was extremely difficult - so she set out to make it easier for EVERYONE.

This hymn is so beautiful!

Martin Luther once quipped that he who sings a hymn prays twice. Since the very beginning of the church, the making of music to God has been a repository of theology.

“The only break they get, their weekend so to speak, is you." 👏👏👏

Katy Hurst was at the Burger King drive-thru when she noticed a man sitting inside. He was crying and looked defeated. Katy secretly snapped a photo of the man and posted it on Facebook, both of them completely unaware of the turn of events about to occur.

Katy Hurst was going through the Burger King drive-thru in Independence, Missouri, when something caught her eye. There, through the window, was an elderly man with his head in his hand, sobbing at a table. Katy recognized him as a homeless man she’d sometimes see around the neighborhood, but she ...

Can a person kind of believe and still go to Heaven?

Ask questions on any Bible verse and get answers from real people.

Doctors informed Greg that he was dying. Feeling hopeless and depressed, he took his dog on a walk and stumbled across an old abandoned church that had been locked up for more than 7 decades, He sat on the steps and began to cry and pray -- and that's when it happened...

Instead of shuttering it, the town made it a memorial to the victims...

“It is our hope that this will be healing for everyone.”|By Valerie Williams